Makeup’s LBD: Organic Black Eyeliner

By Sophia Hussain

The “little black dress” equivalent to makeup is undoubtedly black eyeliner – perfect for creating high-impact statement eyes.  The look is pretty much perennially fashionable, and we noted it on the runways of Rebecca Taylor at New York Fashion Week, as well as Zac Posen, Alice + Olivia and many others.

But which black eyeliner is best? Organic black eyeliner should always be your go-to. Here’s why.

Dirty vs Clean Beauty

From lead, to petroleum, to endocrine-disrupting plastics, mainstream makeup brands use chemicals that are seriously harmful over the long term. And why? Just to get a darker mascara or a longer lasting liner! To be fair, until now, natural pigments have been a bit dull and ‘hippy’ looking. But thanks to new mineral formulations, there are deep, rich, creamy blacks that last all day long.

Here, we share four beautiful organic black eyeliner formulas: pencil, liquid, crème, and powder, to help you line your eyes with intense black hues using non-toxic, eco-friendly and sometimes organic cosmetics that are not tested on animals.

Natural Black Eye Pencils

BBrow Bar’s mineral pencil is absolutely perfect for outlining your eyes and staying put without smudging. Sharpen this naturally formulated pencil to an almost-dull point, and gently glide the pencil from the side to the tip along the upper (also called tightlining) and/or the lower waterline. Tightlining eliminates the need for mascara, whilst lining the lower waterline is universally flattering too.

Natural Liquid Black Eyeliner

For creating the coveted cat-eye, use Organic Glam  liquid eyeliner in black.  Dip the brush into the tube, wipe off the access liquid, and gently glide the brush starting from the upper inner eye corner, tracing along the upper lashline, and ending off with a “tick mark” to create the cat-eye flick.  The thin brush in this formula creates both thin and thick lines with ease.  Organic Glam dries quickly to an intense black high-gloss finish. This formula contains water, meadowfoam seed oil, safflower seed oil, and honeysuckle.

Natural Crème Black Eyeliner

For creating any eyeliner look with ease (especially for the novice), use Juice Beauty’s conveniently packaged, creamy pencil – no need to sharpen this baby, though! Gently line the upper and lower lash lines to create a perfect line every time, that stays put, too.  This version is also packed with nourishing natural minerals for a healthy fix.

Powdered Organic Black Eyeliners

For creating smokey eyes, it’s best to use a mineral liner, in black of course. This eyeshadow by Alima Pure doubles as an eyeliner by simply dipping an angled eyeliner brush into water and wipe off the access liquid.  Next, gently stroke the damp brush along the black eyeshadow pan, then glide the brush along the upper and lower lash lines.  The powder dries to a soft matte black finish too. Alima Pure’s shadow is talc-free and contains organic corn starch, cacao seed butter, and macadamia seed oil.

No matter which product you use or which technique you perfect, you can rest assured that the black lined eye will always be chic.


Sophia Hussain
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