10 Eco Parenting Essentials For A Greener Future

Want to be a greener parent? You need these eco parenting essentials, for a start!

By Lora O’Brien

Parenting itself can be overwhelming. But factor in eco parenting, and suddenly you’re faced with so many more challenges!

The reality is that raising children can produce a lot of waste. So if you want to reduce your planetary footprint for the future of your children, you’ll need to consider some eco parenting essentials.

If you’re struggling to know exactly what essentials you’ll need to be greener, consider focusing on these three things:

1. What your baby plays with will inevitably go in their mouth. Choose what they play with wisely. 

2. What goes on their skin affects their skin! Try to make eco-friendly choices from clothing to bathtime. 

3. Everything from plants to household cleaning products can impact what your baby breathes in. This can have knock-on effects for their health.

So, whether you’re a new parent, an old timer with a brood, or are just planning for the future, don’t be overwhelmed. I’ve compiled an essential list to get you started on those eco parenting essentials you’ll need for raising green kids.

Eco Parenting Essentials For A Greener Future

1. A natural baby carrier

I spent the first three months of my daughter’s life holding her. I held her when she was feeding, when she napped, and even when she was just too darn cute to leave alone! As lovely as it was, it prevented me from getting stuff done. One thing I wish I’d used sooner was a sling!

Whether you want a sling for a newborn or a carrier for a 1-year-old and beyond, Oscha offers eco-friendly baby wraps that are as stunning as they are life-saving. You’ll be able to meet the needs of yourself and your little one, too. The comfy designs are stunning, and the combination of TENCEL branded materials and organic cotton makes it super soft, too.

Price: From around $130

eco parenting essentials

2. Ethical baby wipes

I hoped to go through raising a toddler without using wipes. But guess what? It’s impossible. From nappy changes to sticky fingers, sometimes you just need a wet wipe! Luckily, there are much more eco-minded brands on the market today.

For example? Coterie makes 100% plant-based wipes containing VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibres. These are made of 99% water and 5 other clean ingredients. The wipes are bigger, thicker, and faster at composting than any other wipe. They’re better for babies, parents and the Earth, and they’ll be one of your favourite eco parenting essentials!

Price: 4 packs for $26

eco parenting essentials

3. All-natural baby bibs

Bibs will be your saviour when it comes to little ones! From teething dribble to catching food, a bib will be your best friend. But make sure you opt for one that is organic or made from an eco-friendly material. After all, it will be in close contact with their skin, so you’ll want it to be as kind to them as it will be handy for you!

These cotton bibs are super soft and made from eco-friendly TENCEL branded materials and organic cotton.

Price: $8

4. A non-toxic nappy cream

A nappy cream was one of the first ever eco parenting essentials I bought. I used consistently. At the slightest sign of redness, I popped a little cream on and my little one, and it healed within hours.

There are so many baby creams on the market, but they’re either encased in plastic or loaded with chemical crap. Coconut oil is a natural alternative, but I swear by Weleda’s Calendula Nappy Change Cream.

Price: Around $10

eco parenting essentials

5. Bamboo feeding bowl

Many moms take special care of the food they feed their little ones, but don’t often give a second thought to the materials used to hold and store the food.

When it came to weaning my daughter, I used bamboo utensils. They were perfect! Bamboo is eco-friendly and healthy for kiddos. Not only does it have natural antibacterial properties, it’s also grown without the use of pesticides and insecticides. Bubbaboo is a great brand and ships worldwide.

Price: From around $20

eco parenting essentials

6. An ethical backpack

Whether it’s running errands or a trip to the park, the one thing you realise once you become a parent is how much stuff you leave the house with. Snacks, bottles, wipes…it’s a lot! So having a handy bag to carry it all in means a backpack is another one of our eco parenting essentials.

Tiba + Marl have the perfect backpack for modern nomads. The unisex bags are designed to carry everything, from smartphones to bottles. Inside, you’ll find a phone pocket, foldable changing mat, insulated bottle warmer and even space for a laptop. Perfect for fusing modern life with eco-friendly living.

Price: From around $45

7. A reusable, non-plastic bottle

A water bottle is not only one of those eco parenting essentials, but an essential for everyone no matter what their age. Buying a reusable one means you won’t ever have to buy plastic drink bottles again!

There are so many on the market, but one brand that is great for eco-minded parents is Blafre. That’s because their beautiful, child-friendly bottles boast both longevity and functionality, whether at home or outdoors. Perfect for water, juice or smoothies, the bottles have interchangeable caps. This means you can swap it from a sippy cap to a lid when needed. They’re also the ideal size for toddler’s hands.

Price: $15

8. Dare U Go travel bib

Kids get hungry on the go. And if you’re looking for a bib that will help your little ones to eat in a mess-free fashion, we’ve found another of those eco parenting essentials you need.

The Dare U Go is perfect for families on the go! The bib helps implement healthy, proportioned snacks and meals for little ones from 7 months to 7 years. Pop snacks or meals into the sections and they can eat easily, with any mess falling back into the bib. Plus, it’s made of food-grade silicone, not plastic. Yay!

Price: $22.99

dare u go bib

9. Organic clothing

When it comes to the threads your children wear, most options are toxic. Cheap clothing uses harsh chemicals, dyes, waxes and even formaldehyde. Scary, right? Luckily, many childrenswear brands are using organic cotton, hemp and bamboo instead. These are all gentle on sensitive skin, and are ideal for children of all ages.

Sure, there are several organic clothing brands to shop at, but one we love is Pact. Their garments are made in a fair trade factory using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and include everything from tees, leggings, dresses and onesies. Their range includes clothing for babies, toddlers and young children, and even offer parents a few choices, too!

Price: From $11

pact clothing

10. Non-toxic cleaning products 

If there’s one thing that is universally guaranteed when it comes to raising children it’s this: there will be a mess! So one of the most vital of all the eco parenting essentials is organic cleaning products. Whether you’re sanitising their toys, wiping down their high chair, or upkeeping the cleanliness of your home, you’ll want to be sure that you’re using products that are safe for little ones to breathe.

The Honest Company is a well known brand that offers plant-based cleaning products to families. All products are free from harsh chemicals, and they do everything from baby bottle cleaner, antibacterial spray to liquid detergent.

Price: From $6

honest company cleaning products

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