My 15 Vegan Beauty Essentials For Winter

By Noa Ben Moshe

I’m so glad I live in a country with defined seasons. There’s something exciting about each one of them; something beautiful. Something to love, and to look forward to. Like, wearing new clothes for a new season. Or changing your beauty routine! I mean, different weather requires different skincare products, and each season has its own vibe, which demands a shift in makeup shades.

Because I’m a beauty freak and can ramble about this subject for hours, I suggest you grab yourself a yummy vegan snack and keep on reading to check out my 15 Vegan Beauty Essentials For Winter.

Vegan Beauty Essentials For Winter

What Do I Look for in My Vegan Skincare Products?

First up, you should know a bit about what I consider before I buy a product.

Cruelty-free and vegan: I use ONLY 100% vegan and cruelty-free skincare and makeup products. There are so many amazing cruelty-free and vegan products out there – so there’s really no justification for non-vegan using products.

Natural, non-toxic ingredients: Our skin is our largest organ, so take what you put on it very seriously. So many people are paradoxically eating clean and avoiding processed foods while using toxic products that can actually harm their health. It’s time to check the ingredient list of that facial moisturiser you love so much- is it actually good for you? If you find it hard to navigate the list of tongue-tying stuff on the label, an app like Think Dirty can help.

Extra hydration: I love hydrating products, but they’re especially needed during winter. Hydration is the key to healthy, glowing skin, and that’s why I always avoid products that can dry it out.  

Wondering what my skin type is? It’s combination and sensitive. I do get some spots now and then, especially on my chin or forehead. But I think most of the products I’m listing below would work on just about any kind of complexion.

Vegan Beauty Essentials For Winter

My Winter Vegan Skincare Essentials

1. Lavera Basis Sensitiv Cleanser

I love this sensitive face wash by Lavera all year round, and especially during winter. Its consistency is creamy, so it doesn’t dry my face out at all – in fact, it adds more hydration! It’s sensitive skin friendly and super affordable, too. Lavera is for sure one of my favorite brands when it comes to skincare, due to the high-quality ingredients, price, and kindness to animals. 

2. Lavera 3 in 1 Mask

I try to exfoliate my skin and use a face at least once a week, and luckily found this product by Lavera during my last trip to Berlin. It’s a cleanser, mask and peeling all in one, and for me, it does the trick perfectly, without irritating or stripping my skin.

Tip: Make sure your exfoliator is biodegradable and isn’t made with microbeads. Save your skin, the animals and our planet!

3. Niu Body Lip Exfoliator

Chapped lips are never fun or attractive, so I invest in a good, yummy sugar lip exfoliator. I discovered the Niu Body Pina Colada Lip Polish  a couple months ago and have been enjoying it ever since. Not only does it exfoliate my lips well, but it also hydrates them at the same time, thanks to its rich oils, including coconut and avocado oil as well as shea butter. YUMMY!

4. Thayers Rose Toner

I was one of those people who always wondered what a toner is for and if it’s actually beneficial, and found out how important (and fun) this step is for hydration and pore refining! I love this very basic and popular rose toner by Thayers, which really does make my pores feel cleaner.

5. OSEA Face Oil

This is the product I usually use during my night-time skincare routine, but come winter, I use it during the day as well. My current favourite face oil is by OSEA. I absolutely love it for its lightweight, fast-absorbing consistency and calming tea scent.

Vegan Beauty Essentials For Winter

6. Lavera Organic Moisturiser

Moisturiser is at the core of my skincare routine. I’ve been using Lavera face moisturisers for almost a year now (I swear they don’t sponsor me, although I wish they would!), and I swap between the sensitive skin formula to this one: the anti-imperfection fluid. They both do an incredible job of adding hydration without being too heavy.

7. Zabana Essentials Tamanu Calendula Face Balm

This step might sound weird, but I absolutely love my face balm and literally think it’s magic in a pot – the Tamanu Calendula Face Balm by the brand Zabana Essentials is a real game changer. I discovered it last winter, after coming back from frozen Berlin with 6 stitches in my eyebrow (tip: don’t ice skate while video chatting) and have been using it ever since. It made my scar heal beautifully, due to its luxurious ingredients, and now I use it on spots, dry spots, and even mosquito bites. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone, it’s a must-have!

8. Hurraw! Chocolate Lip Balm

Lip balms are so fun, and I feel like I’m a little bit addicted to them. I always have about five lip balms on the go, and my most recent addition is this chocolate lip balm by Hurraw!, which is made with raw, natural ingredients. As a chocoholic at heart, I feel like this lip balm is perfect for me – all that chocolate scent, without the calories!

Vegan Beauty Essentials For Winter

My Vegan Winter Makeup Essentials

9. Lavera Concealer

I’m a natural beauty lover, and that’s why when it comes to makeup. I don’t use foundation (occasionally, I will use BB cream or a tinted moisturiser). For me, concealer on spots and areas that need a little coverage does the trick. I love this concealer by Lavera: it has light-medium coverage and it doesn’t dry my under-eye area.

10. Clove and Hallow Blush

Blush is the key to a youthful look, if you ask me. I love a little hint of it on the apples of my cheeks! Recently I discovered this Clove and Hallow cream blush, and it became a part of my everyday makeup routine, thanks to the beautiful, natural shade and buildable pigment. I use a tiny amount of it and think it will last me for a long, long time, as a little bit of it goes a long way. I also love the fact that it comes in a bottle that makes it look like it should be nail polish!

11. Pacifica Solar Palette Bronzer

A hint of bronzer immediately makes me look better, and I love to use as little of it as possible for a natural, sun-kissed look. This bronzer is from the Pacifica Solar palette. It has the perfect hue for the natural look, which as you know, I absolutely love.

12. Axiology Lipstick

This is my FAVORITE makeup product! And if I had to choose just one beauty product to wear, I’d for sure choose lipstick. It’s definitely my most-used makeup item, and I usually wear only lipstick and concealer on a daily basis. For winter, I chose this amazing, super pigmented lip crayon by Axiology in the Enduring shade, which is a “burnt-purple redwood” colour. This lip crayon is my ultimate winter lip-product, thanks to its perfect winter shade and super moisturising formula, which contains an impressive list of organic, nourishing oils.

Vegan Beauty Essentials For Winter

13. Pacifica Mascara

We all love a good mascara, and the thing I look for in a mascara is a natural look- I love lengthening mascaras and don’t mind a little volume, but lengthening mascaras that give a natural look are my top favorites. Lavera’s is fab (there’s that brand again!) but I also like Pacifica’s mascaras.

14. Lily Lilo Laid Bare Eyeshadow

Whenever I feel like adding a bit more to my makeup look, I go for a natural, neutral eye look with just a hint of color. My favorite eyeshadow palette now is the Laid Bare eyeshadow palette by Lily Lolo, which contains all the neutral colours that look great on everyone, no matter what your skin tone. 

15. 100 Percent Pure Nail Polish

Finally, let’s talk nails. Cherries may be in season in spring, but 100 Percent Pure’s bright red nail polish called Cherry Pop looks fantastic on my fingers in the colder months. And did I mention it’s 5-free?

I hope you enjoyed this summary of my vegan beauty essentials, and I would love to hear what your vegan beauty essentials are in the comments below. Have a lovely winter!

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