Mermaid Alert! 10+ Marine Based Beauty Products

These marine based beauty products deliver all the benefits of a seaside holiday!

By Bess O’Connor

Who doesn’t feel better after a holiday by a sea? Our hair seems thicker, our skin is softer and we just seem to glow with health.

There’s good reason for this. Being seaside brings many benefits. For example, a dermatological study reported in the  Oxford-based medical  journal Skin Research And Technology confirms that seawater  has a beneficial effect on  cases of dermatitis and psoriasis. The researchers stated the individual compounds in seawater – namely salt and potassium chloride – are potent healers for dry, damaged skin.

Besides that, as any beach bunny knows, sand naturally exfoliates our skin and even lying on the beach will give it a bit of a scrub. And of course, there are all the benefits seaweed can bring to your skin, including anti-inflammatory and detoxing properties.

In short, a holiday on the beach can bring incredible beauty benefits. But…can you still get those beauty gains if you can’t make it to the seaside? The short answer is: sure you can!

Here, we’ve selected over 10 wonderful marine based beauty products that deliver the best benefits of the sea directly to your skin. You could say they’re a seaside holiday in a jar!

10+ Marine Based Beauty Products

1. The Wild Together Serum

I’ve tried and tested this product myself, and was completely blown away! First of all, I love the rich, surprisingly ‘green’ scent. It reminds me of a walk through a forest after the rain.

Secondly, it works, and no wonder: it’s packed with nutrient-dense, anti-aging ingredients. These include 10 omega-abundant lipids, powerhouse actives, adaptogenic botanicals, omega-3 rich oils and marine algae. All were specifically selected for their powerful skin regeneration abilities.

When you apply it to your skin with the dropper, it initially feels a bit oily, but it absorbs instantly and leaves a dry finish. According to the brand, this anti-inflammatory blend “stimulates production of structural skin proteins using actives proven to rebuild, firm and smooth the skin.” All I know is that my skin looks and feels better every time I use this.

Price: Around $62

Marine Based Beauty Products

2. 001 Marine Collagen Concentrate

Here’s another one I’ve tried and tested and loved! It’s a scentless, gentle, omega-rich multi-algae serum that’s packed full of active sea-based ingredients.

This concentrate is quite similar to the Wild Together Serum in the sense that both products have a similar texture, and provide lasting hydration and instant collagen-plumping effects that visibly even out lines and wrinkles.

Still not got any fine lines? It’s also packed with antioxidant-packed complexes which help undo the environmental damage that can lead to wrinkles, and it boosts your skin’s radiance, no matter what your age.

Price: £85


Marine Based Beauty Products

3. REN Atlantic Kelp Bath Oil

If you can’t get the benefits of actually soaking in the sea, this bath oil is the next best thing! Its fresh, uplifting scent comes from a rich base of nourishing marine extracts, including Atlantic kelp and plankton, which refresh and revive your skin by infusing it with naturally derived minerals.

The luxurious formula is also enriched with microalgae oil (rich in omegas 9 and 6) and REN’s anti-fatigue essential oil blend (featuring rosemary and geranium oils) to leave skin perfectly moisturised, silky-smooth and sumptuously supple, all thanks to the power of nature.

Don’t for one second think this carries a fishy odour! On the contrary – I love how this smells, and how my skin feels after soaking in a bath infused with it. If I could describe the scent, all I’d say is ‘blue’!

Price: Around $32


Marine Based Beauty Products



4. Oskia Super 16 Serum

This is a best-seller in the UK, and with a whopping 16 natural ingredients that are known to boost your skin’s collagen production. I’m not going to lie: this is my favourite of all the products I’ve tried in this roundup!

The key marine based beauty ingredient here is a unique Marine Plant Stem Cell Complex that reduces pigmentation whilst protecting your face from antioxidants. There are also loads of  seaweed extracts to hydrate and refresh your skin.

When this is first applied with the dainty, hygienic dropper, it feels a bit sticky, but after a few minutes the product penetrates the skin, leaving a silky smooth finish.

I love that it’s also packed with vitamins A, C, E and F, and that there’s anti-inflammatory MSM, too. No wonder this is a huge cult favourite!

Price: Around $110

oskia london serum



5. Osea Sea Vitamin Boost

Osea is another incredible brand that’s all about the sea-based ingredients! This lovely glass bottle is full of a pink hued toner (thanks to the high concentrates of pomegranate and red wine extracts), but don’t let the fruits fool you–this product is all about the sea!

Organic, mineral-rich Gigartina algae helps balance oil production and stimulate cell regeneration; whilst the fruitier pomegranate helps promote  collagen production and improve tone; and the red wine extracts are  heavy with antioxidants.

I found that this vegan-friendly formula on the whole is refreshing and gentle, and perfect for oilier skins.

Price: $38

Marine Based Beauty Products

6. Green People Scent Free Calming Serum

Got sensitive skin? This is the best of all the marine based beauty products for you.

In fact, it was specifically developed for very sensitive and easily irritated skins, and quickly plumps and regenerates the face and neck with firming actives that have been clinically proven to work.

Some of the main ingredients are green marine macro algae, Tara bush and aloe vera, all of which are known to calm inflammation.

A blend of everlasting flower, chamomile and marshmallow root are also present, to soothe irritation, and promote firmness, rejuvenation and collagen synthesis.

You pump out this lightweight serum, whose creamy texture immediately left my skin feeling softer and more comfortable.

Price: Around $25

green people calming serum


7. The Organic Pharmacy Rose + Marine Collagen Complex

If you live in a really polluted area, you should consider using this marine collagen complex every day.

In addition to vegan-friendly marine collagen complexes, it also uses rose extract, Goji berries, and hibiscus, amongst other plant-based ingredients to shield against environmental aggressors, while ensuring the skin stays supple.

There’s a lightly floral scent to this, and it has a gel-like texture that’s easily absorbed.

Daily use of the complex can help to smooth the surface of your skin, soften the appearance of wrinkles and support elasticity.

Price: Around $150

organic pharmacy rose serum


8. Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator

Made particularly for mature skins, this cream instantly plumps, hydrates and begins to repair your skin, thanks to its rich concentration of marine actives.

There’s a very light natural sunblock (SPF8) to help protect you from daily UV rays, and  the antioxidants, marine actives and hydrating botanicals to help protect against the elements, reactivate pro-collagen synthesis to leave you with a more youthful, glow.

Price: $50

Marine Based Beauty Products

9. This Works Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion

Yes, it seems very niche, but trust me: with age, the décolleté begs for products like these!

Case in point? I sleep on my side, and started noticing that I was developing wrinkles just under my collarbones; presumably from my breasts squashing against each other as I snooze. Not only that, but over time, the skin between my chin and bra has started looking a bit crepe-y, redder, and has developed brown spots.

This firming lotion is one of the marine based beauty products that was formulated to address all of these issues. It harnesses the power of marine-based algae and extracts of larch, comfrey root and rose essence to stimulate cellular renewal for a tightening effect. Hyaluronic acid provides deep moisture to the epidermis.

Brightening vitamin C is there to address those brown spots, and also helps prevent further damage by activating collagen production to improve skin tone.

I found this to be a really gentle lotion that’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. I apply it every night before bed. Though I’ve seen an improvement in the redness of my skin, I’m hoping over time those pesky brown spots will disappear, too!

Price: $45

10. Bioessence Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream 

Wishing you could click your fingers and reverse the signs of ageing? Now you (kind of) can! This Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream by Bioessence is an innovative beauty product. It pairs the powers of marine algae and paracress extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 7 days (according to studies done by the brand).

The algae-based eye cream has a melt-in texture which works to deliver deep hydration to the area around your eyes, smoothing the skin and erasing fine lines. I noticed a difference immediately after using this. Will you?

Price: $54

11. Westlab Dead Sea Salt

This is one of the easiest marine based beauty products to use – and the cheapest to buy, too!

Westlab’s Dead Sea Salt is just that – salt from the Dead Sea.

It sounds pretty basic, but these salts are well-known for their ability to cure sensitive, psoriasis-and-eczema-prone skin. It’s an especially good idea to add these salts to baths in areas where the municipal water is hard.

Your skin will feel softer after a single use – especially if you combine this with REN’s bath oil, above!

Price: $20

dead sea salt for skin

Do you have any marine based beauty product that work like a charm? Let us know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Mermaid Alert! 10+ Marine Based Beauty Products”

  1. Working with sister brands, the Cornish Sea Salt Company and The Cornish Seaweed Company, LIVING SEA THERAPY harnesses the restorative power of the ocean for your skin.

    This beautiful brand emerged from the pure Cornish waters in May 2017, so it wasn’t available when this article was first written. The formulations are lovely, using our salts, concentrated mineral extracts and our seaweed extracts from free dived seaweeds, under licence, at the heart of all of the creations. With an individual aroma in each created for the therapeutic benefit and the mood of the ocean.

    The Salt scrub, foot cream and Hand lotion are my absolute favourites, whilst the men seem to love the bath soak and bath salts.

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