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10 Essential Beauty Products for Festivals

By Diane Small

For many of us, summer means camping–be it glamping in a posh tree house, sleeping in a tent or trailer at one of the many great music festivals held over the season, or simply roughing it in a tarp. In any case, it’s likely that access to a bubble bath will be pretty unlikely–in fact, you’d be lucky to get a hot 10 minute daily shower in! And given the heat, this could create quite a beauty crisis–but never fear. We’e found 10 essential beauty products that you simply MUST take with you if you plan to sleep under the stars.

1. Deodorant

For some, this may be priority product number one. Since you’re out in the great outdoors, bring a brand that’s nature-compatible like Weleda’s Citrus deodorant. It smells fresh, blocks odours, and is 100% natural–remember that using chemical deodorants may harm your health.

Weleda citrus deodorant 100ml cruelty free

2. Dry Shampoo

Not being able to wash your hair as much needn’t be a nightmare. There are plenty of dry shampoos out there that soak up oil and smell divine, but Tabitha James Kraan probably makes one of the best. Choose one suited to your hair colour, sprinkle in and brush out. This dry shampoo adds a bit of volume and slightly scents your hair too–mine smelled a bit like lavender all day.



3. Hair Perfume

Still feeling your hair is a bit funky, despite giving it a good dry shampooing? There is a solution: Hair Perfume.

Spritz a bit of this organic Neroli flower, White Tea, Nettle, Myrrh and Bergamont scented hair perfume by Tabitha James Kraan over your mane and you’ll smell sweeter and feel a bit cooler. Continue to spray frequently throughout the day, as this tends to fade over an hour or so. Bonus: it can also be used as a body perfume spray too!


4. Make up remover

Without much access to water, you’re going to need something to take your makeup off, and Neals Yard Facial Wipes provide an eco-friendly solution. Chemical free and enriched with Aloe Vera, this little pack removes makeup without the need to rinse off.


5. Essential SPF

If you’re sleeping in a tent, you’ll clearly be outdoors more than usual, and that means one thing: you need to protect your skin from the sun. We’ve written in Eluxe before about the difficulty finding a truly eco-friendly sunscreen, but we know for sure that Badger is a gentle brand that works, though Marie Veronique and John Masters provide equally natural products, but with a higher SPF of 30, as opposed to 15.


6. Lip Protection

You’re going to be having fun in the sun-singing, drinking, and running around–and chances are your lips will get a bit dried out from all that activity and heat. There are plenty of natural lip balms out there, but since it’s summer, why not go for one that smells of the season, like Hurraw Coconut lip balm? No prizes for guessing what the main ingredient is here, and it not only smells good enough to eat, it’s so natural, you practically could do!


7. Baby Wipes

It’s hot, you’re sticky, and there’s not a shower in sight. What to do? Make sure you have a packet of natural baby wipes on hand–just be sure they’re natural, because despite the fact that these are intended for babies, they’re usually chock-a-block with harmful chemicals. Not these ones by Beaming Baby though. They’re natural, biodegradable, and the main ingredient is Aloe Vera.


8. Makeup

This is a kind of personal choice, but for us, when you’re outside all day, a good pair of sunnies will hide your eyes, so no need for much eye makeup. What’s on display the most will be your skin, so after ensuring it’s protected by a good SPF, even out your skin tone with a natural creamy foundation like those made by Lavera if your skin is dry, or translucent powder like this one below, by Dr Hauschka if you have oilier skin. It’s a good idea to bring a compact with a mirror, too!


9. Konjac Sponges

These babies are perfect for festivals and camping: just add a bit of water from a bottle, and wipe yourself down. The sponges are made from a potato like plant and are pH balanced and infused with mineral extracts to ensure your skin is kept clean and supple. Make sure you give the sponge a bit of a rinse after you’ve washed yourself!


10. Hats, headbands and hair accessories

There’s only so much dry shampoo a girl can take. Eventually, you’re going to have to cover that mop up, and hair accessories are the only way forward. We kind of adore this hat from Pachacuti from the ethical Master and Muse Collection, but there are plenty of other options, too.


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