30 Vegan Fish Recipes Healthier Than The Real Thing

By Lora O’Brien

I found it relatively easy to give up meat as I was never a cave man-slash-Henry VIII type of eater. Ditching it from my diet felt almost natural. However, when it came to seafood, I really struggled. I  grew up visiting the seaside, and with those trips came the obligatory stop at the seafood stall. People, fish based lunches are basically my childhood.

When going vegan, people still tend to think of fish as a fair game: eating meat brings  horrific animal cruelty, but fish are just….  fish, right? But that’s wrong. Fish do suffer, and are way smarter than you’d think. C’mon guys, we’ve all seen Finding Nemo, right? Fish are friends, not food.

I get it. We’ve had it hammered into us how good for us fish is. But guess what? It may not be as good as you’ve been led to believe.  We’re all aware of how polluted water has become. In fact, it’s so nasty we wouldn’t dare think of drinking it untreated. Yet you know those  toxic chemicals in water? Well, that’s what fish swim in daily, and they absorb said toxins into their body. As the food chain progresses, big fish eats little fish et cetera, the bigger fish end up consuming all of those chemicals and fish like tuna and salmon end up ridden with them. So, the fish flesh that you’re then eating is probably pretty badly contaminated, and eating some kinds of fish has been linked to causing cancer and brain degeneration  thanks to the lovely contaminants and heavy metals we dump into the oceans and lakes. Yikes!

But fish is so tasty, I hear you  sigh. Well, you can still get your dose of fishiness, minus all of that bad stuff. It’s amazing how easily you can replicate fish based recipes. So whether you’re longing for the textures found in a smoked salmon bagel, the comfort of a tuna melt sandwich or some good old fashioned fish and chips, these vegan fish recipes will be like a day out at the seaside for you, my friends.

1. Vegan NOT Smoked Salmon Scramble

Anyone else do a double take? How eerily does this look like smoked salmon? Well, no fish was used in this recipe and the smoked salmon is actually…carrots! Such an easy and affordable way of re-creating the look and texture of  smoked salmon with scrambled (tofu) eggs!

Get the recipe here.

2. Beluga Lentil Caviar Appetizer

I mean, I never did understand the longing to consume fish eggs. It creeps me out if I’m totally honest. However, if you’re someone that fancied caviar in another life, or just want to make a luxurious looking appetizer, then this is a little gem of a recipe.

Get the recipe here.

3. Vegan Mock Salmon Pà¢te

I used to love tuna pà¢te. I would smear it on freshly baked bread and feel like I was in seafood heaven. Now I can enjoy that texture again, hurrah! This recipe also gets bonus points for not having that pungent fishy scent either.

Get the recipe here.

4.  Vegan Quinoa Sushi with Tofu and Chickpea Bean Egg

I’m  obsessed with this sushi. I like mine with lots of yummy fillings, so I love the fact this recipe has tofu steaks and a chickpea ‘scrambled egg’.  And plus, it looks gorgeously exotic too – a great dinner party appetiser!

Get the recipe here.

5. Avocado, Mango & Kimchi Sushi Rolls

If you’re looking to add a little jazz to your standard sushi recipe, then give this one a go. Avocado and mango work incredibly well together and add a creamy sweetness whilst the kimchi cuts through that with its spiciness. These sushi bites are such an explosion of flavour, you’ll become well and truly addicted.

Get the recipe here.

6. Vegan  Mock ‘Tuna’ Salad

Tuna salad was the reason it took me so long to stop eating fish. I used to devour it! But given the mercury content, it’s  far from healthy, and actually tinned tuna isn’t even tasty. In fact, I’d coat the tuna in so much mayonnaise to disguise the fishiness and make it creamy, I started to ask myself; why am I eating this?! No need to ask that question about this mock tuna salad.

Get the recipe here.

7. Vegan  Crab Cakes with Horseradish-Dill-Tartar Sauce

These crab cakes are such a delight. You could even use them in a burger if you so wish. But one thing is for sure, and that is that these will go down a treat at the dinner table. The magic ingredient for the fishy texture? Artichokes!

Get the recipe here.

8. Jackfruit ‘Tuna’ Melt Sandwich

Whilst I was never a fan of warm tuna, I did occasionally succumb to the magic of creamy tuna and gooey cheese that was a tuna melt. The tuna in this recipe comes from exotic, Asian jackfruit and kelp adds a delicate fishiness to this sandwich. Vegan mayo makes it super creamy whilst vegan cheese  gives it some yummy ooze.

Get the recipe here.

9. Vegan  Smoked ‘Salmon’ Bagel with Cream Cheese

This recipe is revolutionary for vegans or anyone that fears they’ll miss salmon too much to part ways with. This recipe looks exactly and feels just like a salmon and cream cheese bagel, but everything in this dish is vegan friendly. The salmon lox is made from none other than tomato carpaccio. Who’d have guessed, huh?

Get the recipe here.

10. Vegan  Baja Fish Tacos with Lime-Cumin Slaw

Tacos are life, seriously. I live for them. Obviously the fish here is mock, but still so yummy. The tortillas are topped with creamy chunks of avocado and fresh, crunchy slithers of pickled red onion with a fresh and zesty lime and cumin coleslaw.

Get the recipe here.

11. ‘Fish’ Sliders with Spicy Mango Slaw

This fish slider burger is a slightly more upscale take on the traditionally fish finger sarnie, but with a delicious sweet and spicy slaw. Faux fish has never tasted better.

Get the recipe here.

12. Vegan Lobster Rolls

I was SO excited to find this recipe. First and foremost, just look at that photo. Drooling yet? Cos I am! But secondly, it’s so cruel to kill lobsters alive, so I was super excited to find a vegan friendly alternative. Hearts of palm gives us the meaty, lobster  texture.

Get the recipe here.

13. Fish Style Parsnip Fillets

How could the humble parsnip take on something like fish, right? Well, when you think of fried fish fillets, you probably taste the crumb coating more than the fish, and that’s the same deal here. The parsnips are coated with bread crumbs, lemon pepper, lemon juice and dill. They’re then served on rye bread with a tartar sauce. Add in some peas (mushy if you so wish) and you’ve got a throwback to your fishy childhood roots.

Get the recipe here.

14. Vegan  Crab Rangoon

Wondering what crab rangoon is? It’s basically just crab puffs. They’re kind of like a Chinese wonton in textures, and they’re a deep-fried appetizer typically served in American Chinese restaurants. The cream cheese is switched out for a vegan version and jackfruit serves as the crab meat. They’re then sinfully fried and served with a thai chili sauce which creates a perfect balance between sweetness and heat.

Get the recipe here.

15.  Crispy Shrimp Toast

I lived on this stuff as a kid. Whenever we ordered a Chinese I would always devour the prawn toast. I don’t know…there was just something tasty about fishy toast. King oyster mushrooms replace the shrimp and a vegan friendly fish sauce gives the perfect fishiness to this dish.

Get the recipe here.

16. Vegan Fish Sticks

Fish sticks are basically glamorized fish fingers, and how could I not include a vegan version when I grew up eating them after school for years? Hearts of palm are the meaty texture for these fish sticks and they’re then fried to give them their delicious golden coating. Serve in newspaper with a wedge of lemon and some vegan tartar sauce to really feel like you’re at the seaside.

Get the recipe here.

17. Tofu Scampi on  Linguine

Tofu can take on just about any flavour. So how does it taste? Well, the tofu is marinated in a lemon, salt and garlic concoction with some nori for that flavour of the sea. It’s then thrown together on a bed of linguine and garnished with parsley. So basically, it does taste a bit like scampi!

Get the recipe here.

18.  Filet O’ Chickpea Sandwich with Tartar Slaw

This recipe is a healthy version for those of you that were obsessed with those Filet O’ Fish sandwiches from McDonalds. Well meet your new best friend, the Filet O’ Chickpea! The fishy filet is made from mashed up pan-fried chickpeas, artichoke, brown rice, chickpea flour whilst Old Bay seasoning and kelp granules add that fishy flavour.

Get the recipe here.

19. Vegan Salmon with Dilled Beets

I know a lot of people who found it hard to part ways with salmon. For so long they thought that they were eating salmon to be healthy, without knowing about the health risks associated with  food from the sea. And this salmon dish is super convincing, as it even uses nori as ‘salmon skin’ so that it not only tastes fishy, but looks the part, too.

Get the recipe here.

20. New England Clam Chowder

Once again, mushrooms replace clams, due to their shared texture, and  chopped nori gives this chowder a real sea taste.  It’s thick and creamy but if you like your chowder super hearty, add a little crumble on top of it you’ll think you’re eating a real seaside meal. Kudos for  there also being a YouTube video so you can follow along.

Get the recipe here.

21. Tofu Scallop Stir Fry

Miss your seafood stir fries? This tofu based one will  taste delicious as a starter, or serve it all up on a bed of rice or noodles for a more filling main dish.

Get the recipe here.

22.  Crispy Coconut Cauliflower Shrimp Bites

I can’t wait to try this recipe! I love finding new, innovative ways to enjoy cauliflower. I used to think of it as the mushy vegetable I’d get served on a Sunday, but now I’m discovering that, when cooked right, cauliflower can work so well in replacing meat in dishes. Like these ‘shrimp’ bites! The cauliflower gives a meaty texture brilliantly.

Get the recipe here.

23. Baked Shiitake Shrimp

These little bites are similar to scampi if you ever had it before. I was a huge scampi fan, especially when slathered in lemon juice and tartar sauce. The best part about these? They’re not even really fried, but you’ll think they have been, thanks to the  crisp and crunchy  coating on these shiitake mushroom ‘shrimp’ bites.

Get the recipe here.

24. British Fish & Chips

How could I not include a classic British fish and chips? I can’t wait to make this recipe for my family and prove that you don’t need fish to enjoy old favourites. I’m going to serve this with mushy peas, too!

Get the recipe here.

25. Vegan  Calamari

Okay, calamari always gave me the eebie jeebies. Seriously, who enjoys eating squid?! They’re seriously intelligent animals! But this is one recipe that I won’t run and hide from. The ‘meat’ replacing the squid tentacles in this recipe is mushrooms. They’re deep-fried so they’re lovely and crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. Yum!

Get the recipe here.

26.  Vegan Lobster Mushroom Bisque

Bisque is a smooth, creamy and incredibly flavorful soup that’s normally a broth made of crustaceans, typically lobster, crab, shrimp or crayfish. Unless you’re vegan, of course, and then mushrooms are your saving grace.  Well, we say mushrooms, but lobster mushrooms are actually a type of fungi that grows  on  mushrooms and have a whole heap of goodness in them such as fiber, protein, calcium and iron!

Get the recipe here.

27. Tu-No Casserole

Sometimes we just want hearty, filling foods so when those moods roll round, so recipes like this casserole are perfect to keep on hand. Garbanzo beans replace tuna and fresh mushrooms and peas are added for extra colour.

Get the recipe here.

28. Vegan ‘Fish’ Pie with Tofu & Oyster Mushrooms

Fish pie was always a real comfort food in my home, and one that was served with piles of veggies. So I’m really excited  to try this fishless fish pie recipe. Tofu gives a great fish-like texture whilst nori sheets add a subtle saltiness.

Get the recipe here.

29. Creamy Vegan Not Clam Chowder

I don’t know why but I just love the sound of the word chowder. It makes me think of thick blankets and comfort food. Classic clam chowder has had a vegan makeover – it’s nice and smoky from the mushrooms whilst super creamy, rich and hearty like the original.

Get the recipe here.

30.  Vegan Gumbo

Gumbo is a stew that is usually contains meat and shellfish, and has a sweet and sour twang to it. Well, now you can enjoy the components of gumbo, without the meat and fishiness! Jackfruit has been used to give it that meaty texture, and if you like your stew a little on the hotter side, just tweak the spices.

Get the recipe here.

Lora O'Brien
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