Tesla Model S: America’s Best Selling Electric Car

By Nick Miles

Tesla is not your typical electric car, and the way they are sold is not through typical means. There are no Tesla dealerships or dealers; you can only buy one on line, which means even the process of buying a Tesla is more eco-friendly than most other cars. At around $100,000, the car is not cheap, and even to test drive one, a $5,000 deposit is required. There is absolutely no inventory–if you want a Tesla Model S, you need to order it first, then it is built just for you, saving waste, but creating more hurdles to making a purchase. model-s-white-new-kid_960x640 Yet despite these obstacles, there is a waiting list of months to get one of these cars, and it is the top selling electric car company in the United States. Why? Well, first of all, the Tesla Model S is gorgeous. Sleek, streamlined and shaped more like a wildcat than a space bubble, it is one of the most prestigious hybrids available.

Secondly, the Model S Performance model is equipped with an 85k Wh lithium-ion battery back that allows the car to go for over 400km without a recharge, making the auto the electric car with the greatest range currently available on the market.  The EPA’s energy consumption is rated at 237.5 W ·h per kilometre (38  kW ·h/100  mi) for a combined fuel economy of almost 90 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent, making it far more eco-friendly and cheaper to run than a gas burning car. model-s-blue-front2_960x640 Feline good looks, room for four and fuel efficient, it’s clear to see why customers are willing to clear all the necessary hurdles to put one of these babies in their driveways.

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  1. Martin Andreas Kruse

    The middle picture of the article is not the Tesla Model S. And the Model S is not a hybrid vehicle. It’s all-electric.

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