Washed Ashore Jewelry: Embodying Natural Energies

Stones and metals hold energies. And Washed Ashore jewelry aims to honor – and harness – that

By Lora O’Brien

The modern world can be overwhelming. But luckily, there’s an easy solution. Switching off and soothing your soul is easily done with a short step into nature. Mother Nature is the best teacher when it comes to healing, and we can learn a lot from her if willing to listen. But as much as Nature heals us, we must heal her, too.

Washed Ashore is an ethical jewelry brand that really understands this. It was created by founder Larada Lamsam, who holds these exact values when it comes to both nature and healing. Believing that we can create beautiful jewelry that’s not only good for the environment but for the people wearing it, is the ethos upon which Washed Ashore was created.

‘Nature was my first teacher and my best teacher.’ Lara says. ‘I learn from her every day. She soothes my soul when it needs to replenish. And she teaches me compassion and patience through her life-giving abundance. She heals us all the time but I believe we should heal her in return. So you fuse my two passions and you get Washed Ashore.’

Washed Ashore Jewelry & Natural Energies

washed ashore jewelry

Jewelry holds a special place in human history, and is enveloped with precious moments and intimate memories. It’s sentimental, a symbol of more than we can perceive with our eyes. Placing a piece of jewelry on our bodies evokes energy and emotion.

The metals used derive from the belly of our planet, and gemstones reflect millennia of dramatic geological history. The wearer wants to keep the memories and moments represented by their jewelry close, and what she chooses to wear is intimate in meaning and deeply connected to nature. Which is why it’s essential to keep it ethical.

Indeed, Lara believes that there’s much more to jewelry than looking pretty. Everything, from the thought behind the design to the vibrations put into crafting the jewelry gives it a certain energy. Those who are fans of crystal healing will understand this.

And every step of the production process plays a part in the vibes of a piece, starting from where the raw materials are sourced, to the very hands that make the item. Each of these seemingly insignificant choices radiates a subtle energy that goes into every piece of Washed Ashore jewelry.

Sustainable From Production to Packaging

washed ashore jewelry

Considering the fact that each and every piece of Washed Ashore jewelry is created to embody the overwhelming beauty and wonder of nature, harnessing the powerful and untamed force of mother nature as its essence, it’s not surprising to know the ethics behind the materials used to craft these precious items is vital to the brand.

Washed Ashore products are made using 100% recycled gold and silver, and the brand has selected one supplier so that all of its metals are traced. The suppliers and manufacturers were audited prior to their partnership with Washed Ashore to be sure that sustainable practices are maintained through all aspects of the business.

The sustainability focus behind the brand extends down to how it’s sold. All packaging, office supplies and any other items used are made from 100% recycled materials. Business cards and letters are printed using vegetable-based inks that, contrary to regular inks, do not contain chemicals that are damaging to the environment.

Washed Ashore packages its jewelry in 100% recycled cotton zipper pouches, and if they need to use plastic bags to prevent scratching or tangling up of their pieces, they only use bags made of PLA, a bioplastic sourced from plants, which is fully compostable. Absolutely no single use plastic or PVC is ever used within this planet-conscious company.

washed ashore jewelry

Abalone & Keshi Pearls

Besides solid ethics, Washed Ashore is also well-known for its use of tiny, irregular shells and pearls. Their abalone shells are sourced from a farm in Phuket, Thailand, and are by-products of the food industry. They’d normally be thrown away, so the brand gives them a second life by upcycling them into their delicate designs, which truly showcase their beauty.

Abalone shells symbolise life, love and flow, and their energies are reminiscent of the ocean, making them a perfect adornment for beach loving babes.

The saltwater Japanese Akoya Keshi pearls used by Washed Ashore are 100% pure and natural. They have never been dyed, bleached or treated in any sort of way. The brand uses the Keshi pearls that would normally be rejected by the jewelry industry, due to their imperfections and/or small sizes. Each one is beautifully irregular, shaped and coloured differently, making each piece of Washed Ashore’s pearl jewelry completely unique.

washed ashore jewelry

If you, too, find yourself at peace in nature, attracted by its perfect irregularities, then Washed Ashore jewelry is the ideal timeless accessory for you. Whether you find solace beside the ocean, or feel at peace walking through the mountains, you’ll feel the power of nature and all its wonders woven intricately through every piece made by Washed Ashore.

But most of all, Larada Lamsam hopes that the positive and healing energy of mother nature that she’s carefully put into the making of the jewelry will inspire you to continue to heal and protect her.

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