8 Ways Make A Tiny Home Seem Bigger

Looking for ways to make a tiny home seem bigger? These 8 tips will help!

By Diane Small

Minimalist living is really taking off, as more people realise they don’t need more clothes, more books, more decor, more….stuff. And since having a larger house means you need to buy loads of furniture, bedding, and decoration, it’s no wonder the tiny home movement is growing.

Its roots may have sprouted forth from eco-consciousness, what with environmentally-friendly technologies like waterless composting toiletssolar power solutions, and other net-zero solutions inherently woven into the tiny home DNA.

Indeed, a whole industry has arisen around tiny homes, providing appliances and fittings that are perfectly suited towards smaller houses. And thanks to their more modest dimensions, these houses can allow owners to truly indulge is some luxuries they could never have attained in a larger residence. For example, the very best materials for flooring, architectural hardware, innovative lighting, luxury home appliances, and solar panels can all be incorporated more easily – and economically – into smaller homes.

But the reality is: if many of us are being cooped inside during lockdowns, small living spaces can feel downright cell-like. So, what are the best ways to make a tiny home seem bigger?

We’ve found some great ideas! And they’re not only easy to implement, but shouldn’t cost much, either. Sometimes, all it takes to make a tiny home seem bigger is a lick of paint, a few shelves, and some creativity!

Image credit below: thestyleindex.com/tiny-home-ideas

8 Ways Make A Tiny Home Seem Bigger

how to make a tiny home seem bigger

1. Get custom made furniture that fits

From appliances and cupboards to sinks and sofas, if you really want your tiny house to work, it’s essential that you either find the smallest items possible. Or better yet – get them custom made to fit your house. This folding table below is a perfect example.

In addition, when furnishing your compact living space, consider space-saving solutions like bunk beds. This ingenious design not only maximises floor space, but also offers versatile options, allowing your tiny home to be both functional and cozy. Explore bunk beds by Bed Kingdom for thoughtful designs that cater to the unique needs of compact living.

Image credit: Home Designing

how to make a tiny home seem bigger

2. Use a monochrome colour scheme

No matter what your favourite colour is, if you’re using a strict monochrome colour scheme, you’re going to make your space look more cohesive and less cluttered. This tomato red kitchenette in a tiny home in Berlin, below, is a fine example.

Photography by HEJM

red kitchen

3. Light makes bright

This is one of the ways to make a tiny home look bigger that’s easiest to do. Light wood, white paint, and lots of windows make a small space look bigger than it is. The windows also allow they eye to wander outside, giving the sensation of expanded space.

Grey, white, and neutral wood. Those are pretty much the only shades used in this small living room, below, and it works like a dream. The eye flows effortlessly throughout the space. Too bland for you? Add a few accessories in your favourite colour (singular, not plural) to add a pop to your decor.

Image credit: Coco Lapine Design

scandi interior

4. Create different levels

Start out with a tiny home whose ceilings are as high as can be. And then lower part of the ceiling – over the kitchen, usually – to help visually divide up the space into functional area. This also allows for the possibility of storing stuff in the ceiling part.

One great example of how different levels can create different spaces is this cozy loft living room over a bedroom from Editions de l’Arkhan, below.

tiny home

6. Use wall space well

Instead of taking up floor space with furniture, mount lights, fans, air conditioners and TV screens on the walls or in the ceilings to save floor space. Another tip is to use hinges to put a small board on the wall, that will act as a table when folded down.

Image: Overstock.com

wall mounted tv

7. Open doors and windows out or sideways

To make a tiny home seem bigger, it’s essential that doors are pulled open towards the outside in order to make space in the room and to avoid knocking over anything – or anyone – inside. If you have a really tiny area like the bathroom, for example, it may make more sense to install a sliding door, like this one below.

sliding door

8. Get creative with every corner

In a small house, there’s no such thing as an unused corner. Even the tiniest spaces can become a storage area for books, a shower, or toilet area. To make it stand out, feel free to use a bold wallpaper, paint or interesting tiles on the main wall.

Make sure every possible corner of space is well used, including under the stairs. As the image below shows, this area could easily be used for storage!

under stairs storage

Main image credit: decoholic.org

Do you have any tips for making a tiny home seem bigger? Let us know in the comments, below!
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