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5 Easy Facial Yoga Moves For Tighter Skin

Feeling like your skin’s a bit saggy? These facial yoga moves can help!

By Diane Small

Who doesn’t want tighter, younger looking skin? We can get it through many ways: eating a healthy diet, exercising, cosmetics, and even high tech facial techniques. But some of the easiest and cheapest ways are sometimes best – yep, I’m talking about massage and facial yoga.

These are both pretty much ancient Indian ways of caring for the skin. Women on the subcontinent have long known that a gentle daily facial massage  improves the skin’s circulation, giving it a healthy, youthful glow. As the circulation increases, it encourages the lymph glands to eliminate toxins, reducing puffiness and improving the overall complexion.

Facial yoga moves, on the other hand, not only increase circulation, but also work the muscles that help tighten your complexion. This allows you to avoid the jowls and sagging skin that come over time, thanks to the basic effects of gravity, along with the atrophying of the facial muscles – don’t forget it’s those muscles that hold up your skin! Once they begin to slack, your skin looks slack, too.

‘Facial fitness’ is coming up to be one of the biggest beauty trends of the year, and before you roll your eyes or clutch your wallet, consider this: it’s basically free, and is something you can do at home, even while you’re on the couch watching Netflix. What have you got to lose?

Facial fitness should include both massage and easy facial yoga moves to be effective.

How To Do A Facial Massage

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly, gently pat dry, and cleanse with Jojoba or Coconut oil, using a damp cloth
  2. Apply a small amount of your favourite  aromatherapy facial blend to palms, massage gently into the face
  3. Begin from the centre of the brow and use upward, outward stokes, moving hands away from each other and swiping gently upwards. Gently pinch each eyebrow.
  4. Then move down to the below the eyes and pat the area directly under the eye with your ring finger several times. Going upwards, gently pinch the skin along your nose and between your eyes, then do the same going down.
  5. Don’t forget your chin and neck – start stroking from the centre of your chin, then move out and upwards and around to the back of the neck ,which is often a neglected area, holding a lot of tension
  6. Massage your ears too and the lobes – this feels fabulous!

Finish the massage by holding your hands cupped, gently over your eyes and nose and breathing deeply. Check out this video below for some other techniques, too!

Now, Try Some Simple Facial Yoga Exercises

1. Puff out your cheeks, push air into your mouth and swop the air from one side to the other four times, release with an Oh! Repeat up to 5 times a day anytime you like, to help raise the cheeks.

2. Put your tongue on the top of your mouth and press your bottom lip over your top lip. Smile, then look up. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat three times. This will help firm the neck and chin.

3. Make your eyes wide, raise your eyebrows and stick out your tongue. Hold for up to 60 seconds and repeat up to ten times. This helps the neck and cheeks.

4. Purse your mouth into a tight O. Then, smile and squint your eyes, without allowing your mouth to move. Repeat 10 times to help tighten skin overall.

5. Clasp your hands to your face, and smile wide! Make sure your hands prevent your from actually smiling. The idea is for your facial muscles to work against your hands. Repeat 10 times to help tighten the facial muscles.

For these and more facial yoga exercises, watch the demonstration video below.

Simple, right?

Personally, I’m going to be trying these myself, but I understand it will take time to show results, and according to Joshua Zeichner, while facial exercises can indeed benefit the overall muscle tone in your face, they won’t be as effective as Botox or fillers in terms of addressing the issues of skin tone, texture, and wrinkles.

That being said, facial exercises may have tension relief benefits for the head and neck. However, if you have tension issues, check with your doctor to make sure facial exercises will not aggravate an underlying problem, such as neck arthritis or cervical disc problems.

If you give these a try, please let us know the results in the comments section!

Diane Small

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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