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12 Clean Beauty Trends To Watch For In 2018

By Chere Di Boscio

How will you get gorgeous in 2018? There’s a lot of novelty on the horizon, as well as some classic revivals. Perennial black eyeliner is present, of course, but this time it’s thicker than ever, and set off by gold highlighter, glittery glosses and metallic sheen. Want a more dramatic alternative? Swap black eyeliner for shocking white.

There’s plenty of innovation going on in the world of skincare and hair styling, too. So without further ado, here’s the forecast for our clean beauty trends for the year, predicted from runway trends, Instagram influencers and Pinterest, as well.

1. Oil cleansers

Once upon a time, we washed our faces with soap, stripping off all natural oils and causing serious dryness. This was then followed by a toner to remove ‘last traces’ of grime, and a cream to replenish lost hydration that only the best facial moisturizers could replace. Well, no more. Today’s perfectly formulated oil cleansers soak up dirt and makeup whilst leaving skin clean and smooth, without being at all greasy. Look for cleansers with exotic ingredients like Camu Camu, Moringa or Damask Rose Oil, depending on your skin type.

Try the trend

Olive + M make a facial oil cleanser that digs out bacteria, makeup and all forms of dirt to leave your skin happy, hydrated, and above all, clean.

2. Dermarollers

They look really ‘ouchy’, and that’s because they are. But facial rollers, or Dermarollers (to use a brand name) have grown in popularity due to their ability to increase collagen production by forcing the skin to rejuvenate after it’s tricked into believing it has been damaged by hundreds of tiny needles. They do actually damage your skin a tiny bit, but only enough to repair small wrinkles, discolouration and scars. Basically, you’re using the natural regenerative powers of your own skin cells to get a brighter complexion.

Try the trend

There are plenty of DermaRollers on the market – this one has fine enough needles to use once a week without damaging your skin heavily. Try applying a great 100% organic serum afterwards – it will penetrate even deeper!

3. Bright & metallic eye shadows

Muted nudes are so 2016! The latest eye shadows are all about primary colours: lime green, peacock blue and lemon yellow, for example. Don’t be afraid to play with colour – just ensure the shade you use isn’t derived from the toxic chemical ingredients used in most department store brands. After all, this stuff could get into your eyes!

Try the trend

Cara makes it look so easy! And Zuii Organic surely helps. The all natural brand makes a rainbow of gorgeous shades for you to try.

4. Heavy black liner

Seriously thick black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn this year, thanks to a trend seen on the runway of Marc Jacobs and a handful of other designers. Get the look by taking an all natural liquid liner pen. Use the flat side of the pen to trace a thick around both lash lines, then wing it out at a dramatic angle, or create more daring graphic shapes with it. In fact, do anything beyond tracing a thin line above your lashes and calling it a day!

Try the trend

100% Pure makes a great Black Tea liquid liner that can be used for fine or thicker lines, if built up in layers.

5. Ultra highlighters

Highlighters are nothing new – they’ve been used as part of adding contour to the face by makeup artists and experts for years. But until now, we tried to use these in a subtle way, blending them in to simply highlight a feature we love. The latest trend, though, is to make the highlighter itself a feature of your makeup look, as in the image below.

Try the trend

Vapour Beauty is the leading clean beauty brand for highlighters, by far! Try their Trick Stick – you’ll soon see why it’s a favourite with top bloggers like Britanie Faith (below).

6. Primary coloured hair

Violet, pink and grey were hair colour trends in years past. But now, hair dye companies have perfected their palettes and are offering brighter Crayon-box shades that have serious staying power. One word of warning, though: remember hair dye is normally full of toxins that can irritate skin, lungs and even cause illnesses like kidney disease and over time, cancer – so ensure the hair dye brand you use is a non-toxic one, like these natural and organic hair dyes.

Try the trend

Bella and Gigi Hadid, as well as the ubiquitous Kendall Jenner rocked this look on the Fendi catwalk this season. Get the colour naturally with Saach Organics henna based dyes – natural indigo is a big factor in getting naturally blue hair.

7. Wet look hair

First seen on the runways of Prada, slicked back and sleek hair is now officially a thing. It’s an easy look to achieve with short to medium hair, providing you have the right products.

Try the trend

Hair styling products normally use various plasticisers to hold your mane in place – and as you can imagine, these can be pretty toxic! So ensure you get your wet look with natural products, like this one by Ahnesti.


8. Jade rollers

Used by Chinese women for centuries, the West is finally catching on to the benefits of jade skin rollers. These include minimising facial puffiness, draining lymph glands, stimulating blood flow and maximising the penetration of any serums or skincare products you apply.

Try the trend

There are plenty of places to buy a basic jade roller, and they’re not even that expensive! Tip: in the summer, place it in the fridge for added de-puffing.

9. Crystal based skincare

We’ve been saying this for years: if healing crystals work on their own, why not add them to skin care, which penetrates beyond the epidermis? From reducing inflammation and brightening the skin to providing some spiritual balance and protection, crystal based skincare works a lot harder than your usual skin cream.

Try the trend

Sjal is one of the top crystal based skincare brands, with its 200 rare ingredients including energy-infused precious minerals and gemstones like gold, platinum, sapphire, and amethyst to promote elasticity, restoration, and brightness.

10. Eyelash serums

Larrisse was perhaps the first, or at least the best known brand, to offer a formula proven to increase lash growth. The thing is, it’s aΒ  harsh chemical that can actually change the colour of your iris! So, natural brands started working with organic and plant based ingredients to provide serums that could make the lashes grow, and surprise, surprise, they work – on brows, too.

Try the trend

All natural ingredients including castor oil make this vegan friendly lash serum by Papillon a favourite with beauty lovers everywhere.

11. All in one beauty kits

There can be overwhelming amounts of choice in the makeup aisle, and knowing which products work well together can be a chore, discovered only after much trial and error. To save time and hassles, more women are selecting curated all in one beauty kits, which are often created by top makeup artists and which come with online tutorials on how to use them.

Try the trend

PHB Beauty makes great kits that include foundation, blusher, finishing powder and concealers, all designed for specific skin tones.

12. Organic glitter

Did you know that most glitter is actually comprised of micro particles of aluminium-covered plastic? That’s why it wreaks havoc on the environment and can harm your health! As more people wake up to this fact, organic glitter is growing in popularity. Made from natural minerals, it’s better for you, and better for the planet.

Try the trend

Don’t be fooled by fake ‘organic’ glitter, like that by LUSH (which is actually . Try Lauren Brooks cosmetics instead – their glitter is 100% mineral based, and of course, all natural.

13. Black touches on nails

We loved this look at Tom Ford! Black tips or cuticles were a huge hit on several runways last season, creating a mysterious, glamorous and elegant nail look. You can choose from a satin, matt or glitter finish, but just make sure the glitter in the polish is mineral, not plastic, based – otherwise you’re contributing to one of the worst forms of ocean pollution.

Try the trend

Ella + Mila make a great, 6-free black nail polish called Lights Out, which is diverse enough to create a whole lot of different looks. Try it on your tips, cuticles, or paint the whole nail black and set it off with a unique decal.

Main image:Β Photo: Ben Hassett for Violet Gray


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