Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Luxury Lovers

These sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts are richly luxurious, and perfect for any romantic occasion

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Although we associate it mainly with romance today, you may be surprised to know the origins of Valentine’s Day!

It’s actually rooted in a rather lascivious Roman fertility rite called Lupercalia. This was an ancient Roman festival held in mid-February to celebrate the ancient deity who protected herds from wolves. The festivity announced the arrival of spring, with mating rituals that involved pairing women with men by a weird kind of lottery.

By the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I was appalled at the sexual wontoness of the festival, and replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day. It was probably named after the priest who was martyred for marrying Christians to each other around 270 AD. Because he developed a relationship with his jailer’s daughter (whom he also apparently healed from blindness), before his execution, he wrote her a tender letter and signed it from your Valentine. And hence, the Valentine’s Day card was born.

It wasn’t until commercially minded greetings card producers created the first store-stocked Valentine’s Day cards in the USA in the 1800s that Valentine’s Day became ‘a thing’. But the common depiction of Cupid, the Roman god of love, still refers back to the day’s ancient origins.

Today, Valentine’s Day is a chance for us to slow down what we’re doing and focus on those we love. If you’d like to surprise your partner with an unexpected token of affection, we’ve found some of the most luxurious, sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts that are truly like no others.

Ethical Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts

sustainable valentine's day gifts for luxury lovers

1. Romantic, Silky Bedding

Here’s one of the most romantic sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Ready?

Make the bed with silky, sexy, organic bamboo sheets! Dab them with some essential rose oil. Pepper rose petals all over the bed. Put yourself into some gorgeous lingerie. Turn on some romantic tunes. Place a bucket of vegan champers beside the bed. Best. Night. Ever!

PS: Did I mention the brand also makes bamboo lingerie? Just saying!

Perfect for: Those who prefer spending a V-Day between the sheets. Literally!

Price: From around $150

Sustainability: If you think bamboo isn’t a sustainable fabric, think again. These sheets are 100% organic and made from a sustainable, renewable resource: CleanBamboo®.

2. Bespoke Skincare

What’s more romantic than something bespoke? 

The Face Planner makes the one you love even more beautiful. They do so with a blend of powerful ingredients blended with dermatological expertise to create bespoke skincare plans that give real results. 

Their Essential Edit is a 3-product package that’s designed to bring all kinds of skins back into balance. This smaller package is ideal for users who don’t have much time for an extended skincare routine. (In other words, guys!).

On the other hand, the Face Planner’s 6-product package is designed to transform all skin types from stressed to sensational. Users will see a dramatic difference in just 3 months.

Perfect for: Someone you love – including yourself!

Price: From around $150

Sustainability: No harmful chemicals in these products

3. A Gorgeous Home Scent

Want your home to smell heavenly – minus the chemicals? A gorgeous home scent is one of those sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts anyone will appreciate!

All diffusers from Miller Harris are developed to be sustainable and unique. The scent of this gorgeous rose candle has been developed by its perfumery using natural rose petals and will gently linger in your home,

They’re phthalate-free, with no artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehydes. They’re also vegan-friendly and set in natural wax.

Perfect for: Creating a romantic atmosphere

Price: From around $80

Sustainability: No harmful chemicals in these products. Additionally, all Miller Harris products are suitable for vegan, free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes.

4. Sustainable Jewelry

Jewelry is always a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, but a gift on this special day should not only show love to the wearer, but to the earth, too!

For example? The Twisted Hearts Ring by Lumije. Its diamond comes from an ethical US-based diamond manufacturer whose sourcing is fully transparent.

Lumije also partners with Bpeace, an international non-profit coalition of business leaders who provide pro bono advice to small women-owned business entrepreneurs in crisis-affected communities around the world.

Perfect for: Anyone with a ‘twisted’ heart!

Price: From around $625

Sustainability: Transparent supply chain, a company that gives back

The Twisted Hearts Ring by Lumije

5. Sexy, Sustainable Lingerie

Lingerie: is it for him, or for you, really? We’re going to say this is one of those sustainable Valentine’s day gifts that’s for both! Lingerie should always be lacy, sexy…and sustainable. And no one does all three better than Dora Larsen.

Catering to the lack of vibrant underwear on the market, Dora Larsen was launched to add some colour to our lingerie. Their gorgeous bras, panties slips and more are made using OEKO-TEX®-certified fabrics. These include recycled lace, Tencel, organic cotton and other planet-friendly materials.

And best of all? Not only are they feminine and oozing effortless sex appeal, they’re comfy to wear, too!

Perfect for: Surprising him (or her!) after dinner.

Price: From around $50

Sustainability: Only natural and organic materials used

6. The Moon

Lovers have always gazed at the moon, and there’s definitely something incredibly romantic about moonlight. So why not gift your favourite person with a moon print? 

The print will be of the moon in the state it was in on a date that’s special to you. Pick from events such as the day you met your partner, your first date, wedding anniversary or any other significant time.

Your special moon will be printed on museum grade art matte paper, ready for framing. It’s a truly unique way to capture a memorable moment in your life!

Perfect for: Commemorating a day that should never be forgotten

Price: From around $110

Sustainability: It’s just recyclable paper, at the end of the day

7. An All Natural Scented Candle

Romantic nights are made to be candlelit! But for Valentine’s Day, simple tea-candles won’t do. Spoil your lover instead with a luxurious scented candle by Trudon.

Not only do these candles look and smell luxe, but they’re steeped in history, too. Originally made for the likes of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV, these candles are adorned with the brand’s signature gold Gosset stamp. They are truly the top tier when it comes to organic candles!

The scent of these gorgeous candles will linger long after being burnt, and there are many scents to choose from. Our personal favourite is this fresh ‘Green Fir’ scent! It blends notes of Siberian pine and fir trees with hints of incense and myrrh to evoke a warm, exotic fragrance.

Perfect for: Lighting on romantic evenings…on Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Price: From around $65

Sustainability: No harmful chemicals in these products; made from natural beeswax and essential oils

sustainable valentine's day gifts

8. The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate

What do you get for the chocolate lover who’s tried it all? How about the world’s most expensive chocolate?

To’ak Chocolate is one of those sustainable Valentine’s day gifts anyone would want. This is an ultra-luxurious dark, fermented chocolate aged in French oak cognac cask. It retails at a whopping $365 per bar!

The exclusivity of this gift is in the production process of the cocoa – it can be compared to the precision of a vintage winemaker, or a premium small-batch whisky maker. The flavour captivates the taste buds, whilst the aroma, surface, colour sheen and sound of the “crack” provide a multi-sensory experience like no other.

But this is more than just a confection, too: the brand aims to resurrect hundred-year-old cacao trees in the valley of Piedra de Plata, Ecuador, to conserve a rare species of cacao.

Not within budget? No worries! The brand also offers packages starting from $25. Your loved one will truly appreciate tasting this exceptional chocolate, no matter what you opt for. Just be prepared for the potential surprises that may emerge from its aphrodisiac powers!

Perfect for: The serious, adult chocoholic or gourmand

Price: From around $22

Sustainability: This organic product conserves rare plants

sustainable valentine's day gifts for luxury lovers

9. An Organic Perfume

An organic perfume is one of the most classic sustainable Valentine’s day gifts. Though we get that perfume is a highly personalised choice, we’d recommend this one, by Leahlani, to almost anyone. Their organic Mahana scent is described as liquid sunshine. Infused with exotic vanilla beans and the lingering scent of sweet coconut, the vibe is a warm and tropical beach. Who can resist?

If you prefer something more floral, their Pua Lei scent fuses together sweet tuberose and exotic puakenini flowers. The melange of tropical florals that evokes images of feminity and mystery.

Perfect for: Embedding memories and sentiments through scent

Price: From around $34

Sustainability: No harmful chemicals or preservatives in these perfumes

10. An Elegant, Forever Pen (+ Love Letter) 

Back in the day, people used fountain pens that lasted a lifetime. With the invention of the ball point, that all changed, and disposable plastic pens became all the rage. Not great for the environment, not great for our briefcases when they leaked all over.

One company is still well known for making beautiful pens that last a lifetime: Montblanc. Their Meisterstueck LeGrand is a deep black resin based instrument with gold-coated details and surmounted by the white star emblem that evolves into Montblanc’s iconic design.

A twist mechanism makes the pen work, whilst a cap made of black precious resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem ensures it won’t leak. The lovely gift box comes with the pen, a replaceable ink cartridge and a booklet.

Of course, gifting this pen is only the icing on the cake. A genuine, romantic love letter (written with the pen) should be at the heart of the gift!

Perfect for: Traditionalists who would really rather pen a love letter than text it.

Price: From around $250

Sustainability: A forever pen lasts for a lifetime, and saves the planet from plastic. This also has a refillable cartridge.

mont blanc pen


11. A Plush Toy – With A Purpose

Sure, plush toys are cute and cuddly. But they’re even more lovable when they’re the result of trying to save wildlife!

If you adopt an elephant in your partner’s name with WWF, you’ll get a soft elephant toy, and much more! The entry level adoption, of $60, includes a photo of the elephant you’ll be paying to save, an adoption card, a species info card, a gift bag, and of course, a cuddly toy.

Perfect for: This is one of the best sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts for showing love to animals, as well as to say how much you appreciate your partner’s compassion for other species.

Price: From around $60-100

Sustainability: The toy itself isn’t so sustainable. But it represents the fact that you’re helping to save wildlife!

plush elephant toy


12. Organic Champagne

Who doesn’t love a bit of bubbly? And a gorgeous organic champagne is one of the best sustainable valentine’s day gifts for luxury lovers.

But what to choose? We recommend the Korbel Cellars California Champagne Organic Brut. With flavors of baked apple and just a little light citrus, it is the perfect partner for aphrodisiac foods! With a medium-dry profile, this organic wine has just the right balance of savoriness at the end, which definitely shows why it won second in the Los Angeles International Wine Competition of 2015, along with several other awards.

Perfect for: Sharing, of course!

Price: From around $38

Sustainability: Organic farming is the best way forward towards saving the planet!

sustainable valentine's day gifts for luxury lovers

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