Flare Street Fashion’s Surprising Celeb Designer

We love Flare Street fashion even more, after discovering who their surprising celeb designer is!

By Chere Di Boscio

Ah, Britain in the swinging 60s and 70s. Could there have been a cooler period to be a live? Mick Jagger was still hot, rock music was at its peak, and fashion was ultra-chic. That’s in part due to groovy designer Barbara Hulanicki.

The daughter of a Polish diplomat, Hulanicki moved to London after the World War II. In 1963, she and her husband launched Biba’s Postal Boutique. It was the place to shop in London at the time.

The label had a huge hit with its pink-gingham sleeveless shift dress and matching headscarf. After getting 17,000 orders for her design, she then opened her first Biba boutique on London’s Abingdon Road.

Young women and celebrities were obsessed with Biba’s clothes. Her aesthetic borrowed from the decadent styles of the Pre-Raphaelites and Art Nouveau. Hulanicki’s work focused on showing off the wearer’s legs and covering up arms with long, skinny sleeves.

By the mid 60’s, Biba was one of London’s ‘must have’ new labels. And it wasn’t just the style that sold the clothes. It was the atmosphere, too. Biba was filled with ornate Victorian furniture and antiques, was dimly lit for dramatic effect. They also played loud pop music that leaked out onto the street, and suddenly, shopping became a fun, social event.

Over the years, Hulanicki sold her brand and slowed her work down. Until now, that is.

Flare Street Fashion’s Surprising Celeb Designer

Flare Street fashion is a sustainable brand that received accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia in 2020 and 2021. Their zero waste, closed loop clothing was always inspired by vintage fashion. They specialise in creating flattering flared trousers (hence their name), made on demand and sold in biodegradable packaging.

Flare Street recycles all it’s unused textiles, meaning they contribute nothing to landfill. Additionally, they use deadstock fabric when possible, 100% recycled threads, and non-toxic, water-free printing methods for their colourful patterns.

But that’s not all.

When customers are finished with their Flare Street’s fashion pieces, they have the option to rent or recycle their items through the brand’s partner, Air Robe. Nothing gets wasted!

But just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, Flare Street came up with their Ophir collection – starring none other than designer Barbara Hulanicki.

Why Flare Street + Barbara Hulanicki Rocks!

This collaboration harkens back to the glory days, when love was free and the Stones were truly rolling.

Ophir features a range of modern bell bottoms pants and velvet dresses. They’re all printed with a somewhat psychedelic design in the rich tones of the 60’s, hand drawn by Barbara Hulanicki. Each piece perfectly reflects her now-timeless aesthetic.

But she’s not the only fab designer involved with the collection! It was shot in the boutique of retro interior design queen Sera of London. Massena twins Suzane and Suzana, sporting Ophir, posed on Sera’s peacock chairs, crochet bedspreads and amongst her Boston ferns and velvet pillows. The setting pretty much reflected the interior of a Biba boutique, back in the day. Of course!

Our favourite pieces? The flared orange trousers; the pink bra top (hot under a black blazer!) and the multicoloured, frilled skirt. Perfect for wearing with platforms.

In fact, the whole shoot – the clothing, the furnishings, the vibes – made us feel we were born too late.

Check it out, below!

To learn more about Flare Street fashion’s ethics, please click here. 

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