10 Natural Bespoke Beauty Brands

Want skincare that’s perfectly suited to your skin type? These natural bespoke beauty brands are literally made for you!

By Bess O’Connor

Finding skincare products that are perfect for you in every way isn’t easy. More often than not, you simply have to compromise on something – perhaps you like the scent of a product, but it’s too oily. Or maybe you love the texture of a cream, but it doesn’t hydrate quite enough.

In short, it’s a gamble every time you buy a new product and sometimes, it’s just easier to stick with the one that’s just ‘okay’ rather than spending more in the search for the ‘holy grail’ of cosmetics.

Luckily, there’s a new trend in skincare: customized! Bespoke beauty brands have created processes whereby you can customise your own products to suit you perfectly: you can choose the base  and then add your favorite additional ingredients in the right quantities for you. This way, you’ll know that what you’re getting is  something you are going to love and use more regularly.

The term “bespoke” once referred only to the world of fashion – namely haute couture and London’s Savile Row. But today, it has moved beyond fashion and into our beauty routines, with bespoke skincare products being the latest rage in beauty.

Here are some of the most natural and organic bespoke beauty brands I know of, offering you exactly what your skin wants and needs.

10 Natural Bespoke Beauty Brands

1. Zeta White

A range of factors from age and genetics to sun exposure can contribute to an increase in the pigment melanin. When this is triggered you’ll find the production of it can cause darkening, leaving skin tones uneven, and you feeling less than confident. Built upon the belief that everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin, Zeta White have a completely safe way to lighten patches of skin that result in unwanted spots or uneven skin tones.

Custom made from all-natural ingredients and containing absolutely zero chemicals and toxins, this is a healthy way to get your skin make to an even tone with products that are packed full of soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients that will work to lighten skin naturally.

Combine the right face wash, moisturiser and night cream for you into a daily routine and you’ll reap the rewards as they work round the clock to meet your skin’s needs.

Bespoke Beauty Brands

2. Giella Lip Gloss

How often have you put on an outfit and wished for the perfect shade of gloss to match? Sometimes it can be too light, too dark, and never quite perfect. Well, now you can quite easily design your perfect shade of lip gloss all thanks to the brand Giella.

You can choose from over 25 different shades, whilst also having a say over the formula, the finish and even play around with the scent. You’re basically the boss of your own gloss, baby! The best part? These lip treats will give you a vibrant burst of colour without the stickiness that some products have.

All Giella glosses are paraben and nut-free but they’re also proud to be cruelty-free and PETA-certified.

bespoke makeup

3. Geneu Skincare Serums

Of all the natural Bespoke Beauty Brands here, this one may well be the most luxurious!

Based on your own personal needs as assessed by a DNA analysis, this plush brand created by a doctor creates two unique serums that are designed for your skin only. These mainly serve as anti-ageing protection; one serum fights free radicals and the other boosts collagen, with active ingredients included that are directly proportionate to your unique needs.

Housed in high tech flasks (which can also be personalised), this is about as luxurious as skincare gets.

geneu skincare

4. Subtle Green Skincare

Subtle Green  is a unique, luxury and organic skincare experience  that allows you to create your own customized moisturizer or serum.

The first step is to choose your base depending on  your skin type, according to their handy dandy guide. The second step is choosing the  ingredients that best work together to focus on a particular concern you have. And step three is selecting  a booster pack of essential oils to add some  of what you would define as the most heavenly scent.

All this bespoke beauty brands products come in  high-quality violet glass to preserve the therapeutic qualities of the botanicals and essential oils.

Bespoke Beauty Brands

5. Astrida Naturals

Specialised skincare brand Astrid Naturals allows you to create your own special cream by first choosing a body or skincare product to customize. Select from their wide array of plant based butters and oils, active botanical extracts and essential oils; whatever works best for your own skin. At the end of the process, you can enjoy your very own artisanal, hand-crafted natural skincare products with all the goodies you love – you can even create your own label!

Bespoke Beauty Brands


6. Moroccan Natural

Micellar water is a huge trend in skincare right now. The combination of watery liquid and oil really digs down deep to clear out impurities from every pore. However, for organic beauty lovers, there’s a problem: the oil/water combo usually requires chemicals to allow the two to mix, and also to ensure the oil doesn’t go off in the water.

Thankfully, Moroccan Natural has created a wonderful new concept, whereby you add your own portions of jojoba oil to an aloe vera base to create a makeup remover and skin cleanser that gets more intense the more oil you use. It also has a super long shelf life!

The brand also sells pure, loose rhassoul clay, so you can just add water to it in the palm of your hand to create a masque of the thickness you prefer and need. Ditto for its loose pearl powder: this ‘miracle ingredient’ comprised of nothing more than finely ground up pearls, can be added to your favourite facial oil or cream to give your skin a collagen-preserving, skin lightening boost any time you want it.

Bespoke Beauty Brands

7. Novel Skincare

When it comes to beauty we know it’s not one size fits all, and this is a fact that Novel Skincare well and truly know. The active ingredients inside of their products not only work by responding  to each individual’s body, but everything – from their ethos to their packaging – reaffirms the fact that we each matter individually, too.

Our skin matters. Our minds matter. And therefore the Novel Skincare range is expertly crafted to link both each woman’s unique mind and body through the skin with a powerful mix of natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

The products come gifted inside of a book that is beautifully designed to be refilled again and again, and of which reminds us each and every day that we are writing  the story of our life.

Natural Bespoke Beauty Brands

8. Crate 61 Organics

The customisation process with Crate 61 Organics is a bit more complex: it begins with a questionnaire that is sent to one of their expert formulators. If you’re looking to create your own personalized body butter, for example, their formulators will take your entire questionnaire into consideration when choosing the different essential oils and cold pressed organic ingredients to place in your very own, unique butter.

Everything is done for you based on your needs and requests, and this bespoke beauty brand is also one of the more affordable labels.

Natural Bespoke Beauty Brands

9. LOLI Beauty

It’s easy to get your customized beauty product with LOLI. Simply choose a potent, highly effective base and then combine it with two or three single-note ingredients from its Raw Collection.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a gentle exfoliating scrub that deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin. You’d start with the Purple Corn Grains base, then add the Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Rose Water additions.

When you’re ready to use the mask, combine all the selected ingredients to create a paste and apply.

The website has some recipes laid out with the option of buying each of the products you need for it with one click. These can also provide some inspiration for you to make your own recipes at home. Finally, there’s a wide range of prices and each product allows for multiple uses

Natural Bespoke Beauty Brands

10. Kozmetics

Customization has moved a step further and it arrived at your beauty cabinet  with Kozmetics. Its founder, Dr Magdalena Koziol, offers skincare that’s created just for you.

She personally will help you choose from watermelon extract (to protect from sun damage), Vitamin C (to remove brown spots and stimulate collagen), hyaluronic acid (to plump skin), rosehip oil  (to stimulate collagen and reduce scars) and dozens more ingredients to create the one skincare product you’ll never want to live without.

The best part?  Prices start from £15.00!

Natural Bespoke Beauty Brands


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