Revive and Restore Your Energy Flows At Qii House

By Lora O’Brien

Ever been standing in the middle of a city, finding yourself desperately wanting to be someplace else? Ever wished that the world around you moved at a slower pace, and that there wasn’t quite so much noise? Who doesn’t need just for a little respite from the frantic, fast paced world?

At Qii House, you’ll find that relief – take a step  into the embracing arms of nature to recharge your batteries in a serene and beautiful setting. Qii House is a palace of wellness set in the tranquil forests of Australia, welcoming all those who crave a quieter way of life.

Owner Heather Kolb first discovered Qii House back in 2007, when she stumbled across this hidden paradise in a lush mass of forest. The quirky architecture of the place is both modern and beautiful, framed by tall blue gums and rain forest bush. Heather, seeing it’s promise to become a venue for both renewal and relaxation, set out to wave her magic touch over it as she worked to shape it into the transformative travel destination it is today.

Situated 550 meters above sea level in the heart of the Otways National Park, Qii House offers you the privacy to  connect with nature in a multitude of ways. Framed by a pristine rain forest, there are always plenty of jaw-dropping sights to see, and wildlife to encounter. Take a walk and become immersed in the stunning scenery that surrounds you, or go further by bike or car to experience Australia’s renowned beaches or natural waterfalls, which add their own soothing stream of serenity. Fancy a game of golf? Hit the greens with  an audience of kangaroos in the distance. Delve deeper into the bush land and be amused by the antics of the kookaburras, the galahs and the parrots along the way. You may want to line your pockets with bird seed beforehand.

Close by are paddock to plate destinations, upon where you can pick fresh fruit at the berry farms. And if you fancy a visit during the winter months  you can expect to see the forest area coated in a fairydust-like layer of snow and cosy up in one of the many restaurants and cafes that Lorne has to offer, or  stay indoors and spark up a fire whilst you grab a blanket and  that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages.

A Home Away From Home

Part of the charm of Qii House is its bursts of colour framed against the forest, which offer a wonderful pop of modernity within the setting of nature. The whole house is arranged on feng shui principles, and for me, the kitchen especially radiates warmth – literally and aesthetically –  and is the perfect setting to try your hand at cooking. It’s an intimate and cost effective alternative to dining out, and what’s more relaxing than entertaining your guests outside on the sunset deck with a glass of wine as evening closes in around you?

Qii House offers a variety of packages, such as a spa cuisine weekend, perfect for those looking to restore a little care back to their body and reconnect with nature and what it has to offer. Instead of finding the cupboards packed with processed and refined foods, you’ll be supplied with lots of seasonal fresh and natural ingredients that will make you both feel and look good. Every bite will supply you with the perfect balance of  healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You’ll find the time to  sit and absorb your first meal of the day, allowing yourself to really  taste  the food that you’re eating, see the colours that are in front of you. And instead of rushing out the door on autopilot, you’ll be able to stop, assess the beauty surrounding you, and take the time to inhale the fresh air.

If you’d like to indulge more than detox, Qii House also offers a gourmet food and wine package that features tours of Victoria’s best wineries and award-winning restaurants, a walking and hiking package that allows you to learn more about the stunning natural flora and fauna, and of course, it’s also the ideal setting for eco-weddings and events.

Whatever package you choose, one thing is for sure – you’ll leave Qii House renewed, recharged, and ready to face whatever city life may throw at you.

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Lora O'Brien

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