What Is Euphoric Beauty? How To Get The Look

It’s the hugest trend in makeup right now. But what is euphoric beauty, exactly?

By Grace Murray

If you’re anything like me, boredom has provoked some desperation for physical change. Whether it’s box-dyeing my hair at home, cutting my bangs, or a DIY eyebrow lamination, I’ve been tempted to go to great lengths just to kill time.

Like me, you may not be looking for a permanent change, yet are still itching to switch up your look. And testing out euphoric makeup may be the perfect at-home remedy for a case of cabin fever.

The euphoric beauty trend stems from the hit show Euphoria, in which the characters’ psychedelic aesthetics pretty much caught more attention than the acting and plot line. Doniella Davy, the makeup department head for the show, claims that “Each character has an intentional palette meant to propel their story lines and character arcs forward”, she told Paper Magazine.

Makeup is critical for our self-expression, and this trend helps bring out the fun, dynamic, powerful artists in all of us. The keystone to euphoric beauty? Confidence, a willingness to be bold, and an eye for uniqueness. So as long as you can channel your inner-Zendaya, you’ll be the guaranteed main character during a red-carpet event, a big night out, or even a quiet night at home.

Still wondering what euphoric beauty is, exactly? I conducted an Instagram deep dive for the top euphoric beauty trends that any makeup lover can practice at home, regardless of skill level or experience (I even took it upon myself to try a few)!

Hopefully, these examples will act as inspiration to try something wild without fear. Enjoy!

Main image: @kailinchase

What Is Euphoric Beauty? How To Get The Look

1. Neon Eyeliner 

Neon liner is back and better than ever – traditional black eyeliner is classic but can sometimes feel too harsh or professional. That’s why this neon moment is perfect for any cool girl (or boy) looking to spice up their look without doing anything too outlandish. It’s a sure-fire way to make a statement whether you’re hitting the clubs, getting takeout, or going to get groceries.

Images: @londonbeautyphotographer on Instagram

Try: 3INA makes some good fluoro eye liners, which are 100% vegan friendly.

What is euphoric beauty? What is euphoric beauty?

2. Fake Lower Lashes

Anyone else remember the 2012 Tumblr era? I know I try desperately to forget, but some trends are too legendary to leave behind. Calling all Marina & The Diamonds fans, because false lower lashes are back for anyone trying to achieve that doll-like feel with an edgy twist.

Try: You can find some pretty wild synthetic lashes at Yandy. Any drag queen or euphoric makeup buff would love these!

Images: @euphoriamakeupinspo and the Eco Studio

What is euphoric beauty?

3. Coloured Mascara 

Mascara is a staple for anyone hoping to jazz up their makeup with minimal effort. So why not make it more daring while you’re at it? Whether it’s blue, pink, orange, or purple, colourful mascara can be a simple way to convey your adventurous side.

Try: It’s actually really hard to find a cruelty-free, all natural colour mascara! I do know LA Girl makes an awesome, cruelty-free electric blue one, though!

Images: @lana_makeup_nails and @grishina.viktoria

What is euphoric beauty?

4. Neon Lips 

Kesha vibes circa 2010, anyone? Let’s go back to when Tik Tok wasn’t an app *gasp* and was just the most fire song on the charts… simpler times. Whether you like it tangy orange, hot pink, or electric red, try out a neon lip today for a hot take on an old statement. 

Try: Butter London makes some neon lippies that are as natural as can be, as well as 100% vegan. Same goes for Bleach London. (I guess neon lips are a big thing in London? LOL).

Images: @jenncollins, Popsugar

What is euphoric beauty?What is euphoric beauty?

5. Floating Liner 

You heard it here first – or maybe if you’re a true trend setter you already called it? Floating liner is the new cat’s eye! But don’t take my word for it—take it from Gigi Hadid, Millie Bobbie Brown, and Kendall Jenner. Floating liner is hot on the red carpet right now and is the perfect euphoric twist on a classic look.

Try: Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Line & Define is a simply awesome, all natural liquid liner that we should all have in our makeup kits!

Images: @ibacosmetics, @dosedeilusao

What is euphoric beauty?

6. Bedazzled Eyes 

Probably the most quintessential, iconic trend from Euphoria is the abundance of sparkles, jewels, and anything that screams “notice me”. Try one of these futuristic looks to serve any night of the week… and don’t be afraid to have a heavy hand with the glitter.

Try: The gem decals from Prettylittlethings.com come in all shapes and colours!

Images: @kaleteter, Prettylittlethings.com

What is euphoric beauty?What is euphoric beauty?

7. Abstract Liner 

Not for the faint of heart, abstract eyeliner reminds me of something we’d see in the Hunger Games—and I’m personally not mad about it myself. This one seems daunting, but don’t fret! The best part about it is you don’t have to worry about having a shaky hand. If anything, a shaky line makes it that much more artistic.

Try: You’ll find more fun colours if you look for a lip liner instead of an eye liner. And of course, MAC cosmetics makes vegan versions of both in an array of dazzling shades!

Images: @chloeandcosmetics @alex_tatar

What is euphoric beauty?

8. The Wet Look

You know how I said floating liner is the new cat eye? Well glossy is the new matte. Dewy skin has been THE thing for a hot minute, and now we have an eye look to match. Of course, you will need a boss highlighter for this job! But you could also grab an eye gloss (or even an eye-safe lip-gloss) and get to work on this ethereal, magical eye look.

Try: Dr Hauschka’s lip gloss comes with an applicator that’s super easy to use and is quite fine, making it a fun, multipurpose tool to use.

Images: @claudianeacsu @courfney_makeup

What is euphoric beauty? What is euphoric beauty

9. Animal Print Shadow

Why wasn’t this a trend when I played the cowardly lion in my elementary school production of The Wizard of Oz? This Tiger King-chic look is giving me major “Carole Baskin killed her husband” realness. Fair warning, this one isn’t the easiest, so give yourself some extra time when trying it out… and remember to be patient with yourself!

If it all proves to be too much for your shaky hand or general makeup skills, you can always turn to decals instead of eye liner!

Try: Using nail decals on your face! Use some extra eyelash glue to make them stick on longer and stronger.

Images: @esihle_khumalo @nataliya_makeup

10. Bright and Bold Shadow 

This bold, bright, eye look is perfect for summer. Hunter Schafer is the CEO of this vibe— nothing can truly compare to her iconic Euphoria looks, but we can at least try!

The beauty of this one is that you don’t need any specific pallet or colour. You know that one bold shadow you bought in high school thinking you’d use when inspiration struck, but it’s still lying at the bottom of your drawer collecting dust? Well this is your sign: grab it, get a brush, and use it liberally.

This look goes beautifully well with eye bedazzlement, or with the wet look.

Try: Huda Beauty Pastel Mini Obsessions, which was used to create the look below.

Images: Huda Beauty, OhMyMag.com

What is euphoric beautyWhat is euphoric beauty

Personally, I’m really excited to see these trends play out. And in true Eluxe fashion, I encourage everyone to try this trend in the most sustainable way possible.

A lot of these looks can be achieved with products you probably already have, so it isn’t necessary to go out and buy lots of new materials. You can also make those products serve a double purpose: use the same gloss for eyes and lips. Use blush as a bright shadow. Use a wet shadow as neon eyeliner… you get the gist.

Most importantly, have fun with it and be yourself! Use these images as guidelines, but don’t be afraid to do your own thing. You know what they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and while it’s a traditional phrase, nothing could better relate to this modern trend.

PS: Looking for more sustainable makeup brands to try? You can’t get better than this list!

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