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Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Luxury Lovers

These sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts are richly luxurious, and perfect for any romantic occasion, in fact!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Although we associate it mainly with romance today, you may be surprised to know the origins of Valentine’s Day are actually rooted in the Roman fertility rite of Lupercalia, held in mid-February to celebrate the ancient deity who protected herds from wolves. The festivity announced the arrival of spring, with mating rituals that involved pairing women with men by a weird kind of lottery.

By the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day, probably named after the priest who was martyred for marrying Christians to each other around 270 AD. Because he developed a relationship with his jailer’s daughter (whom he also apparently healed from blindness), before his execution, he wrote her a tender letter and signed it from your Valentine. And hence, the Valentine’s Day card was born.

It wasn’t until commercially minded greetings card producers created the first store-stocked Valentine’s Day cards in the USA in the 1800s that Valentine’s Day became ‘a thing’. But the common depiction of Cupid, the Roman god of love, still refers back to the day’s ancient origins.

Today, Valentine’s Day is a chance for us to slow down what we’re doing and focus on those who stole our hearts. If you’d like to surprise your partner with an unexpected token of affection, we’ve found some of the most luxurious, but sustainable, Valentine’s Day gifts that are like no others.

7 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Luxury Lovers

1. The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate

What do you get for the chocolate lover who’s tried it all? How about the world’s most expensive chocolate?

To’ak Chocolate is an ultra-luxurious dark, fermented chocolate aged in French oak cognac cask, retailing at a whopping $365 per bar.  The exclusivity of this gift is in the production process of the cocoa – it can be compared to the precision of a vintage winemaker, or a premium small-batch whisky maker. The flavour captivates the taste buds, whilst the aroma, surface, colour sheen and sound of the “crack” provide a multi-sensory experience like no other. But this is more than just a confection, too: the brand aims to resurrect hundred-year-old cacao trees in the valley of Piedra de Plata, Ecuador, to conserve a rare species of cacao.

Your loved one will truly appreciate tasting this exceptional chocolate. Just be prepared for the potential surprises that may emerge from its aphrodisiac powers!

Perfect for: The serious, adult chocoholic or gourmand

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts

2. Gorgeous, Sustainable Jewelry

Jewelry is always a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, but a gift on this special day should not only show love to the wearer, but to the earth, too!

For example? The founder of Carolin Stone Jewellery, Carolin Rossa, designs jewelry that uses nature’s healing wonder – gemstones. In fact, Carolin is quite passionate about gemstones and their beautiful healing abilities. It is her vision to combine the wisdom of nature with the fashion world, through her modern and colourful pieces. Playful assortments of stones add offbeat charm to cocktail rings, statement pendants and cascading earrings. The ideal selection for Valentine’s Day would be a piece that features the Rose Quartz, which has long been believed to be a stone that opens the heart chakra.

Perfect for: Anyone whose heart you’d like to open up a bit

sustainable Valentine's Day gifts

3. A Little Bit of the Eiffel Tower

Paris is on its own a synonym of romance, epitomised by the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower that illuminate lovers holding hands and exchanging kisses under its magic spell. Constructed in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, the Tower owes its twinkling effects to   light designer Pierre Bideau. Every night, for the first five minutes of every hour, 20,000 bulbs make the Tower glisten in the Parisian sky.

When 450 of the Eiffel bulbs reached the end of their useful lives, they were taken down and made into outstanding ornaments. These creations were named the “Diamond Light”, which are unique pieces of the world’s most famous tower, and which come with a certificate of provenance. Beautifully packaged, each Diamond Light is one-of-a-kind and bears the marks of its life on the Tower, such as imperfections and brush strokes that testify the authenticity of the pieces.

This extraordinary gift presents your loved one with a piece of the City of Lights, and French history!

Perfect for: Teasing about an upcoming trip, recalling a previous holiday, or for Francophiles, of course!


Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts


4. Sustainable Lingerie

Lingerie: is it for him, or for you, really? We’re going to say both! For Valentine’s Day, it should be lacy, sexy…and sustainable. And no one does all three better than a certain lady called Stella McCartney.

In all of her vegan-friendly fashions, Stella uses innovative processes and sustainable materials including organic cotton, forest friendly fibers, recycled polyesters and regenerated cashmere to make high-end styles that transform anyone who wears them with instant beauty and elegance. Her beautifully intricate bras and knickers, featuring point d’esprit tulle, lace and satin, illustrate this perfectly.

Perfect for: Surprising him (or her!) with after dinner

sustainable Valentine's Day gifts

5. A Buly Scented Candle

Romantic nights are made to be candle-lit! But for Valentine’s Day, simple tea-candles won’t do. Spoil your lover instead with this luxurious scented candle by Buly 1830. In case you’re not familiar with the brand, it was launched in Paris in 1830, and has been revived by, appropriately enough, a husband and wife team living in Paris.

Housed in a green and gold box, this candle is also a beautiful object for your home, thanks to its marble container. Fabricated from only plant-based ingredients, the wax combines and is finished with a pure cotton wick. Our favourite fragrance is Retour d’Egypte, and has top and middle notes of rose petals, rosemary, blackcurrants and violet, with a base of cedar, patchouli, vetiver and musk for depth.

Perfect for: Lighting on romantic evenings…on Valentine’s Day and beyond!


Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts

5. An All Natural Perfume

Scent has the power to make us fall in love. Human beings are capable of  sniffing out  certain  parts of our potential partner’s DNA to determine whom we’re compatible with. The Science of Love at times may need a little help with an enthralling perfume, such as those by Walden Natural, made from only the finest natural absolutes, resins and essential oils.

Not sure which to choose? Their gift set includes five bottles: the unisex A Different Drummer (a spicy blast of pepper followed by notes of cedar wood, amber and sandalwood), A Little Star-Dust (a sumptuous bouquet of ylang ylang, iris and jasmine enriched with exotic Tonka bean), Castles in the Air (a fresh blend of citrus with a hint of tropical flowers and lavender), Two Eternities (a garland of forest flowers including wild roses, jasmine and iris floating above a base of bergamot and sweet orange oil), and the slightly masculine The Solid Earth (smoky petitgrain followed by a heart of vetiver and patchouli oil, finishing off with amyris).

The collection’s name gives a nod to Henry David Thoreau, whose seminal work Walden stresses simple living in natural surroundings – a perfect tribute, since these sustainable scents encourage lovers to reconnect with the primordial wonders of Mother Nature.

Perfect for: Embedding memories and sentiments through scent

6. An Elegant, Forever Pen  

Back in the day, people used fountain pens that lasted a lifetime; with the invention of the ball point, that all changed, and disposable plastic pens became all the rage. Not great for the environment, not great for our briefcases when they leaked all over.

One company is still well known for making beautiful pens that last a lifetime: Montblanc.  Their Meisterstueck LeGrand is a deep black resin based instrument with gold-coated details and surmounted by the white star emblem that evolves into Montblanc’s iconic design. A twist mechanism makes the pen work, whilst a cap made of black precious resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem ensures it won’t leak. The lovely gift box comes with the pen, a replaceable ink cartridge and a booklet.

Perfect for: Traditionalists who would really rather pen a love letter than text it.


Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts

7. A Sensual Massage

The candles are lit. The lingerie is on. Soft music is playing. What’s missing? A gentle, natural massage oil, of course! This one, from Aromatherapy Associates, not only brings the goodness of coconut, peach kernel and evening Primrose oils to the skin, but it’s also heavenly scented with rose oil, frankincense and patchouli. Spread it all over your loved one’s body, and get to work! This is one of the best sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts – because ultimately, it’s your touch!

Perfect for: Showing your love through touch!

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