Why Influencers Love Noiranca

Vegan bags come in all kinds of materials and styles. Here’s why influencers love Noiranca bags the most!

By Lora O’Brien

We can’t deny that social media is a huge force when it comes to spreading the word about new and exciting fashions. And no one does that better than influencers!

And while some influencer trends suck (anyone else over the copious fast-fashion SHEIN hauls?!), there has been one on our radar for awhile: vegan leather.

Vegan leather comes in loads of forms and styles. But it’s thanks to some wonderful influencers that we discovered one of the coolest vegan bag brands: Noiranca!

I personally was impressed with the brand’s unique styles.

But after seeing the bags in so many feeds, I wanted to discover more about why influencers love Noiranca. So I checked the brand out myself – and answered the influencers directly, too!

Who is Noiranca?

noiranaca vegan bags

The ethos behind the brand is to fuse together artisanal craftsmanship and sustainability. The luxury line is timeless in its designs, offering iconic, slow-fashion silhouettes that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Each bag is made from responsibly PETA-approved vegan leather alongside recycled elements. All of their accessories are handcrafted masterfully in a family-run atelier. Influencers who love Noiranca say they love how the brand is traceable, transparent, cruelty free and durable.

NOIRANCA and veganism

influencers who love Noiranca

You’d think any vegan brand was cause for celebration. But as with everything else, not all vegan fashion is created equal. Some brands use horrible textiles such as PVC which is pretty toxic and of poor quality. It also doesn’t have a very long shelf life, typically wearing out within 36 months. Definitely not ideal when investing in a bag you want to use for years to come.

Other vegan bag brands miss out on style. But most of the influencers who love Noiranca aren’t even vegans themselves. Instead, they’re after the bags for their style!

Noiranca’s signature vegan leather makes the switch from traditional animal leather to a vegan textile that is lighter in both reality and its impact on the planet. Over half of the bags’ components are made from recycled elements.

Image above: @ambravaliul on Instagram

Why influencers love NOIRANCA

I spoke to three influencers, Carolina Ogliaro, Simona Snarkis and Lovely Amusan. I asked them what they love about NOIRANCA, their approach to sustainable fashion and more.

1. Carolina Ogliaro

Digital influencer Carolina Ogliaro is one of the Instagram influencers who love Noiranca who is actually vegan. She has a pretty impressive following of just over 500k. Whether it’s wearing a floaty, feminine dress with a neon pair of shades or streetwear with a chic twist, Carolina Ogliaro is loved for her unique style.

As an animal activist, you’ll also find Carolina posting about animal welfare, too, yay!

What do you love about Noiranca?

I love that their bags are unique in shapes while always remaining classy. You can wear their bags now and in 10 years. This is a core value for sustainability. I love bags and am an avid collector. But when it comes to buying a bag I always ask myself “Is it a treat for the moment, or will I keep using it?” If the answer is the second I go further with my purchases. In order to pursue a more sustainable fashion, every customer needs to make a step. We cannot simply rely on others or on brands, we need to be an active part in this process.

Do you only wear sustainable fashion?

I’m making further steps to live a fully sustainable and conscious way of living under every aspect. This also involves fashion. I do extensive research about each brand’s commitments, and I support brands that protect the environment and animals.

Are you vegan?

Yes! I started as vegetarian and then became vegan. When you decide to make this step, I highly recommend you consult your doctor so as as not to cause imbalances in the body. Never do do-it yourself diets.

Where do you see vegan fashion going in the future?

I wish to see it be predominant. I don’t think we need to cause suffering to animals to be ‘fashionable’! Animals belong to the planet as much as us. They need freedom and deserve to live their own lives. With the help of the governments, industries can be converted but obviously the demand of the people needs to be higher. If more and more people demand vegan and sustainable items, the industry will follow the consumer demand.

2. Simona Snarkis

influencers who love Noiranca


London-based Simona is another of our influencers who love Noiranca. Hers is a minimalistic, chic and modern aesthetic. Her elegant feed is visually pleasing, and it’s no surprise that over 180k follow her. You can expect to find her covering everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle content and her passion for travelling.

What do you love about Noiranca?

I was instantly attracted to the unique futuristic designs and was even more pleasantly surprised with the quality. I’m a great supporter of distinctive and contemporary fashion brands and Noiranca fit my style so well!

Do you only wear sustainable fashion?

Sustainability is gaining particular importance in the things I buy recently. It is not always possible but it’s delightful to see more and more brands supporting this matter, including Noiranca.

Are you vegan?

No, I’m afraid I’m a big foodie and still like to indulge in all sorts of food.

So why did you choose a vegan bag?

When it comes to fashion, and things we wear for longer periods, it always has greater significance to purchase sustainable brands.

Where do you see vegan fashion going in the future?

I dislike many things about fast fashion and tend to support better quality emerging vegan brands.

3. Lovely Amusan

Lovely Amusan is yet another of the big influencers who love Noiranca! Her feed is full of beautiful photos featuring a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts.

And if you admire her style, she makes it super easy for her 121k followers to shop her looks.

What do you love about Noiranca?

I love how unique the Noiranca bags are!

Do you only wear sustainable fashion?

I wear a mix, although trying to be sustainable as much as possible.

Are you vegan?

I’m not vegan, but I rarely eat meat, poultry or fish.

So why did you choose a vegan bag?

Because it’s a sustainable brand that has bags that are fashionable.

Where do you see vegan fashion going in the future?

I would like to think that there will be much more variety of vegan brands in the future.


Do you know of any other influencers who love Noiranca vegan bags? Are you one yourself? Let us know in the comments, below!

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