Banana Moon Sustainable Bikinis: Our 2022 Picks

Looking for a sustainable swimsuit? Check out our picks of Banana Moon sustainable bikinis for this year!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

The summer is magic. It’s that time of the year dedicated to sunshine and splashes in the waves. But when it comes to picking swimwear, we’re facing a bit of a dilemma.

We’re bombarded with a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. But which ones work best for our needs?

Sure, most of us want to choose something that looks good, and does good for the planet. But the truth is, without something synthetic in your swimsuit, it’s going to sag. In the worst case scenario, a wave or a powerful swim might even sweep a hemp or pure cotton swimsuit right off your body!

So, what can we do if we’re looking for a swimsuit that’s functional, as well as beautiful?

Recycled fibres used in swimwear

Your best bet is to go with existing fibres that have been recycled.

A good example is Econyl. This material regenerates old materials such as used fishing nets, and spins them into new fabric that hugs and moves with your body.

Repreve follows the same philosophy, but uses recycled plastic, particularly post-consumer plastic bottles, instead of fishing nets.

Recycled Polyester is another material that comes from recycled plastic bottles. It generates fewer CO2 emissions and represents a sustainable option in the making of swimsuits.

What Banana Moon is doing to be greener

California based swimwear company Banana Moon is now aiming to be greener. We love this Californian label for its transparency in describing its journey to become more environmental-friendly, instead of  falsely marketing itself as fully green.

The company began all the way back in 1984 when Daniel Flachaire and his wife Veronique met Bernard Donati met Nat Maori, a Young designer from California. They decided to fuse their multicultural backgrounds to create a unique beach lifestyle brand.

As the decades rolled by, they’ve been evolving towards a more eco-friendly approach. They’re doing so by using more recycled materials.

More specifically, their current Earth Generation Collection is made from recycled fishing nets using Econyl. And from April of this year they’ve decided to expand to upcycling, providing a second life to items that are not being used. For example, you can drop off your old swimwear in the Banana Moon shops and they’ll turn it into something new. We love circular fashion!

Want to know where to find the best picks for sustainable swimwear with Banana Moon? Check out our choices, below!

The Best Banana Moon Eco Friendly Bikinis For This Summer

1. Navy Two-Piece Bikini 

If you’re looking for a classic design of bikini that can stand the test of time, the Odalo & Merenda Romeo Navy is what you need.

Both pieces are extremely practical and elegant. The triangle top is an classic that can be adjusted by the tie-up straps in the back, making it perfect for every body type. Another perk is that it’s made out of 100% recycled material, of course.

Price: $82 Top $64 Bottom

Banana Moon sustainable bikinis

2. White Two-Piece Balconette Bikini 

If you want your tan to stand out, a white two-piece is the best Banana Moon sustainable swimwear for you!

Their Boro & Dasia Romeo White Two-Piece Swimsuit is made out of recycled Italian fabric. Its cabled balconette bikini with cups allows for a push-up effect, without renouncing the functionality of a swimsuit top.

Feeling insecure that it won’t stand up to a dive? There are removable straps you can add on!

Price: $83 Top $58 Bottom

white bandeau bikini

3. Reina Black Two-Piece Bikini 

Love a girly touch in your swimwear? The Nauvo & Priya Reina Black Two-Piece Bikini gives a modern twist to feminine frills. The bikini bottom has a high waist, whilst the frilled top has a ring keeping the two cups together.

This model glorifies the female body in all its softness and curves. One of the prettiest Banana Moon sustainable bikinis, for sure!

Price: $137 Top $110 Bottom

frilled bikini top

4. Blue Striped Bikini 

The Fosio & Hona Coast Blue Two-Piece Bikini boasts a sailor-inspired striped pattern. Made out of recycled fabrics, this model gives off both sporty and and classical swimwear vibes. In fact, the top could easily be worn with shorts, or as a sports bra.

Price: $74 Top $64 Bottom

striped bikini top

5. Maho & Merenda Romeo Two-Piece Swimsuit 

If you want to convey passion on the beach, try the Maho & Merenda Romeo Two-Piece Swimsuit. It’s one of the boldest Banana Moon sustainable bikinis out there!

I’d say this is the bikini version of Baywatch’s female lifeguards. The triangle top with push-up cups adds a sexy touch, while textured-recycled fabric and the classic bottom will make heads turn, too.

Price: $83 Top $64 Bottom

Banana Moon sustainable bikinis

6. One Piece Black Cachora Kanamari 

The trikini made its first and brief appearance in the late Sixties, but it’s actually the 2000s that marked its popular trend. The bikini bottom connected with the triangular pieces of the swimsuit’s top have redefined the versatility of beachwear.

This One Piece Black Cachora Kanamari is amongst the first trikinis made out of recycled fabric. The upper and lower part of the suit are connected with a wooden ring, making it perfect for every figure.

Price: $143

Banana Moon sustainable bikinis

7. Sweet Pink Two-Piece Bikini 

Summertime means bright colour and joie de vivre, right? These vibes are both encapsulated in the Jotrao & Takia Numana Pink Two-Piece Bikini. This is definitely one of the sweetest Banana Moon sustainable bikinis!

The cheerful floral print was made out of recycled fabric. The triangle string top adds a ring to unite the cups, and the bottom that ties with straps. This bikini definitely allows you to flaunt your femininity!

Price: $118 Top $118 Bottom

Banana Moon sustainable bikinis


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