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15 Clean Beauty Trends To Watch For In 2020

These clean beauty trends to watch for in 2020 may shock a few people!

By Chere Di Boscio

How will you get gorgeous in 2020? One thing is for sure: anything you’d consider to be a beauty classic is on the way out.

Everything from French manicures to the traditional smoky eye is getting a major update – and pretty just isn’t pretty anymore. Perhaps it’s a reflection of our times, but it seems makeup is getting outspoken – and inclusive. It’s all about self-expression and freeing beauty from the shackles of race and gender.

There’s plenty of innovation going on here, and it seems almost anything goes! So without further ado, here’s our forecast for the top clean beauty trends for the year, as predicted from runway trends, Instagram influencers and Pinterest, as well.

15 Clean Beauty Trends To Watch For In 2020

Image: @ispeakstyleby_ds on Instagram

1. Irregular Nails

It all started with nail polish – some beauty influencers began to paint their nails different colours, or added one quirkily coloured nail to their manicure. And why not? It’s a great way to use up leftover varnish! But now, the irregular nails trend has gone one step further – shapes are going rogue! Your thumbnail may be nice and round, for example, while your other nails are filed into rectangular or even tapered shapes. It looks cool, but I suspect this irregularity may result is more breakage…let us know if you’ve tried this trend in the comments below!

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It’s a fact that nail polish is often one of the most toxic items in our beauty cabinets, so it’s vital to use a clean beauty brand here. We recommend Kure Bazaar, which is not only has a wide range of chic and elegant colours, but which is also a brand that contains 85% plant based ingredients.

Image: @victorialivshits on Instagram

2. Microneedling

They look really ‘ouchy’, and that’s because they are. But facial rollers, or Dermarollers (to use a brand name) have grown in popularity due to their ability to increase collagen production by forcing the skin to rejuvenate after it’s tricked into believing it has been damaged by hundreds of tiny needles. They do actually damage your skin a tiny bit, but only enough to repair small wrinkles, discolouration and scars. Basically, you’re using the natural regenerative powers of your own skin cells to get a brighter complexion.

You know this is going to be a huge trend, because Kourtney Kardashian is obsessed with hers. She knows that when you use a Dermaroller, any product you apply goes way deeper into your skin – she created Hora x Poosh’s Hyaluronic Halo + CBD to hydrate and moisturize the skin, while boosting firmness and plumpness, and apparently uses the vegan product with her Dermaroller once a week.

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There are plenty of DermaRollers on the market – but for these to work, they should be at least 1 mm in length. Try applying a great 100% organic serum afterwards – it will penetrate even deeper!

Roxy Rodriguez / Courtesy of Poosh

3. Metallics

The trend for metallic makeup is still going strong in the upcoming year! The latest eye shadows are all about primary colours: lime green, peacock blue and lemon yellow, for example. Don’t be afraid to play with colour – just ensure the shade you use is mineral based, and isn’t derived from the toxic chemical ingredients used in most department store brands. After all, this stuff could get into your eyes!

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Zuii Organic can help you get this look with their rainbow of gorgeous shades of clean, vegan and cruelty-free eyeshadows for you to try. They’re all mineral based, and come in the most exciting shades for this year!

4. Don’t Do Pretty

The world is getting weird, people. Politicians are in office who shouldn’t be. The people’s voices are being neglected on vital issues. Citizens are getting pissed off. And that unquiet is becoming evident in makeup. No longer are sweet, pretty looks considered chic – we’re going back to a time when punk ruled, in terms of aesthetics. What this means for you is: anything goes. The look is creative, individualistic – kind of the like the Club Kids of the 80’s. Your face is your canvas; makeup is used more for self-expression than self-beautifying.

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For this look, you need some seriously pigmented makeup. Lady Gaga’s new vegan makeup line by Haus Laboratories, is made exactly for making this kind of statement.

Image: @aisha_angel on Instagram

5. Bright But Light Mascaras

Pink is the new black when it comes to mascaras! While we’ve gotten used to indigo and even teal mascaras, using pink can be a bit tricky. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a white rabbit, right? Stranger Things’ Quinn Murphy shows us how it’s done perfectly in her Instagram feed, below. Here, she pairs the look with pink eyeshadow, gently pink blusher, and minimal lipstick. Not a fan of pink? No worries – any pastel hue is very much ‘of the moment’!

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Honestly – there are some pink mascaras out there by the big brands (think those owned by L’Oreal), but we just couldn’t find any product that was clean, vegan and/or cruelty free to recommend. If you know of one, let us know in the comments, below!

Image: @QuinnMurphy on Instagram

6. Neon Colour Pops

This makeup trend is a quick and easy way to add an update to your beauty routine without going overboard. Choose from orange, pink, green or yellow neon to really make your eyes shine! If you’re not ready to go full-on with the eye shadow, you can always draw a floating line just above the lid – that’s another key trend for this year!

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Concrete Minerals makes some really bright colours, from red and pink to orange and green – these are mineral eye shadows that are anything but subtle! To use them as a liner, just use a fine tipped makeup brush, dip in water, and voila.

Image credit: @cambriabeauty on Instagram

7. Lighter, Brighter Eye Makeup

Sure, we all love a smokey eye, but this year, we’re going to see pastel eyeliner—like this light-pink color—starting to take over our Insta feeds. The latest makeup trend is a quick and easy way to add a subtle touch of colour to your look without going overboard. But that being said – look at how @olgadann, below, has combined three trends (pastel eye makeup, pastel mascara, and neon colour pops) to create an absolutely stunning makeup look.

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Alima Pure makes some wonderfully light and bright eye shadows, from violet and peony to lilac and tangerine.

8. Lip Stains – For Him & Her

Again, a makeup tradition – in this case, the bold red lip – is going out the window. And what’s coming in, you may ask? Well, something more subtle. Something more gentle. Something easier to wear. Yep, it’s the lip stain, and the biggest update? This look is for both boys and girls!

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RMS Beauty makes some beautiful lip stains in a wide array of colours, from baby pink to beetroot red. What we love most about their stains, though, is that they can be used both on the lips, and on the cheeks.

Image: @Niverig on Instagram

9. Studs And Sequins

As mentioned above, pretty makeup is a bit tired this year – drama rules! And nothing adds more drama than sequins and studs used to emphasise your features. You stick them on with the same kind of glue that holds fake eyelashes in place, so no biggie – these can easily be removed, unlike stud jewellery, for example. If you’re a little hesitant to try this trend, just start small and add just one or two gold studs near the corners of your eyes.

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You can buy cosmetic studs and sequins here. But please – ensure these are re-used as much as possible, and disposed of in a baggie. After all, these are just tiny bits of plastic, and you don’t want them ending up in the ocean or anything, right?


10. Updated French Manis

Geez, yet another makeup staple can RIP for this year! The trad French mani is so cliche, it’s become boring. But luckily, there are a million ways to update this to create a fun look. Try glitter on the tips, trace black or neon polish over the moon, or try contrasting nail and tip hues. Alternatively, you can create a new geometric ‘white’ of the nail tip, rather than sticking with the usual straight line, as illustrated by @nationalnailtechday, below.

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If you’re looking for a 5+ free, non-toxic nail polish brand that comes in an array of colours that all work beautifully for French manis and beyond, try Smith & Cult.

11. Going Beyond The Face

When we think makeup, we generally think of the face – and maybe the nails. But what about the rest of your body? Since this year – probably this decade – is all about self-expression, makeup use is moving to the hands, arms, you name it! The idea is to create patterns, like henna on the hands, or even write words.

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Wondering how to do this? Ke$ha’s vegan makeup line, Kesha Rose, features Whatever Wands that kind of look like eye liners, but come in an array of colours that are meant to be used all over the body. If you’re not ready to start scrawling on skin, why not just use the wands, as she does, to draw in extended eyeliner, or maybe a tiny facial tattoo?

Image: Hipdot

12. Organic Glitter

Did you know that most glitter is actually comprised of micro particles of aluminium-covered plastic? That’s why it wreaks havoc on the environment and can harm your health! As more people wake up to this fact, organic glitter is growing in popularity. Made from natural minerals, it’s better for you, and better for the planet. Buy a pot and sprinkle it liberally on your manicure, or dust across your face and chest.

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Don’t be fooled by fake ‘organic’ glitter, like that by LUSH (which is actually made up of plastic particles). Try Lauren Brooks cosmetics instead – their glitter is 100% mineral based, and of course, all natural.

Image credit here.

13. Boy Polish

Boys are definitely moving in on the world of makeup, and the easiest way for many to open that door is to start off with something a bit subtle, like nail polish. I remember back in the day with Kurt Cobain sported black nails (though he said his ‘manicure’ was done with a magic marker, as opposed to polish), so I’m gonna say it’s likely that men will imitate the deceased music icon and also rock some darkly-hued fingertips – especially since Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Fred Durst have also been seen with dark manicures.

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Context is a new androgynous beauty brand that offers skincare, as well as nail varnish for men and women. While they do have a few brightly formulated colours, like hot pink and fire-engine red, most of their shades are quite subtle, like smokey grey, charcoal black and nude, and the names of the products are kind of gender neutral, too, like Metallica and Soundcheck.

14. Big Time Blusher

Once upon a time, the ‘correct’ way to do blusher was to pinch your cheeks and try to imitate that look. Well, no more! Blusher is going big and bold, and the pinker, the better! Don’t be shy: match this trend with some neon eyeshadow and a bold lip, as seen on @shantillymakeupartistry via Instagram, below.

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If you love this look, try Kjaer Weis blush in Lovely. It’s creamy, clean, and comes in a beautiful, refillable compact.

15. Red With Everything

We all love a red lip – but now the colour of love, roses and lust is being extended all over the face, from blusher and eyeshadow to eyeliner and even mascara! Whether it’s matte or metallic, a red eye is one of the hottest looks for the year, as demonstrated clearly by Lady Gaga, below.

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Here, Gaga is wearing Glam Attack Metallic Cream – why not give it a shot? It’s vegan friendly, and can be used on the lips, eyes – wherever, really!

Main image:  Kesha Rose

Chere Di Boscio

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