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The Ultimate Eco Friendly Fathers Day Gift Guide

by Coral Brown

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please – this is a Public Service Announcement. It is my official duty to remind you that Fathers Day is on Sunday 19th June. That’s more than a week’s notice, so it’s enough time to think of something good (at least something better than a multipack of socks, as I myself am guilty of). While he may protest that he doesn’t need anything, the truth is everyone loves a thoughtful gift, no matter what day of the year it is. Let the hurried gift hunt commence!

Our list  has all the classic staples of any decent eco friendly Father’s Day gift guide, but with one significant difference: these products are noteworthy for their sustainability. These brands combine ethical production and ecological materials to create planet-friendly alternatives to products we’re already familiar with, so I arranged this list of eco-alternatives to make it super easy to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. You will see one notable exception in this list though – socks.

Organic Whiskey

Reduced hangovers, increased pleasure. That’s how we’d describe this award winning, organic whiskey. Made from Soil Association certified organic, oak matured single malt, this treat has a woody, spicy nose with an oily, oaked palate, with some toasty spice and toffee sweetness, all finished with a fresh wood shavings flavour. Dad will go nuts for it!

Get him some here.


Cork Laptop Holder  

Cork accessories are  bang on trend right now, and no one makes them  quite like Ono Creations. As I’ve mentioned before, they’ve carefully planned every aspect of their design to be conscientious, from the organic cotton thread to lining the wallet with bamboo. And of course, combine all this with the sustainable superpower of cork, and you’ve got yourself a winner. If only money grew on trees as abundantly as cork…!

Get one here.


A Nice ‘How To’ Book

Apparently, for some men, it’s easier to say ‘I love you’ by doing stuff rather than opening their mouths and uttering those words. So if your dad is more likely to rush over to yours to fix a leaky faucet than he is to send you a flowery greeting card, it may just mean he loves you more than words can say. Giving him a DIY book will not only help him keep old stuff for longer without having to replace it, but it may also give him more ways to wordless say those three magic words.

Get a “How to Fix Absolutely Anything” book  here.


Clean Cut Trainers  

Who doesn’t like a pair of new shoes? Geox’s NEW:DO clean cut shoe collection have ‘Daddy Cool’ written all over them. Their simple, stripped back design is part of this collection’s sustainability, carefully designed to keep the number of components to a minimum. The rubber sole is made from renewable plant material and the insole is made using coconut and bamboo fibres, giving this a high score for sustainability indeed.


Beard Oil

It’s a hipster staple by now, but maybe for dad, it’s more likely to go an a ‘stash rather than a beard.  Carson’s Apothecary  makes a beard oil in a clean, minimalist recyclable glass bottle that blends Arabic Oud with citrus fruit and spice to create a yum smelling product that works as a beard oil, pre-shave oil or even a skin conditioner.

Get some here.


A Comfy Tee  

Did you know, bamboo is breathable and thermo-regulating, making it a smooth operator in all temperatures.  Lyme Terrace’s  bamboo tees are a blend with organic cotton, available in the basic neutrals that dudes seem to feel most comfortable wearing. These tees are ethically made in London, and the brand has partnered with the Bali Children Foundation to give back to where their bamboo is sourced: the magical island of Bali, of course!

Get yours here.


A Gift Voucher for Whatever He Likes

The collection of ethical men’s clothing brands at Brothers We Stand is  a one-stop shop for Father’s Day! Their many, diverse brand include Fairtrade shirts by People Tree, sustainable denim by MUD Jeans and recycled backpacks by ECOALF, to name a few. It’s a totally manly feast for the conscious shopper, and thank goodness, they do gift vouchers, which means you don’t need to make any hard decisions (though he will!)

Get your voucher here.


Organic Aftershave  

‘Tonic’ by ABEL was inspired by mojitos; a mixture of peppermint, lime and bergamot orange, combined with caramelised wood and Vetiver. Founder and former winemaker Frances Shoemack creates 100% organic perfume scents, encased in reclaimed wood from old Amsterdam canal beams, combining sustainability with pure luxury. ABEL’s scents are gender neutral, going beyond the limited (and sometimes overwhelming!) musk scents for men to create something altogether more interesting.

Catch a whiff here.



A Stylish Wood Watch

All the cool kids (and their dads!) are wearing wood watches right now, and this trend won’t be fading soon. Some trends die out amidst a collective sigh of relief for their garishness and are safely locked away in the past (naming no names, shell suits). But wood watches are just so neutral, understated and timeless that it’s difficult to see how their popularity could fade. WeWOOD’s Kappa Nut watch has particular longevity, made using hardened scratch proof glass. For more inspiration, read our top wood watch picks.

See what time it is here.


Or Wood Sunglasses

Sunglasses by Tower is a new division of Tower Paddle Boards, a beach lifestyle company that exploded in growth after airing on ABC’s Shark Tank. What makes Sunglasses By Tower unique is their Shop-In-A-Box program: Customers receive 5 pairs of sunglasses in the mail to try on for a week, order their favorite pair online, and send the box back free of charge. Made with designer frames and polarized lenses, SBT sunglasses are shipped manufacturer direct eliminating the retail mark up. Customers get a designer pair of shades for $59-$95 compared to brands charging $200 or more for the same exact quality.

Get shaded here.


Some Sexy Denim  

It’s not hard to see why Nudie were the  winners of Observer Ethical Award for Sustainable Style in 2015. They use 100% organic cotton, are part of the Fair Wear Foundation, and they offer a free repair service should your jeans need it. With every pair comes a schedule as to how to break your jeans in, setting a healthy standard of care right from the beginning. In other words, a pair of Nudie Jeans  should be a permanent full-time member of any ethically minded guy’s wardrobe.

Get Nudie here.

Nudie 2

A Simple Solar Charger  

This little lifesaver makes such a huge impact. The dawning of the era of technology has brought incredibly handy devices into our pockets, but too often the battery dies and totally undermines the purpose of even having a phone. Thankfully with this simple-to-use  Solar Battery Charger, the phone will be back to full usefulness within 60 minutes of charging. Magic!

Get charged here.

Solar Eluxe 1

Wood Earbuds or Wood Headphones  

These wood in-ear headphones would complete the wood accessories look, if you match up the tones. New brand on the block Woodbuds have pledged to plant a tree for every 100 products they sell, working with The Woodland Trust in the UK. They’re also members of the 1% For The Planet alliance, donating 1% of sales to environmental organisations across the globe.

Get plugged in here.

Woodbuds 1

A Nice Cologne

We fell in love with Hush, the scent from organic perfumerie Call of the Vialed, for its unique blend of lavender, lemongrass, spices, nettle and other herby, manly ingredients that won’t induce a chemical headache like some men’s colognes tend to. Plus, it’s actually so subtly lovely, you may want to borrow this one yourself!

Get yours here.


A Hat He’ll Wear All the Time

Gents like hats for many reasons: to hide their bald spots. To keep the sun off their heads. And of course, to look cool. We love these basic caps by We Are Harper not just because they’re an American classic, but because like We Are Haper’s logo and ethics, they have a little heart. Why? This represents the fact that the brand uses bamboo and cotton materials to create their gear in ethical factories. Oh, and they give back to loads of charities, mainly those for the homeless.

Get capped here.


Main image:  We Are Harper

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