John Patrick Organic Says Make Art, Not War!

John Patrick Organic not only makes ecological statements through fashion, but political ones, too

By Chere Di Boscio

Libya. Afghanistan. Iraq. It seems the problems the United States brings to the Middle East never end. Whenever we turn on the television, that’s pretty much all we ever hear about. And when we turn the channel or flip on Netflix, there’s also a ton of violence, from TV shows about vampires and serial killers to movies about war and horror.

And it seems designer John Patrick is as sick as we are about all of this.

Make Art, Not War. This is the fundamental and somewhat political concept underlying the latest collection by John Patrick Organic at New York Fashion Week this season.


The peaceful motto of New York street artist Jimmy Mirikitani, as well as Mirikitani’s art and extraordinary life were a great inspiration to the organic luxury fashion designer. He used pink, green and blue hues from Mirikitani’s art to colour his own fashion collection this season.


A Minimal Collection

Presenting just sixteen easy-to-wear looks on the New York Fashion Week runways this season (much fewer than conventional designers – and far less wasteful!), John Patrick Organics blended the casual sexiness of triangle bras peeping out from loosely woven jumpers with youthful sportiness, as seen in baseball-inspired jerseys, sometimes given a feminine twist by being layered under loose dresses.


But as expected from a John Patrick Organic collection, the great outdoors featured heavily, too. A T-shirt spelling out FARM was teamed with a pair of surfer shorts, and outerwear was a highlight of the show: girlishly green anoraks and boxy, recycled cotton coats that are meant to almost stand apart from the body were just some of the offerings to keep the cold to come in autumn 14 at bay.


The deeply indigo blue sweaters and laser-cut skirts were amongst our favourite pieces, as was the simple, geometrically cut, 3/4 jacket. It may seem a long way off, but this collection almost made us long for damp, leafy days of fall!

John Patrick Organic is one of the first ever fully sustainable fashion brands, and we’re looking forward to seeing what this talented -and highly conscious – designer does in the future.

Photos: Mimi Ritzen Crawford/Courtesy of Organic by John Patrick

Chere Di Boscio

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