Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio

We hope you find the Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot by the Eco Studio inspiring!

By Chere Di Boscio

Fashion shoots are funny things. They’re basically there to sell clothing to you; to make it look appealing by having it styled by professionals, on gorgeous models.

That’s fine, I guess. I mean, they’re adverts, and we all know it, right?

But increasingly, there are emerging talents who want to sell more than clothes. They want to sell you an idea. A concept. Even…hope for a better future.

One of those talents is Emy, from the Eco Studio. She told me: “I’ve always had a clear intention within me, which then became my business mission. That is, to contribute through my role as a stylist, to bringing a new awareness of the importance of sustainability in the fashion world.”

Importantly, Emy believes that to create a better world, collaboration is essential.

Shared Values, Shared Goals

“By combining people with the same values,  the same goals to achieve, we can really accelerate the change and do amazing things. My latest work, this “Chic & Conscious” editorial, is an example of that.
In my opinion, I managed to put together the best team to enhance the involved sustainable brands: a sustainable stylist, an ethical model, a conscious photographer and a vegan makeup artist,” she says.

Finding her team seemed to be written in the stars. Emy met Japanese born model, Kiko, over a year a go in Paris. It was love at first sight, and as Emy asserts: “Everything happens for a reason.
As soon as I met her, I immediately understood that we would do many things together to attempt to change the current fashion system.”

Indeed, the two have much in common. Kiko labels herself as an ‘Ethical Model’ and will only pose for sustainable brands. She has also created an international agency for like-minded green models.

But it’s not just Kiko who shares many of Emy’s values. Katiuscia, the vegan MUA, is tied to Emy via Buddhism: both women practice the philosophy. “Buddhism teaches us to be the change we want to see in the world, and shows us that change starts within ourselves,” states Emy.

Meeting Katiuscia led to a chain reaction: she introduced Emy to Darius, the photographer. Based in Paris, this young talent aims to show the world that sustainable fashion is chic, through his work.

“When the same values are shared and above all when we have a common goal, a harmonic atmosphere is created,” Emy glows. “Promoting the culture of sustainable fashion is more than just advertising clothes, accessories or shoes. The mission of our shoots is to show an example. All of us, behind the scenes, plays an important role in demonstrating how we can make sustainable fashion chic.”

Kiko’s Fashion Tips

Most of us are intrigued by models. When we’re impressed with how they present clothes in a fashion shoot, we wonder what their own style is like, off duty. I asked Kiko about hers.

“I would say my fashion style is simple and earthy. I always try to choose a fashion that is kind to the planet, people and animals, so fashion that’s eco-friendly, fair, and animal-friendly,” she says.

“Those who know me personally know I am not picky about fashion. Because for me, I’m grateful for the privilege to make ethical choices in fashion so I’m happy with any ethical fashion items that have been offered to me or what I already have.”

When I asked her to share her sustainable styling tips, she told me this: “They all focus on this point: please save the planet! We can’t carry on trashing the planet just because we like to buy clothes. Vivienne Westwood said it best: “Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

So, what’s in her own closet? “Personally, I like to create a wardrobe of existing items and a few sustainable brands. While I mainly go thrifting, it’s also important to support truly sustainable brands! Shopping at these brands is a way to vote for a better future. Though they are more expensive than fast fashion brands, they do respect workers and take care of their environmental footprint, and that’s important to me.”

If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll know that Kiko always looks incredible, no matter what she’s wearing. So, how does she do it outside the fashion studio, without a stylist? “To make any outfits look great, I always play with some gorgeous vintage handbag or clothes and I try to match with items from conscious brands. For example, in this editorial, I wore a kimono from Avasan and a vintage Ralph Lauren skirt. That’s very much my style.”

The editorial also includes sustainable brands BetterfullStop (beanies/scarfs), Studio Markovic, Sceona (jewelry), Avasan (kimonos) and Nomasei (shoes).

I hope you find the Chic & Conscious fashion shoot by the Eco Studio, below, inspiring!

Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio

Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio

Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio Chic & Conscious Fashion Shoot By The Eco Studio



Direction & Styling @sustainably_by_emy

Photograph @dariussi

MUA @katiuscia.pezzullo

Ethical Model @kiko.sunflowersoul

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