Grab Designer Dupe Fragrance Floral Marshmallow This Summer

The Floral Marshmallow fragrance is in high demand this summer! Here’s why


The warmer months of the year are a prime time to show off your favourite scents and as we move from spring into summer, one fragrance has began to generate a real buzz on the fragrance scene – and that’s Kilian’s Love Don’t Be Shy dupe Floral Marshmallow by Dossier.

Don’t be shy, love

Floral Marshmallow is one of the most popular scents in Dossier’s vast arsenal of incredible inspired-by fragrances – and this one in particular has taken heavy influence from Kilian Love Dont Be Shy. Just like the perfume it takes its inspiration from, Floral Marshmallow very much lives up to its namesake, becoming a story of sensual love from the very beginning, with no holds barred.

A beautifully unique perfume that starts with a sweet smack of marshmallow, orange blossom, honeysuckle and neroli, which becomes absolutely divine with the added sensuality of musk, amber and finally a lusty hit of vanilla.

A delightfully floral, yet heavily gourmand type of scent, this still works incredibly well for the hotter months and for everyday wear.

For the lady whose love knows no bounds and isn’t afraid to show it, let your innocent, playful yet sexy side free this spring/summer and pick up Floral Marshmallow from Dossier today before it sells out. To be honest, we have already stocked up!

Who are the designers behind this luxury replica perfume?

Dossier consists of a group of perfumers who are incredibly passionate about smelling good, who came together to create scents inspired by the most popular high street brands.

Totally vegan and completely cruelty and animal testing free, Dossier is able to create decadent, premium fragrances at a considerably lower price point than the more well-known counterparts that they draw inspiration from.

Instead of marking up their prices due to things such as unnecessarily intricate packaging or getting popular social icons to endorse their products, Dossier maintain whatever ways they can to keep their prices more than competitive; not only heavily toward the brands that inspired them, but even other companies that try to do similarly.


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