When Devon Lee Carlson Said Come Over! To Reformation

Devon Lee Carlson told Reformation to come over. And awesome fashion ensued…

By Arwa Lodhi

What do you do when you’re a leading ethical fashion brand, and you realise a certain YouTube sensation is the perfect model for your most recent collection?

Well, you ask her if you can come over and shoot it on her, of course! And that’s exactly what Reformation did with Devon Lee Carlson, at her place.

Called the Come Over collection, it features all the vintage flair you’d expect from the California based sustainable fashion brand, all showcased beautifully by Devon’s slim frame and energetic, upbeat personality.

In case you’re not familiar with Ms Carlson, she’s the co-founder of Wildflower Cases, along with her sister Sydney, and her mom. Aww! The trio create handmade, limited edition cases for phones that are unique to each customer. Seen on Lucy Hale, Kylie Jenner, Giuliana Rancic, and Miley Cyrus and many more,

Wildflower uses unique and limited fabrics they design themselves. She’s also a model and major fashion influencer, with over 250k Instagram followers and 54k YouTube subscribers.

Devon Lee Carlson in Reformation

And speaking of fabrics, Reformation takes them very seriously. They constantly seek the most eco-friendly fabrics possible, and consider every aspect of a textile’s eco-footprint, from how much water it needs to be produced to its impact on the environment when it’s washed.

If you’re interested in the details of their sustainability, the brand publicly publishes the totals for all the resources they used, saved, and offset.

Called the RefScale, the report tracks their  environmental footprint  by adding up the pounds of  carbon dioxide  emitted and gallons of water they use, and kilos of waste they generate. They then calculate how their’s products help reduce these impacts compared with most clothing bought in the USA. This information is shared on every product page of their website to allow consumers to know exactly what impact each garment has on the environment, allowing buyers to make more empowered choices.

As for our choices, we’d go with the provocative, lacy Halo top in black from this colleciton, or maybe the sweet Paulina top, which comes in a choice of red or white. In any case, both go beautifully with the slightly 70’s styled Dillon pants (named after Matt Dillon? Surely not Kevin…?)

In any case, check out Devon (and a model) rocking the latest Refomation styles below, and if you get inspired, you can shop them here and see the entire collection for yourself.

Devon Lee CarlsonDevon Lee CarlsonDevon Lee CarlsonDevon Lee Carlson


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