Meet Terra Thread, Makers Of Truly Organic Vegan Bags

Organic Vegan Bags

Looking to make a truly green bag purchase? Check out Terra Thread and their organic vegan bags!

By Gina Gambhir

Sure, there are loads of plasticky vegan bag brands out there. They use PU or other forms of plastic to make their ‘leathers’. A truly organic vegan bag brand is hard to find. One made of natural materials that don’t harm animals – or the earth.

But after a long search, we have actually found one, and it’s called Terra Thread. We certainly recognise a great find, and of course, in this case, we come bearing bags of choice. 

Terra Thread ticks all our ethical and sustainable boxes with its line of affordable premium bags that also happen to be B Corp certified. Whether it’s sustainable backpacks, gym bags, or tote and toiletry bags, this brand has them all! 

You may feel comforted to know that whether you choose their Earth tote bag or their Lok zipper pouch, their entire range is made using family grown Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton in a Fair-Trade USA certified factory. Organic cotton is not only grown without toxic pesticides or insecticides, but is also GMO free. 

Sustainability is embedded in the DNA of this brand. Its parent company, Gallant International, Inc is the master of organic trade, as it specialises in wholesale muslin bags, organic cotton tote bags, as well as being a cosmetic bags wholesale supplier. Their mission is simple: to create organic and fair trade cotton products to make the world a better place. 

Terra Thread Organic Vegan Bags

Why does fair trade matter?

As sustainable consumers, we appreciate the integrity of a brand, as well as the quality of their products. Which is why Terra Thread’s promise to use fair trade practices feels like our kind of ethos. 

As great as the term ‘fair trade’ sounds, it does often raise the question – what does it actually mean? In short, these certifications ensure that the farmers have access to safe working environments, and that they are paid fairly for their cotton as well as receiving a Fairtrade premium, among other benefits. 

It also addresses the pressing issues such as soil erosion and pesticide pollution by encouraging farmers to protect the natural environment. Additionally, certified Fairtrade producers aim to ensure gender equality in their production, and prohibit the use of child labour. 

Terra Thread Organic Vegan Bags

Weaving styles with transparency 

Terra thread products aren’t just Fairtrade certified. They’re also GOTS certified! GOTS is a stringent voluntary global standard promising consumers that environmental and social criteria have been strictly met throughout the supply chain. This includes the processing, manufacturing, packaging, trading and distribution, making their products traceable through a transparent production process. 

For example, when we see a GOTS label grade ‘organic’ on a textile product, be assured that it contains at least 95% organic fibres. Not to boast, but Terra Thread’s products are made of 100% organic cotton – these are truly organic vegan bags!

And if that’s not enough, they’re also carbon neutral. Their products support projects such as tree planting, which reduce or sequester the impact of their carbon emissions. Such acts show their commitment to preserving our planet.

Terra Thread Organic Vegan Bags

Accessorise, and give back, too

When we buy from Terra Thread, we can feel good about our purchases. We ethical consumers look to being part of a movement that supports and promotes sustainability throughout the entire creation process. Practical purchases no longer have to come at the cost of irresponsible production or buying. Essentially, we vote with our wallets. We tell companies what we want in terms of their production – and what we don’t. Through these unique organic vegan bags, we can also help to empower farmers and workers to make better choices about what they do for a living. 

In short, by making a Terra Thread purchase, you’re going to be blessed not only with bags of style, but a clean conscience, too.

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