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10 Eco Design Objects To Transform Your Home

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

It is no news that houses reflect the souls of their owners – whether the householders are conservatively classic, wackily artistic or quietly minimalistic, it will show in the way they furnished their humble abode. You could say that the way a  house is furnished makes a strong statement; owners can transform their home in a true work of art that reflects who they are.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place, went through renovations of your old home or are looking for for something to add that special touch to your place, we think you’ll like at least one of  these unconventionally chic, totally sustainable pieces.

1.  Ambienta Grow Light

Got a green thumb? You’ll love this lamp, created by French designer and architect Daniel Pouzet. It  mixes a modern aesthetic with the beauty of nature. The hydroponic technology inside the lamp provides a clean, water efficient environment for a variety of plants to thrive, and best of all, it’s easy to maintain by adding water directly down the central column.


2. Hush Seating Pod

The Hush Seating Pod by British designer Freyja Sewell is beautiful to decorate your home and is sensorially embryonic to experience. The enclosed space, which serves more as a womb-like cocoon than a chair, will lull you to sleep with tenderness. You can escape into Morpheus’ darkness by entering this quiet space,  made out of a single piece of 10mm industrial wool felt. It is produced sustainably from free range sheep which  produce a new fleece each year, and the internal padding of Hush is made from recycled wool fibres, by-products of the British carpet industry.


3. Coffee Table Qvist

Designed by Danish architect and furniture maker Peter Qvist Lorentsen, the  Coffee Table  Qvist, is  made with linseed-oil treated birch veneer. These fast growing species of trees are native to northern Europe and Russia and there is no destruction or disruption of biodiversity when a birch is felled.  The curve of the table gives impetus to the essential Scandinavian design and looks a bit like a UFO! Birch is high strength, wear-resistant, moisture resistant material –  you can rest assured that if you spill coffee or wine on this, you won’t undermine its elegance.


4. Johannesburg Lounge Sofa

Dutch-American designer brand Van de Sant introduces the Johannesburg Lounge Sofa,  entirely handcrafted to homage the forces of nature. This outdoor lounge couch is made of 100% recycled materials, from the interior polymer frame to the waterproof foam cushion. The Sunbrella fabric, available in over 150 colours, has a vinyl backing and is resistant to stains, chlorine and saltwater. The company has established itself for collecting plastic waste in the small island of Curaà§ao, where it operates, and works wonders through recycling programs. It won’t surprise to discover that it received the United Nation’s Global Compact recognition, awarding the Sofa for Circular Economy & Sustainable Supply Chain  Best Practice. Lounging on this sofa will soothe your body and soul.


5. Soft Stone Pouf

If you were a fan of the modernist-obsessed Flintstones, then  the Soft Stone Pouf is what you were looking for. Clusters of natural felted wool are artfully woven with striations, to become dead ringers for water-smoothed river stones.


6. Skateboard Stool

Dude! This chair is 100% eco friendly. It’s made from recycled skateboards by  Jason Podlaski, who collects shattered skateboards from skateshops and skateparks in the US and Canada and turns both deck and truck into a hybrid, high-quality piece of furniture that’s built tough. The scrapes and scars on the decks create a beautiful veneer of use over the original graphics.



7. Paper Trophy Heads

Hunting for the perfect wall decor? Love animals? Search no longer! These clever, cruelty-free cardboard deer and moose heads are a fun way to add a trophy to your wall without having to go after Bambi’s mom. Easy to assemble, the kit includes numbered cardboard sheets and detailed instructions. Designed by Luis Rodrigalvarez of Cardboard Design.


8. Hinterland Pendant

Created entirely from scattered, wooden branches along the rugged Pacific Northwest shoreline, this pendant is both rustic and elegant, each a one-of-a-kind, natural beauty. Aptly named from its materials, this pendant is hand-constructed using pegged and glued through-tenons; no fasteners detract from the abstract and natural allure of each unique fixture.



9. Brush Vase

Made from recycled, old paint brushes, the Brush Vase was in fact also originally intended to hold paint brushes, but filling it with flowers or plants is a beautiful idea too  – especially since there’s a glass insert to hold water.


10. Horton Elephant Table

Horton Hears a Who is the inspiration behind this sustainable wood elephant table. Handmade in Laos, each one is as unique as the wood from which it’s carved. Whether you use it as side table or sculptural accent, it’s sure to add an artistic touch to your home.


All images courtesy of the brands. Click on the title to learn more about each. Pictures 2-5 courtesy Green Design Gallery.

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