Telling Stories: The Conscious Couture Of Gyunel

By Nastassja Salem

When you think of ‘artisanal fashion,’ what comes to mind? Scratchy woven ponchos? Rustic leather, sewn together by hand? Straw baskets? For me, it’s mainly one thing – arguably the most beautiful, artistic and expressive form of fashion: couture.

Gyunel exemplifies all I adore about couture. This London-based luxury brand is known across the globe for its bespoke gowns, which often feature painstakingly-done embroidery, beading and even painting, perpetuating age-old skills handed down from generation to generation. Forget about luxury watches or cars; the craftsmanship that goes into one Gyunel dress is incredible: to make one single dress, it takes literally hundreds of hours of work by Gyunel’s British based expert hands.

Every season, Gyunel designs delicate embroidery that brings her creations to life. Their embroidery specialists have spent years perfecting their craft, and the playful embroidered designs bring an extra element of luxury to the dresses. The more you look at them, the more you can appreciate the unique details hidden throughout the garments, and translate the hidden meanings behind them.

Founded by a young Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion graduate, Gyunel herself was a successful artist before expanding her horizons in fashion and couture. In fact, all of Gyunel’s collections start with her creative oil paintings that are then transformed into working fashion designs. These paintings are subsequently turned into prints on duchess, organza, crepe de chine and georgette created in-house in her London atelier.

gyunel couture

Originally hailing from Baku in Azerbaijan, the designer debuted her first Couture collection during Paris Fashion Week, which received acclaim by the International fashion press. The brand has since gone onto to show collections several times in Paris and has dressed many high profile attendees at the Cannes International Film Festival and other gala events.

Firmly attached to her Azerbaijani roots yet inspired by diverse cultures, Gyunel is one female Muslim designer who brings life and an enchanting story to every creation she conceives. For example, one of her latest collections was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Wild Swans,’ as well as art deco interiors and jewellery. The result is a collection of timeless gowns featuring geometric panels with elaborate embroidery and Gyunel’s signature diamond-cut silhouettes embellished with hand-painted gargoyles.

guynel couture

With its dedication to artisanal craftsmanship and excellence, Gyunel Couture has not only imprinted its structural style in the upper echelons of the couture world, but has also recaptured the essence of creating wearable art for its most discerning international clients.

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