10 Cactus Based Skincare Products To Try

Cactus based skincare products are perfect for hydrating dry, flaky, dehydrated skin!

By Chere Di Boscio

The beauty industry is pretty incredible, isn’t it? They’re finding ways to use everything from discarded coffee grounds and organic coconuts to make products that enrich your skin through the power of nature. In fact, it seems the natural world is absolutely bursting with healthy skincare goodness – whether its essential oils from flowers, the cleansing properties of mud, or the nourishment of algae.

Even the most seemingly dry, prickly plants can bring benefits.  That’s right: I’m talking about cactus based skincare products!

They might be a favourite home decor item with Instagrammers, but succulents and cacti are much more than cute little plants. You may never guess it, but most species are actually packed with high levels of essential fatty acids like vitamin E and flavonoids, all of which not only allow the plants to retain moisture in parched conditions, but which also nourish skin and soothe inflammation when used topically.

In fact, depending on the plant, there are loads of beauty benefits, which I’ve listed below.

Aloe Vera

As most people know, aloe vera boasts tons of benefits for summer skin such as:

  • Deep hydration
  • Calms sensitive skin and reduces inflammation
  • Soothes sunburn and repairs damaged skin
  • Contains acne treating hormones

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

This pink cactus fruit holds a wide range of benefits including:

  • Being rich in Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids, both of which nourish and protect the skin
  • Having high levels of vitamin K and zinc help heal dark spot and scars
  • Being high in amino acids and antioxidants, which improve skin’s elasticity and appearance, especially for dry or mature skin types

Blue Agave

Did you know that agave syrup, the yummy sugar substitute, has loads of skincare benefits? For example, it can help:

  • Heal wounds and soothe irritated skin, thanks to its glycolic acid content
  • Treat acne, blackheads, wrinkles and more


Yucca, also known as cassava, is another succulent, but we probably know it best for its root, which is super yummy and healthy when boiled or fried. The leaves of the plant bring beauty benefits too, such as:

  • soothing wounds and redness
  • preventing hair loss
  • acting as an anti-fungal agent and natural preservative in beauty products.

Cactus Flower

These pointy, orangey-yellow flowers may not be common at the florist’s, but they do bring several benefits to your beauty routine:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant agents
  • Prevents signs of ageing
  • Maintains skin’s natural moisture

So now that you know all the beauty qualities of different succulents, how can your skin care routine benefit from them? We’ve found 10 great, all natural cactus based beauty products for you to try.

10 Cactus Based Skincare Products To Try

1. Osmia Organics Nectar

With only eight ingredients, this 99.6% certified organic elixir brings unparalleled nourishment to your skin, thanks to its high content of organic oils, including argan, prickly pear, and pumpkin seed.

Organic rose otto essential oil combines with sandalwood essential oil and jasmine to create a heavenly scent, too. If you add a few drops of the nectar to your usual face cream or serum, I promise you’ll see a difference in how your skin retains moisture throughout the day,

Price: $98

 Cactus Based Skincare Products To Try

2. Hampton Sun Hydrating Aloe Vera Mist

This is one of the best cactus based skincare products to bring on your holidays! Infused with refreshing menthol and soothing aloe vera, Hampton Sun’s oil-free mist can revive your skin and spirits, provide hydration in dry places like deserts and planes, and also act as an anti-inflammatory to aching sunburns.

Price: $28

Cactus based skincare products

Oh, how we love this clean, vegan friendly brand! Pacifica’s Cactus Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic is an easy-to-use cleanser that any makeup lover will want to have on hand at all times. Using the power of cactus water, it captures and lifts away makeup, dirt, oil, and pollution – no need to rinse off with water, either.

Price: $25

 Cactus Based Skincare Products To Try

4. Mychelle Hydrating Cactus Mask

Prickly pear seed oil combines with blue agave extract reduce redness and restore moisture back into dehydrated skin. Free from all nasty chemicals, this cactus mask is especially perfect for those with dry or mature complexions – it won’t leave you feeling all tight and ready to crack open, like some mud masks do, for example.

Price: $16.50

Cactus based skincare products


The all-star trio of agave extract, green tea, and ginseng that combine in this electric blue peel-off mask leaves skin looking plump and brighter after only 15 minutes. The formula peels off easily, leaving no residue, and giving the skin a gentle exfoliation.

Price: $26


Cactus based skincare products

6. Kahina Beauty Pure Prickly Pear Seed Extract

Kahina Giving Beauty has declared that its Prickly Pear Seed extract is the newest tool in their arsenal of anti-ageing ingredients, and no wonder: it’s a strong hydrator that is rich in amino acids, vitamin K and antioxidants, perfect for brightening under-eye circles and restoring elasticity. You can either use it as a serum in itself, or place it under your usual face lotion.

Price: Around $90


 Cactus Based Skincare Products To Try

7. Kypris Beauty Concentrate Cleanser

A nourishing cream-to-gel formula, Kypris Beauty’s Cleanser Concentrate removes everyday impurities and makeup without drying out the skin or making it imbalanced. This softening treatment is blended with Moringa oil, prickly pear extract and probiotics, which are gentle enough for even the most sensitive complexions.

Price: $98

Cactus based skincare products

8. Skin Design London Hydrating H20 Intense LUXE

Feel like your face may crack after cleansing? Then you’ll want to buy this serum in bulk! Moisture magnets hyaluronic acid and cactus pear attract water and lock it into the skin to banish that uncomfortable, taut feeling. Added aloe vera works to soothe and reduce any redness. This is a light hydrating serum that boosts the effects of any cream you may wish to use over it.

Price: Around $135


Cactus based skincare products

9. Huxley Essence Grab Water

The sleek, minimal brand aesthetic may be eye-catching (especially that gorgeous aqua colour!), but the results of using Huxley’s Essence Grab Water will be what wins your heart over. With 85% Sahara cactus extract, this jelly-like essence saturates the skin with moisture, making any dry patches vanish instantly. It’s the perfect moisturiser for those who don’t like feeling greasy, heavy creams on their face.

Price: Around $35

10. Ahava Cactus & Pink Pepper Hand Cream

This cream is rich in natural minerals, thanks to the presence of Dead Sea water. It’s also infused with the uplifting scent of pink pepper, and uses the power of cactus extracts to gently and effectively soften rough, dry skin. It also improves moisture retention levels while protecting your hands from everyday tasks, like washing the dishes.

Price: $24



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