18 Confidence Boosting Lipstick Tips & Tricks

These lipstick tips and tricks are easy, effective, and can make a big difference!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Pretty much since the dawn of civilisation, we’ve been painting our lips to be more attractive. Or at least, trying to be more attractive. The truth is that as much as lipstick can totally make a look, it can also break one. I mean, how many times have you seen someone whose lip liner doesn’t match their lippy shade, or worse: whose lipstick has transferred onto their teeth? The horror…the horror!

There is indeed an art to doing lipstick right, and here I’ve come up with 18 great organic lipstick tips & tricks that will help you do just that – and I say ‘organic’ because knowing that conventional lippies are full of toxins, that’s the only stuff we’d ever put on our mouths!

lipstick tips & tricks

18 Great Lipstick Tips & Tricks

1. To find the right natural lipstick shade for your skin, go 2 shades darker than your normal lip colour. Test shades NOT on the back of your hand (since the skin tone there is nothing like your lips), but on your fingertip instead – it’s closer to the tone of your mouth.

2. Note that on most people, orange, coral or brown based shades made teeth look yellow. Go for shades with a blue under hue to whiten teeth.

3. Lipstick lasts longer if you use a lip pencil first. Obvs, make sure the pencil is the same shade – or a neutral one like this! Line lips, apply lipstick, blot, apply again, and blot. Should last all night.

4. Testing lippy in a shop without wiping off the top layer with a tissue could literally give you herpes! Wipe, wipe, wipe!

5. To stop lipstick from marking your glass, discreetly lick the rim of it before drinking.

6. Stop lipstick from getting on your teeth by making an O with your mouth and popping your index finger between your lips. Wipe off whatever comes out on your finger, of course!

7. If you’ve got mature skin and feather lines around your lips, use a creamy formula like one of these – matte will just draw attention to wrinkles and dryness.

8. To make lips look best, brush them gently with a natural toothbrush like one of these  before applying lipstick.

9. If your lipstick breaks in half, just take the broken piece off with a tissue, slowly wave a match under it, and once it’s melted, put it back on the base. Press down gently and stick it in the fridge for half an hour.

10. To give lips a slight plump, try applying diluted peppermint oil (1 drop peppermint oil to 1 drop carrier oil like almond or olive) to your lips. Blot, then apply lipstick. The slightly irritating quality of the oils should temporarily plump lips!

11. To give lips the optical illusion of being fuller, line the very, very edge of your lips (without actually going outside the lip line). Apply lipstick, the place a dab of natural lipgloss like this one by PHB Beauty in the centre of the bottom lip, and voila!

12. It’s a luxurious treat to give your lips a ‘facial’ before bed – use half a teaspoon of brown sugar mixed with a dab of olive oil. Massage onto lips, rinse off, and apply a great lip balm overnight.

13. Using a fat, crayon type of lip liner like Juice Beauty’s to line lips then blending that line looks WAY more natural than a thin, pencilly line all the way around your mouth.

14. In a rush, but have dry lips? Use a piece of  tape (like Scotch tape) to pull off any flakes! Just apply on the lips and pull off.

15.  To draw a perfect cupid’s bow, just make an X from the highest point of your lips on the right and left sides, then fill in from there. To create more optical illusions for lips, just follow the chart from Laura Leigh Beauty below.

16. Love your lippy shade? Make it into a blush by dabbing a bit of lipstick on your palm, mixing it with a bit of organic balm like this one, and rubbing into the apples of your cheeks.

17. Your lips and nails don’t have to match exactly, but at least make sure they’re in the same colour group to avoid looking like a 5 year old who broke into her mum’s bathroom cabinet!

18. To avoid a clownish look, don’t overdo the makeup – the general rule is: strong lip, neutral eye. Strong eye, neutral lip. Of course, there are exceptions – especially for evening looks – but in the daytime, you may wanna tone that down a bit.


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