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Eluxe Exclusive: Interview with Mariel Hemingway

By Chere Di Boscio
vogue-paris-1984-july-00Born into one of the most iconic–and tragic–American families, she had a starring role in what is arguably Woody Allen’s best movie, Manhattan; became a lesbian icon in the film Personal Best; was a supermodel in the 80s (think: the original Cara Delavigne); graced the covers of every magazine from Vogue to Playboy; was the Noxema girl we all looked up to; won praise for her acting on both TV and in film, wrote books on yoga and natural food, and raised two children. What could Mariel Hemingway possibly do next?

The inexhaustible Ms Hemingway has left the bright lights of the big cities once and for all to live a more holistic, natural life, and she’s loving it. So much so, in fact, she aims to spread her joy, and what better way than through writing a book about it?

Running with Nature: Stepping into the Life you were Meant to Live was co written by her new partner, Bobby Williams, and includes cohesive lifestyle tips and wisdom that can benefit anybody, from any age or background.

Here, she speaks with Eluxe exclusively about her motivation for writing the book, and what she’s gained from the experience.

What sparked your interest in natural living?  
I  grew up in a GORGEOUS environment in Idaho, so natural living was always my solace and passion.
For whom did you write this book?  
We wrote the book for everyone. We believe that everyone from teens to 100 have an opportunity to make healthy choices to have fun in their lives by doing things that connect them to nature, which really means you are connecting with yourself.
At Home With Mariel Hemingway, Her Boyfriend Bobby Williams And Mariel's Daughter Langley Fox
How did your new partner contribute to the book?  
We are equal writers of this book. Bobby is so informed on how to live healthy and well. plus his male perspective and my female views were a perfect balance that provides information in a way that many people can comprehend.
You highly advocate being in contact with nature, but what would you recommend to the millions who live in concrete jungles?  
Everyone has access to looking outside to a sunrise or sunset, or going to a city park. Make it an adventure to find an outside space to connect to nature. Also planting a herb garden in a windowsill is still very much a connection to the Earth. All plants create a connection.. You’d be surprised how once you have the mindset or intention for wanting to connect you do… it shows up for you.
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After having worked as a model and actress, what are your thoughts on plastic surgery for staying young?  
I think Hollywood is a tough town and it is hard for women to get older. I think plastic surgery is a difficult choice, as it goes against nature, plus I believe that you can create a youthful look by the way you eat, exercise, connect, drink water and meditate.
These are HUGE (contributors) to healthy young skin and youthful looks. Oh, and did i mention your thoughts? They probably more than anything determine your age.  
That said, I make no judgment on people’s choices to have surgery, as there is a tremendous amount of insecurity and desire to look young in our culture. There is a lot of pressure. I believe in living young.It is a question of choices and intentions.
What do you hope to achieve with this book?  
We want others to see their lives as an adventure. We hope to inspire people to get excited about taking care of themselves and creating health balance and joy by the simple choices they make everyday.
What did you learn in the process of writing it?  
I learned a lot about our relationship and how to create an individual life of growth and abundance personally while living with someone (who is also doing the same).
Is there anything you wish you had added to it?  
Whatever could be added will happen in another book.
Chere Di Boscio

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