7 Good Reasons Kids Shouldn’t Be at Fashion Week

By Paige French

Recently, the Kardashians have once again the focus of recent global media attention and once again, it was less than positive. Overshadowing press about New York Fashion Week‘s collections was the extensive reporting of a notably exhausted, bored and grumpy North West, the already famous daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who was miserably sat at in the front row of various fashion week shows with her parents. You can see the unhappy incident here:


Unfortunately, taking children to fashion shows is a trend that seems to be increasing. Socialite Tamara Beckwith is known for taking her toddler daughter to Fashion Week, reality TV show star Snooki brings her son, and the Beckhams have long hauled all 4 of their kids to shows as well. To make matters worse, designers seem to be targeting kids now too–having children as young as 5 years old walking the runway, and there’s even a ‘children’s fashion week’ in the USA.

Pity the children. Rarely to do they pay attention, and rarely do they seem to be having a good time. But there are lots of other reasons we believe that children simply have no reason to be near a catwalk whatsoever.

Here are our 7 Good Reasons Kids Shouldn’t Be at Fashion Week

Kim thinks nothing of making little Nori sit in the front row with her during fashion week. Image: Luke Ford

1. It shows a lack of respect for fashion industry professionals

As Anna Wintour‘s displeased face clearly demonstrated, a child’s tantrum is not conducive to concentration at work, and ruins the entire vibe of the show. Choreographers, models, designers, , publicists, sound and lighting engineers work for months to create a memorable atmosphere that will make their 15 minute show stand out for industry insiders. A screaming baby or an out of control toddler can ruin that in no time.

2. It’s unprofessional

You wouldn’t expect a lawyer to take their year-old baby to their next court case, so why bring a child to a runway show? Even if the child belongs to the designer herself, this isn’t “bring your daughter to work day”, and even if it were, those kids should be at least school aged

3. It’s elitist

Funny how Kim Kardashian can get away with bringing her baby to a fashion show, but if a journalist or a photographer wanted (or even needed) to do so, they wouldn’t be allowed, of course. Hardly fair, especially given that the Kimyes of the world can certainly afford childcare far more easily than most journalists, models or photographers.

4. It’s unfair to other industry insiders

There are many hardworking editors, writers and bloggers who are refused a seat at fashion week due to ‘limited capacity.’ When that capacity is further limited by giving a seat to children (who should probably be at school, anyway) well, it’s enough to make the blood of a editor stuck in ‘standing room only’ boil.

5. Children are not fashion accessories

Kimye treat little Nori as though she’s a handbag–she’s always dressed to perfectly compliment her parent’s own outfits. In fact, sometimes she sports a mini-version of her parents’ outfits (even if that means a sheer blouse by Givenchy).The worst part is, many designers are now creating entire childrens’ ranges to mirror their adult designs; these are, of course, aimed at the insecure parents who believe their children are an extension of themselves, rather than unique individuals. Kids are not born to be hauled around to enhance their parents’  images. By being dragged around from adult event to adult event dressed like little adults, when will they ever get to be a kid?

6. It can be downright scary for toddlers

The loud music, the lights from the show, flashes from all of the cameras, and of course, all of the people is just overwhelming to a toddler. No wonder Nori had a strop.

7. Last, but most importantly, it sends kids the wrong message

Bringing children to fashion shows indoctrinates them into consumerism and ‘throw away’ culture  far too young. Kids shouldn’t care about fashion whatsoever–they should be too busy learning how to speak, walk, draw, play–almost anything but consume! But watching fashion shows is all about judging: what looks good, what will rise to be a trend, how does this show compare to others, what are the models like this season, what’s the latest look for hair and makeup–and ultimately, what should I buy.  It seems a shame that kids are being programmed into this consumer mentality before they can even do up their own buttons.

And speaking of buttons, by being forced into trendy, uncomfortable outfits that they probably don’t like or feel comfortable in, and will also surely outgrow in a matter or weeks, they are already being taught that it’s not what’s inside that matters, it’s how you look. Poor Nori. She–and other kids like her–are literally fashion victims.

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