The Best Clothing Rental Sites Around the World

Using the best clothing rental sites around the world helps save money – and the planet!

By Robin Balser

With an average of $550 of unworn clothes in the closets of British women and an average of 40% of clothes not being worn in closets all of Europe, it seems fairly evident that we’re a nation of poor shoppers. We tend to buy on impulse because something’s on sale, looks good on us in the shop, or even because sales staff talk us into it.

We also tend to buy for ‘one day…‘. You know what I mean: you may not have any plans to go on holiday to Morocco, but you buy an elaborate silk kaftan because maybe you’ll go there one day. Or you buy a stunningly beaded gown that’s appropriate for the red carpet because maybe you’ll get invited to a black tie event one day.

Well ladies – it’s time to live more in the present, and clothing rental sites allow you to do just that.

Whether it’s for a major job interview you just landed, a big date you want to impress, or a wedding you need to attend, clothing rental sites are you’re go-to solution for finding pricey clothes and accessories you need right now, but may not ever need again in the future.

Admittedly, there are some environmental costs to clothing rental sites: there’s a lot of dry cleaning and transportation involved—but it certainly beats buying pieces for just one or two wears, then having them just sit there in your wardrobe until you discard them. In fact, there are plenty of advantages: you save money, save on closet space, and in a way, you do help to save the planet, since you only rent what you need, when you need it, and allow others to ‘share’ the item, rather than having all interested parties buy a dress and keep it for themselves.

Intrigued? Here’s our pick of the best clothing rental sites around the world that offer you the chance to play Cinderella any time.

The Best Clothing Rental Sites Around the Globe

Top Clothing Rental Sites in the UK

1. Le Tote

How would you like to get ‘totes’ of clothing and accessories delivered to your door each month? That’s exactly what this US-based clothing subscription service provides. The site styles and curates what you receive based on your own personal needs, and you can exchange and return your stuff every month – unless you fall in love with an item, that is! In that case, you can buy it for 50% off the retail price.

This is the perfect solution for people moving towns for a short time, who don’t want to pack up their entire wardrobes with them. It’s also great for clothing junkies who love change, but the planet, too. Brands on offer include higher end ones like House of Harlow, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein, and high street brands like Free People and FCUK.

Based in: USA

Best for: Wardrobe basics, maternity wear.

Shipping: Free for all subscribers.

Rentals price range: Membership plans start at around $69 per month. Get 25% off your first two months by clicking here.

2. Frontrow

How would you like to wear Elie Saab at your best friend’s wedding, Dolce & Gabbana on the beach, and Chanel to a job interview – all for around the same price that you’d pay in tax if you bought those items new? Frontrow offers an array of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands to rent, allowing you to feel (and look) like a totally minted minx.

Based in: UK 

Best for: The latest runway pieces, from the world’s most coveted designers.

Shipping: Flat rate of £15 in the UK choosing your delivery and pickup slot one day in advance.

Prices from: £50

Clothing Rental Sites

3. Style Lend

This peer-to-peer lending site allows you to borrow or lend clothing for low prices.

You can find all kinds of clothing and accessories here, and the guidelines for lenders is that their garments should be in great condition, less than 2 years old, and worth at least $250 new.

Based in: New York

Best for: Feeling like you’ve raided your wealthy bestie’s closet.

Shipping: $19 per item — more expensive than most rentals, but the shipping is covered there and back.

Prices from: From $15

4. HURR Collective

Want that perfect outfit that makes you look amazing without the expensive price or commitment? HURR might be the perfect match for you. This economy sharing platform (that operates similarly to Airbnb) that allows women to make money from their under-utilised wardrobes, and also rent clothes and accessories for a fraction of the retail price. Not sure what to wear?  They also have complimentary personal stylists on hand to help you look your best.

Based in: London

Best for: Wearing spot trends.

Shipping: You can set a direct meeting with the renter, have first class delivery or use Pedals Courier for central London.

Prices from: Membership is required and rentals can start at £20.

Clothing Rental Sites

5. Darpdecade

Darpdecade rather cheekily calls itself a ‘Tinder for closets’ (heh heh!). Simply download the app to start swapping clothes with people near you. You’ll be able to see who loves something in your virtual closet, and then the app will connect you to someone if they also have something in their wardrobe that you’ve got your eye on. Once the meeting is made, then you can decide to swap with that person or not. It’s a great way of location clothing you love locally, and sharing with people whose taste is as good as your own. Who knows? You may even make a new friend!

Based in: International

Best for: Finding local clothing you can borrow – and maybe for meeting new people, too!

Shipping: You just meet with the person who likes your stuff, and whose stuff you want to swap or borrow

Prices from: Usually 100% free, but you may need to negotiate with your swapper in case they want a damage deposit or something

6. Glam Corner

If you’re based in Australia, this website is for you! Glam Corner is a service that offers nearly 10,000 outfits you can rent. There are some great, unique features of this site: they offer a styling service, where you can consult with a stylist online, by phone or in person to know what suits you best; you can try the clothes on before you commit, and Glam Corner also makes an effort to ensure that all sizes are catered to, from tiny to curvy.

Based in: Sydney

Best for: Women of all sizes and shapes

Shipping: Australia

Prices from: Membership can be $99 per month (allows 3 premium items) or $149 per month (provides unlimited swaps)

best Clothing hire Sites

7. Find Rent Wear

Find Rent Wear make it easier than ever to rent designer handbags, shoes, accessories and of course, clothing. They carry top brands that everyone loves, including Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Saint Laurent, and you can borrow the items for a fraction of the cost currently available in the market.

Simply find what you want, wear it for up to a week, and return it for free. But this service works the other way, too! Got a fashion item you don’t really wear much, but don’t want to part with it forever, either? Why not rent it out and earn money?

Based in: UK

Best for: Designer fashion lovers

Shipping: Returns are free. They collect the rental from your doorstep or you can choose to drop it off at a local drop off point.

Prices from: £5 a day!

8. Armoire

Want a bit of French girl chic in your life? Get online and take Armoire’s quick quiz to see which clothing best suits your style and body type, and then start browsing for your perfect rental wardrobe.  Armoire will have your selected pieces delivered right to your doorstep, and picked up whenever you’re ready to return the garments and accessories.

Based in: USA

Best for: Office wear, everyday outfits, moms-to-be, and their babies

Shipping: Free

Prices from: You’ll need to sign up for a membership. Prices start around at $149 monthly, and then you can rent up to 5 items for $20 per month, or up to 8 pieces for $50 per month

9. Bag, Borrow or Steal

No matter where you are in the world, you can rent, buy or sell luxury handbags, shoes and clothing from this comprehensive site. Whether you need a pair of Louboutins for a hot date, a prestigious bag for a job interview or formal wear for a big event, you’ll definitely find the perfect item here.

Based in: USA

Best for: Finding the poshest pieces loved by fashionistas.

Shipping: Only in the US, Standard shipping is free.

Prices from: For rental it can start at $150 per month, but if you want to buy, think of spending $500 and up.


Imagine if you could go shopping in an actual store, take an outfit away, and then return it the next day? That’s kind of what EKOLUV offers. This Aussie clothing rental and consignment site has an actual shop in Sydney where you can try clothing on before hiring it for up to 8 days, but of course, you can also do this online.

Need some extra cash? You can also sell your own high-quality (preferably eco-) designer clothing on consignment. But maybe the best part about EKOLUV is this: of all the clothing rental sites, this is definitely the most eco-friendly, thanks to their specialty in conscious fashion brands like Yama, Kowtow, Mettle/Fairtrade, and Smile. This site is so ethical, in fact, that a percentage of its profits is donated to Opportunity International Australia to help empower women.

Based in: Australia

Best for: Sustainable fashionistas

Shipping: Depends; will be calculated at checkout

Prices from: Around $50.

11. Cinderella Me

Let’s face it – most of us don’t swan around in 6 inch Jimmy Choo Abigail shoes all day every day. When we do buy this type of shoe, it tends to get pulled out for special occasions, meaning if we wear them for, say, 6 special events a year, the price per wear works out to around a whopping $100! Cinderella Me charges far, far less than that for a week, and opens your wardrobe up to a whole world of shoe possibilities, from Louboutin and Choo to Rossi and Zanotti.

Based in: UK

Best for: Iconic labels.

Shipping: £10 in the UK via FedEx, international is subject to a quotation.

Prices from: £280

12. H&M

I know what you’re thinking: ‘What? Fast fashion retailer H&M? Those guys sell, they don’t rent, clothing. And even if they did it would be crappy fast fashion.’ But no, my friends! They also rent out some pretty fancy garments, such as prom and even wedding dresses. Well, if you’re in Stockholm, at least.

H&M members will be able to book an appointment at a rental space, where they will have a consultation with a stylist who helps them select some great pieces they can then rent for a week. Members can rent up to three pieces a time at a cost of around 350 Swedish kronor per piece.

To further inspire customers to reuse and recycle, the flagship store store in Sweden that offers this service will also offer repair services with an atelier where customers can get their fashion favourites mended or upgraded.

Based: Sweden

Best for: Those in need of a chic gown for one time use, on a budget

Shipping: Sweden only for now, but if things go well there, they will expand

Prices from: Prices for H&M members start at 350 Swedish kroner (€35), as part of a customer loyalty program

13. Reason to Rent

You know that moment where you see something in a shop window and five minutes later you’re walking out of the shop, happily swinging your shopping bag containing said item, only to regret it a week later? Yep, we’ve all been there, and our wardrobes are full of those impulse buys that sit in our closet unused, unloved and a waste of money. So, save yourself some cash and flaunt more styles with Reason to Rent.

The clothing rental subscription service is a sustainable and affordable way to update your look. Each month, you pay a fee and can choose the clothes you’d like to rent. You can pick up to 3 items per month, and once the month is up, simply pop them back into the return box and send them back. And if you absolutely can’t bear to part with an item, you can reach out to Reason to Rent and they’ll let you know the price it costs to purchase. They also have occasional sales where you can get awesome pre-loved pieces.

Based in: UK (available to residents in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight and Scottish Island, too)

Best for: The sustainable everyday fashionista who loves change!

Shipping: Free shipping and returns

Prices from: £59 per month

All images above: Frontrow, except those directly above, by H&M

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