Earth Day Friendly Brands To Know In 2021

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This year, we’re celebrating Earth Day friendly brands that cover everything from beauty to blankets

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Did you know there are two stories behind the origins of Earth Day?

The first and main one comes from the colourfully named Gaylord Nelson. After witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, the U.S. Senator decided to bring environmental protection onto the political agenda with the help of America’s youth. He chose April 22nd to motivate students to take to the streets to rally for eco-issues, because that date fell exactly between Spring Break and final exams. On April 22nd of 1970, twenty million Americans came together in parks, streets and auditoriums to demand a healthier, more sustainable planet.

The second story goes all the way back to the 19th century, when a certain J. Sterling Morton – a newspaper editor – who advocated planting trees in what was then the dusty prairies of Nebraska. At a meeting of the State Board of Agriculture in January 1872, Morton proposed that Nebraska citizens set aside April 10th as a day to plant trees. And boy, did they! A million trees were planted on that first Arbor Day. Ten years later, Nebraska declared Arbor Day as a legal holiday. It was later swapped to Morton’s birthday:  April 22nd. 

Today, it’s still pretty common to plant new trees for Earth Day. And that’s great! But we’d also like to draw your attention to Earth Day friendly brands. Yep, we know that buying new stuff is generally not great for the planet. But that’s changing as companies become more conscious and circular.

Here below, we highlight a few that are truly making a difference.

Earth Day Friendly Brands We Love In 2021

Earth Day Friendly Brands We Love


This is an eco-jewellery brand based around activism and fighting for the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. With beautiful, unique pieces designed to start the conversation around issues ranging from deforestation to  overfishing practices, Salvari is the perfect brand to wear not just on Earth Day, but all year round.

The designs are not just stylish beautiful tributes to nature, but contain a powerful story of admonition, that brings the wearer to reflect. For instance the Kudu Horn Pendant, or Gorilla Paw Pendant, or Rhino Horn Pendant, send 10% of their profits to Saving the Survivors, an organisation that with the help of its veterinary team tries to save creatures from poaching incidents. Therefore these pendants become the emblem of what man can do to help animals from mankind’s misdeeds.

How they’re making a difference: Salvari is not only a circular brand, using recycled materials (that can later be recycled, too), but they also donate a percentage of each sale to anti-poaching, ocean cleanup and reforestation projects.


This conscious sneaker brand aims to take a stance against the wasteful practices that dominate the world of fast fashion. Cariuma does this by using bamboo, recycled rubber, organic cotton, sugarcane, cork, and recycled PET to make its footwear. All totally sustainable! And strong enough to last for years.

How they’re making a difference: Besides producing a sustainable, essential product, Cariuma has its own Reforestation Program in the founders’ homeland, Brazil, where the rainforests need protection. For every pair of sneakers purchased, the brand plants a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest. During Earth Week, Cariuma will up that number to ten!

Earth Day Friendly Brands We Love


It is a known fact that sleep is important not just for your beauty routine, but primarily for your physical and mental health. When you slip into a deep slumber, your body undergoes an important cellular healing and reparation process. And yet, sleep eludes so many of us!

Bearaby founder Kathrin Hamm discovered that sleeping under a weighted blanket releases hormones that help us doze off. As a result, she developed a range of weighted blankets made from organic and sustainable materials. These include and Ecovelvet made out of recycled marine plastic, and 100% organic cotton. All Bearaby’s blankets are luxuriously soft and and certified with the Global Recycled Standard.

How they’re making a difference: Given the fact that our homes are often littered with toxic textiles, Bearaby’s sustainable materials – and the weight of the blankets – provide a real health boost, whilst doing no harm to the planet.

Earth Day Friendly Brands We Love

Dr. Craft

Another of the Earth Day friendly brands we love this year is Dr. Craft. This is a skincare brand that was founded by leading academics Professor Chris Rayner and Dr. Richard Blackburn. The two brainiacs channeled their combined expertise in chemistry and sustainability into an Earth Day friendly skincare brand.

Today, Dr. Craft is all about using natural, ethically sourced ingredients and innovative green processes to make you more beautiful. For example? One of their hero ingredients is the little-known Bakuchiol Extract. This is an excellent alternative to retinol, and brings the same benefits without the potential irritation.

How they’re making a difference: Not only does Dr. Craft prove that nature alone can boost your beauty, but they also use only 100% recyclable packaging. The sourcing of their ingredients supports a number of women’s co-operatives and Fair Trade farms around the world.

Julie May

If something is bad for your skin, it’s probably bad for the environment, too. Lingerie label Julie May is aware of how synthetic materials and dyes can be irritating, so they make their bras and panties from sustainably sourced 100% organic and Pima Cotton and Mulberry Silk. All of their underwear is certified by Allergy Free UK, and is guaranteed to be gentle on your skin, no matter how sensitive.

How they’re making a difference: Rarely will you find a lingerie label that contains no latex, rubber, elastic, nickel, or synthetic materials. Julie May also uses the mildest dyeing methods, and no fixing agents on their fabrics.

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