Spend Summer in Sexy, Sustainable Silk Fashions

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By Diane Small

Summer is a sultry time, full of warm breezes, moist skin and sunshine. And no fabric works better for the season than silk – it’s breathable, lightweight, and always elegant.

Derived from the cocoons of silkworms, it’s also natural, and is especially eco-friendly when dyed with vegetable and other natural colouring processes. But there are lots of other benefits from wearing silk you may not even know about.

For example, silk contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells – thus helping to reduce signs of aging. It’s a natural heat regulator, able to maintain the air around you at a comfortable temperature when you sleep, meaning you perspire less.

When you sleep on silk pillowcases, there’s less friction between your skin and your bedding linen, which is said to be the biggest cause for sleep-induced wrinkles.

The final amazing benefit of silk is that bugs, mold and bacteria don’t like it. Its sericin residue is a natural repellent that keeps all the nasty, allergy-inducing creatures away. So in short, silk is beautiful, natural, biodegradable, anti-allergenic and even anti-ageing. It’s one of the best materials you can wear!

Here, we’ve found the best sustainable silk fashion brands to help you look hot and feel cooler this summer.

1. Lifegist

We love this design-led Spanish brand because it’s got just the right amount of edge without making you look like a fashion victim, and of course because it has a strong pro-environment philosophy. Not only do they ensure all their materials are as eco-friendly as possible, they also check that the entire production process, including dying the textiles, is completely non-toxic.  As if that weren’t enough, they use peace silk, too!

Sustainable Silk Fashions Sustainable Silk Fashions Sustainable Silk Fashions

2.  Meng Silkware

We admit we’ve become obsessed with this brand, which creates undeniably elegant clothing that’s flexible: you can wear their kimonos to bed, or dress them up with jewellery and heels and wear them for a big night out. Their kaftans can be thrown over a bikini, but are dressy enough for dinner. And of course, all are made from the purest silk, and meticulously designed with Asian-inspired prints in soft, feminine colours.


Sustainable Silk Fashions

Sustainable Silk Fashions

3. Outsider Clothing

With its dedication to supply chain transparency and sustainability, Outsider has fast become a favourite online  platform for eco-fashionistas. seeking not only ethically sourced fashion, but also fabrics, eco accessories and organic beauty products. Outsider has just relaunched and revamped their site to include not only fashion, organic beauty products and eco-friendly accessories, but also offers fabric for designers who aren’t sure where to source ‘green’ fabrics.

Moreover, there’s a host of   new editorial content which aims to inform and educate about the differences ethical shopping can make to the consumer and the wider environment. Here, you’ll learn about what ‘eco-friendly’ really means, and how you can transform your habits to help save the planet for future generations–whilst looking stylish in silk georgette and jersey frocks, of course!

Sustainable Silk Fashions

Sustainable Silk Fashions

4. Pineda Covalin

It’s not easy to have your brand called ‘the Hermes of Mexico’ but thanks to fine craftsmanship and excellent quality materials, Pineda Covalin is as sought after by tourists on holiday in Mexico as Hermes is by Parisian tourists.

But you won’t find many horse-themed prints on these luscious scarves, kaftans and dresses–themes are as unique and diverse as Mexican culture itself, and include images borrowed from Aztec and Mayan history, a well as the abundant flora and fauna in the perennially sunny nation.


Sustainable Silk Fashions Sustainable Silk Fashions Sustainable Silk Fashions

5. Chic Reign

Diana Alvarez, the founder of Chic Reign, is a passionate believer in using natural materials to create high end fashion. Silk and cotton are the two main fabrics she employes to create her elegant fashions, which, as of late, seem to have been heavily influenced by 1980’s vintage.

sustainable silk fashion


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Diane Small
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