Why Paper Faux Eyelashes Are Trending

Paper faux eyelashes don’t seem like a possibility in the world of beauty. But they are – and they’re trending! Here’s why.

By Sophia Hussain

Did you know that when you flutter your eyelashes against your hand, it feels like real butterfly wings?  Now you can wear butterfly-inspired fluttering eyelashes instead of running after the prettiest insects on Earth. And unlike nylon faux lashes, these are Earth friendly. Why, you ask? Because they’re made of paper!

It may seem that paper faux eyelashes are too weak and delicate to work. I mean, one rainstorm and they’re done, right? But that’s simply not the case.

Paperself is a unique and innovative company that has made paper faux eyelashes that are strong, sturdy and super stylish. These aren’t ‘realistic’ fake lashes a la Kardashian. Oh no! Paperself’s lashes are the stuff of fantasies.

Where fun and fantasy meet fashion

paper faux eyelashes paper faux eyelashes

Launched in 2010, the brand merges fun with fashion by creating an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic falsies and chemical-laden mascaras, as each unique design is created using special paper and exquisite paper-cutting techniques.

These wearable paper art eyelashes comes in two sizes. The regular sized lashes can be worn in full for a dramatic look, whereas the individual smaller lashes can be worn on either the top or bottom corner of the eyes to create a more subtle look.

Available in 20 designs so far, including the beautiful deer and butterfly duo, birds, roses, and peacock, these lashes are far easier to apply than normal falsies, as they are lighter and larger.

Originally inspired by the ancient art of paper cutting, the London-based brand strives to give a modern twist to traditional culture by creating innovative products that cross the boundaries between art, fashion and beauty. Their paper lashes are unique and feature beautifully intricate designs letting you adorn your eyes with gorgeous storytelling lashes.

My faves? The deer and butterfly motifs. These form part of The Wonderland Collection, one of five themes in a series, where each design is assigned a symbolic meaning. This one means “Free, Beautiful, and Sensitive”. The lashes also come in chic eco-friendly paper-embossed boxes, too.

And speaking of eco-friendly, here’s my top tip for recycling these babies: once your paper lashes are no longer lash-worthy, reuse the remains of the paper lashes by clipping off the design shaped to fit onto your fingernails, add one clear coat of a 4-free nail lacquer, et voilà  – you have fabulous instant nail art.

Why paper faux lashes are trending

effie trinket

But Paperself offers more than just incredible faux paper lashes. They also have a Tattoo Me collection, a line of artistic temporary tattoos. In keeping with their design-orientated approach, these tattoos focus on delicate and detailed designs with accents of bright colours and gold metallic.

The tattoos are the perfect complement to the other-worldly style of Paperself’s faux paper lashes. The combination of colours and themes makes a real statement! But that’s not why these fake lashes are trending. It’s basically thanks to Hollywood! After being seen on Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, paper eyelashes have become a huge thing at festivals, weddings and parties. The look is so hot I guess you could say it’s catching fire!

Want to learn more about Paperself’s faux paper lashes? Click here.

Image of Effie Trinket from realornotrealnews.com

Sophia Hussain

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