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Up and Away! Our 12 Best Beauty Products for Flying

Always feel you look a bit knackered after a long haul flight? You really need to try these best beauty products for flying!

By Sophia Hussain

Jet-setting across the world not only increases your carbon footprint, but it definitely wreaks havoc on your skin too, leaving you looking and feeling less than refreshed.

But never fear: you can look better than when you boarded your flight 12 hours ago by knowing the best beauty products for flying!

Here, I’ve selected my top tried-and-tested products for flights, and frankly, I never go long haul without them.

Of course, they only made my list if they come in sizes of 100ml or less, to avoid those nasty TSA people confiscating your beloved beauty boosters!

For more tips on how to pack a beauty bag for a trip, why not check out this short video from my friend Anabella, below, too?

Some Of The Best Beauty Products for Flying

1. An Excellent Moisturiser

The most important product you’ll need on a dehydrating flight is, without a doubt, a good moisturiser. Need some suggestions? An Eluxe favourite is Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen SPF 30.

It offers not only much needed moisture, but also sun protection, which believe it or not, you really need when you’re 5,000 feet closer to the sun! (especially if you have a window seat).

Hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, and red algae nourish deeply to lock in moisture, and it’s also infused with pomegranate, cucumber, and green tea, to encourage a rejuvenated, radiant complexion. Plus, thanks to the TSA-friendly packaging and sizing (50ml), this effective, take-everywhere staple can go wherever you do.

2.  Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Ever feel your hair is greasier after a long haul flight? Have a good hair day en route with this all-natural potion. To use, simply shake the bottle to spray Living Proof, concentrating on the hair roots.

Run your fingers through the hair to distribute the product to reveal luxe voluminous hair. This non-toxic hair product contains tons of natural oils including lavender, tea tree, and rose geranium, to leave your mane smelling great on landing.


3. A Hydrating Moisture Mist

Air voyage causes dehydration, which leaves skin looking lacklustre and feeling tight. Add an instant moisture boost by either dabbing your face with a bit of mineral water when you can, or better yet, spraying a hydrating mist, like Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist.

This isn’t just any spray: it’s packed with plant stem cells, nourishing, regenerative oils including rosehip and avocado, and is lightly scented with rose, geranium, lavender and sweet orange peel waters that leave your complexion looking firm, supple and more radiant.Spritz it over the face hourly until you have reached your destination. Follow up with a moisturizer for more youthful, plumped-up looking skin.


Best Beauty Products for Flying

4. A Fantastic Eye Cream

The delicate under eye area is the first place dehydration and fatigue from travelling will show up. Soothe tired eyes with an anti-aging elixir, like 100% Pure’s Retinol PM Eye Cream. It’s packed with plant stem cells and peptides that reduce redness and puffiness, and immediately tighten the skin around the eye.

Drip a drop onto your ring finger, and gently tap around the bony socket of the eye area.  For a cheaper option, try Neal’s Yard White Tea Toning Eye Gel. The mild cooling sensation smoothes puffy eyes and reduces the appearance of unsightly dark circles, so no need to hide behind your chic sunglasses.





5. An Organic Lip Balm

Chapped lips on landing? No thanks! Avoid the parched and flaky look with a good organic brand. Kari Gran Lip Whip is a little pot of yuminess that has the texture of strawberry fondant, and smells just as good, too!

It may be fully natural, with no chemicals whatsoever, but no matter how bad airline food may be, refrain from eating this – it’s merely meant to keep your lips hydrated and kissable during your journey! (Bonus Tip: dab a bit on your cheekbones for a radiant blush when you land, too!)


6. An ‘Invisible’ Face Mask

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge confesses that she loves to put on a beauty mask while she flies. She leaves it on for the duration, only rinsing it off before landing. She may look a bit ridiculous if she prefers a mud or clay based mask – but there are some masks that are fairly clear, like Tata Harper’s Moisturising Mask or Aromatherapy Associates intensely hydrating rose mask, which goes on fairly clear, and gives you an calming aromatherapy boost while it works, too.

After your mask, be sure to apply some skin cream, which will boost the cell renewal process for fresher looking skin.




7. A Super Rich Hand Cream

Of course  you’re going to need something for your hands, too. Weleda Skin Food is one of the best – and cheapest – products around. Skin drinks it right up, it leaves a tangy lemon scent, and it’s perfect for vegans.

Rub it into your arms, hands, face, anywhere that feels parched. Definitely one of the best beauty product for flying, ever!

Best Beauty Products for Flying


8. Some Argan Oil

Long a favourite in the Middle East, Argan oil is fast becoming a staple beauty product in the West. Any 100% pure brand is as good as the next, to be honest. But we think these airplane friendly travel sizes of Argan based products by Kahina are perfect for long haul flights. Use a drop as a cuticle oil, facial serum or even put a few drops on the ends of your hair as a quick conditioner.


Best Beauty Products for Flying

9. An Air Cleaning Spray

Are you grossed out by people coughing and sneezing all around you in a contained environment? Terrified of all the gross bacteria and viruses floating around airplane air? Us too! That’s why 1001 Remedies PurAir is a must-have! The combination of essential oils not only smells deliciously refreshing, but it kills pathogens in the air on contact, creating a cloud of aromatherapeutic health around you. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Just be sure you buy the travel size.

Best Beauty Products for Flying

10. A Thorough Beauty Travel Kit

Don’t stop your beauty routine once abroad! You should always take travel sized essentials with you on holiday, of course, so you can maintain your routine even on the plane. If you can’t find sample sizes of your usual faces, there are plenty of kits out there to choose from.

We love the Dr Alkaitis Travel Kit, containing toner, cleanser, soothing gel, eye cream and more. Tata Harper makes tiny sizes of luxury skincare essentials to ensure you feel pampered at home or away.

Best Beauty Products for Flying

11. A Lovely Pillow Spray

Got an overnight flight, but find it nearly impossible to sleep on a plane? This pillow spray by Living Libations may help! Their Sweet Sleep Pillow Spray subdues the body and swirls a serene scent that lulls you into slumber. Unwind, relax your mind, and prepare your dinky plane pillow for landing. Even if you still can’t sleep, at least this will make your long-haul flight more pleasant smelling! The best part? This is definitely one of the best beauty products for flying, since it comes in a tiny 5ml spray.


12. Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Of all the most important beauty products for flying, this is probably the one you need the most after a long haul journey! JASON PowerSmile is a popular brand of toothpaste that comes in travel sizes. It’s free of not only fluoride, but also SLS and parabens, is gluten free, and its mint oils will leave you feeling refreshed, even if you haven’t slept all night!

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