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London Fashion Week’s Ethical Highlights 2020

London Fashion Week’s ethical highlights are forcing consumers to reconsider how they buy fashion By Nastassja Salem The truth is, the main reasons Fashion Week was created – namely for buyers to stock powerful department stores and glossy magazines…

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Is Ayahuasca Tourism Harming The Amazon?

Is ayahuasca tourism harming the Amazon? We investigate By Nastassja Salem It’s the plant medicine that has been used for centuries in the Amazon, and more recently, it has begun to change the lives of thousands of Westerners. There…


Advaya Initiative: Consciousness Raising Events For The Earth

By Nastassja Salem Advaya Initiative is an environmental and holistic wellbeing platform created by Ruby Reed and Christabel Reed, two sisters, activists and yoga teachers who see the ecological, social, political and personal crises of civilisation as interconnected and…

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Telling Stories: The Conscious Couture Of Gyunel

By Nastassja Salem When you think of ‘artisanal fashion,’ what comes to mind? Scratchy woven ponchos? Rustic leather, sewn together by hand? Straw baskets? For me, it’s mainly one thing – arguably the most beautiful, artistic and expressive form…


The Islands and the Whales Asks: People or Whales?

By Nastassja Salem Director Mike Day’s film the Islands and the Whales offers a stunning portrayal of a multi-layered ethical dilemma. In a world where many different facets of life collide, we are faced with an assessment of what…

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The Redress Design Award: Turning Waste Into Want

By Nastassja Salem   “This entire experience has proved to me that  creativity and collaborative business models can create powerful, viable solution for fashion’s  waste…I am even more determined to be part  of solving the problems out there.” So…