Frida Rome: Vegan Bags With An Edge

By Roberta Fabbrocino

Valentino did it with their Rockstud shoes and bags. But fashionistas looking for cruelty-free accessories with a touch of punk were stuck. Until now! British sustainable fashion brand Frida Rome offers vegan bags with an edge.

This conscious luxury brand, founded by lifelong friends Rebecca and Natalie, aims to channel the essence of the women who dare to be different into unique bags, which are both signature pieces and everyday essentials. To do so, these entrepreneurs compromised on neither quality nor ethics, delivering products that make vegan fashion cooler than ever.  

Their WEEK/END is a versatile bag that features removable straps, allowing it to be worn as a crossbody bag, or held as a purse. It’s ethical, it’s sustainable, and it’s unique in the world of vegan fashion. Here’s why.

Frida Rome: Vegan Bags With An Edge

Rebels With A Heart Of Gold

Frida Rome’s founders noticed that there was a lack of stylish, luxurious, cruelty-free accessories on the market. And so they decided to fill this gap with their ethics-infused “bags with personality”. 

As you can imagine, creating products that check so many boxes, is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, they dedicated two years to researching the right materials for their first product, the WEEK/END bag.

They wanted something PVC free and durable that would replicate the texture and feel of leather and suede, minus the cruelty, of course. In the end, the choice fell on an innovative and eco-friendly material: cactus leather. They combined this with a touch of eco-microfiber suede, to make a sleek, chic handbag.

The love and compassion the founders have towards all animals motivated them not only to start a vegan company, but also to give back to our fellow earthlings. In a world where people mercilessly abuse animals for profit, Natalie and Rebecca have decided to steer away from that path, and have chosen to help out animals out instead. They donate 2% of their profits to animal charities, helping the voiceless to find the freedom and protection they need and deserve.  

As part of their commitment to offering cruelty-free accessories, this 100% PETA-Approved vegan brand works with manufacturers and suppliers who have signed a statement of assurance testifying that the products they deliver to Frida Rome are fully vegan. But their ethical efforts don’t stop there.

Frida Rome: Vegan Bags With An Edge

Handmade in England 

The WEEK/END crossbody bag is a punk-inspired accessory that soaked up its rebel-like coolness from the place where it is was designed and made, punk’s own motherland: England. To the founders, it was crucial to manufacture close to home, and they take pride in keeping their production as local as possible.

This way, they get to support people like Carol, their artisan bag maker, who has been crafting handbags for over 30 years. This choice allows them to minimise their carbon-footprint and know the makers personally, allowing them to witness the working conditions first-hand.

Rebecca and Natalie know that for a product to be sustainable, it has to be durable. And their choice to work with seasoned professionals ensures that their bags will indeed stand the test of time. Carol and her team pour all of their skills and craftsmanship into every WEEK/END bag, making sure that the result fits the highest standard of quality and sophistication.

Finally, via their made-to-order business model, the team behind Frida Rome ensures that they only manufacture what they actually sell. Therefore, all of their products are considered limited edition.

Frida Rome: Vegan Bags With An Edge

Small Bag, Big Personality

Rebellious women with a thirst for life are the inspiration behind Frida Rome and the brand’s signature compact bag. To accompany these women in their adventures, this satchel with a new spirit was designed to be deconstructible, making it the ideal travel companion. Yep, that’s right – this bag can actually be folded flat! That means you can effortlessly fit it into your hand luggage and take it with you on your weekend getaways.

And whether you are sipping cocktails with friends on a Friday night or enjoying a tasty Sunday brunch, the WEEK/END bag will enrich and complement your outfit thanks to its timeless design. 

In keeping with its punk vibe, you can get this bag in any colour – as long as it’s black!

It’s minimalist, too. The Frida Rome purse is just big enough to fit all your essentials: your phone, keys, makeup, wallet, tissues, and hand sanitiser. Do you really need anything else?


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