10 Sustainable Luxury Jewelry Trends For 2023

We predict these sustainable luxury jewelry trends will be huge this year! 

By Diane Small

Sustainable luxury jewelry can really make an outfit special. It’s also a great investment, if it’s made from real gold or silver.

So no wonder more people are turning to online jewelry stores to look for beautiful pieces that are trending for this year. 

But beyond key styles, you should be aware of what constitutes sustainable luxury jewelry before you make a purchase. Here are a few tips!

Image below: Lumije

What To Look For In Sustainable Luxury Jewelry

Recycled materials: This includes using recycled gold, silver, and other precious metals and repurposing vintage or antique jewelry. 

Ethically sourced gemstones: This includes using stones – diamonds as well – that are mined responsibly and sustainably. They should also be conflict-free. Many jewelers are also turning to lab-grown gemstones, which have the same visual appeal as natural stones but do not require mining. Many jewelry designers also work with suppliers who have been certified by fair trade organizations, ensuring that the workers who produce the gemstones are treated fairly and paid a living wage.

Natural and organic materials: Who needs gemstones, though, really? Non-mined materials are beautiful, too! These include wood, shells, and seeds.

Biodegradable packaging: Packaging is an important aspect of sustainable luxury jewelry, as it can help reduce the piece’s environmental impact. Today, many jewelers are now using biodegradable packaging and taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing environmentally friendly practices in their production processes.

Handmade Jewelry: Handmade jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek out unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Handmade jewelry is often made using more sustainable techniques and materials.

Now, let’s look at what’s trending in ethical jewelry for this year!

10 Ethical Jewelry Trends To Try In 2023

Sustainable Luxury Jewelry Trends For 2023

1. Pearl Earrings

This perennial classic is trending hard for 2023. Go for anything from tiny pearl studs to larger, dangly pearls surrounded by gemstones. Pearl earrings are such a universal favourite, they make for the perfect gift, too.

Ensure it’s ethical: You can learn more about ethical pearl farming here.

sustainable luxury jewelry trends 2023

2. Tennis Necklaces

Sure, you’ve probably heard of Tennis Bracelets. You know – those sparkly, diamond bracelets worn by the posh. But what are Tennis Necklaces? Well, like their bracelet cousin, they’re a string of diamonds or other gemstones, closely set. Their design goes back to the 18th century, when they featured gemstones like amethyst. Nowadays, natural or lab-grown diamonds are used.

To wear a tennis necklace right, it should lay smoothly on the chest and conform to all of your movements without feeling clunky or out of place.

Ensure it’s ethical: Lab grown diamonds are best, but Lumije sources their diamonds from a traceable, USA based company.

tennis necklace

3. Signet Rings

They’re a bit posh, and a bit ‘WASP’. But the real beauty of a signet ring? They’re just so personal. How so? Well, these rings can be left blank or engraved with the letters or numbers that mean something important to you.

Ensure it’s ethical: This one below by Catbird is made of recycled gold.

signet rings

4. Body Chains

Body chains may be up-to-the-minute cool right now. But they have quite a long history! In fact, their use can be traced back around 4000 years in India. Today, most people associate them with the seductive belly dancers of the Middle East. This is a trend best shown off on holiday, at the beach!

Ensure it’s ethical: KBH jewels uses recycled metals to make their luxury jewelry trends.

Image credit here.

belly chain

5. Pendant Necklaces

Another of our top sustainable luxury jewelry trends for 2023 are pendant necklaces. You can combine trends, and get a pearl pendant, for example. Or go a bit spiritual and get a crystal pendant. But the most romantic twist? Wear a pendant locket!

Ensure it’s ethical: We love vintage and antique jewelry. Especially lockets! You can find plenty on sites like Etsy.

antique locket

6. Pearl Necklaces

Forget about Marge Simpson or your granny. Pearl necklaces are super hip for this year! And weirdly, we can probably thank Harry Styles for this trend! For 2023, don’t save your pearls for special occasions like weddings. This is one of those sustainable luxury jewelry trends you can wear any day!

Ensure it’s ethical: Pearls come naturally from mollusks. But the poor creatures usually die when they’re opened to get the pearl from inside their shells. So if you’re vegan, go for glass bead faux pearls instead. We love pearl necklaces by Linjer. Their pearls come in all shapes and sizes, but the best part? They’re actually affordable!

pearl necklace

7. Silver Jewelry

The 2010s were all about rose gold. And now? Sustainable luxury jewelry trends are pointing towards silver. Wear it as a chain (see point 8, above), on a ring, or as the base for your earrings, like these SweetV Hoop Earrings.

Note: silver looks especially pretty on the skin of those with ‘winter’ skin tones.

Ensure it’s ethical: Recycled silver is best.

silver hoop earrings

8. Layered Chains

Sure, delicate, stacked rings are still a thing. But now? One of the hottest sustainable luxury jewelry trends for 2023 is to layer necklaces! I’m not talking heavy gold chains you’d see Run DMC wearing in the 90s. NO! I mean 3-4 fine, thin chains, maybe with a pendant (see point 6, above). Think: pretty and feminine!

Ensure it’s ethical: These chains below, by Kimai, feature lab-grown diamonds.

sustainable luxury jewelry trends

9. Hoop Earrings

Whether you like them big or small, gold or silver, hoop earrings are one of the hugest sustainable luxury jewelry trends for this year! If you have multiple piercings, go for hoops of different sizes. And if you find plain hoops a bit bland, no worries. You can find hoop earrings embellished with lab-grown diamonds, pearls and more.

Ensure it’s ethical: Go for recycled metals, of course.

sustainable luxury jewelry trends

10. Mood Rings

This 70’s staple is making a huge comeback! This is one of those sustainable luxury jewelry trends that’s a bit unexpected, am I right? In case you didn’t know, a mood ring contains a thermochromic element, or “mood stone”, that changes color based on the temperature of your finger. In other words – you’ll have a ring that looks different throughout the day. Cool!

Ensure it’s ethical: The best way to ensure your mood ring is ethical is to buy an existing vintage one.

sustainable luxury jewelry trends for 2023

Which of these sustainable luxury jewelry trends for 2023 is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, below!  Main image: Dolce & Gabbana 

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