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All Natural Pumpkin Spice Makeup For Fall

By Lora O’Brien Makeup motivation comes in many forms. We may be inspired by a photo shoot, an Instagrammer, or nostalgia for what we saw our mamas and aunties wearing. Sometimes, we choose makeup because the commercial is tempting,…

Beauty Makeup

18 Confidence Boosting Lipstick Tips & Tricks

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Pretty much since the dawn of civilisation, we’ve been painting our lips to be more attractive. Or at least, trying to be more attractive. The truth is that as much as lipstick can totally make…

Beauty Makeup

Must Try Mineral Makeup Ideas for a Radiant Skin

By Alana Mitchell Like a true art form, applying mineral makeup gets better with practice. Since it’s a different texture and consistency than typical liquid or packed powder makeup, if applied incorrectly, mineral makeup can look patchy or uneven.…

Beauty Makeup

35 Of The Best Natural Makeup Brands Ever!

By Diane Small Chances are you’re no stranger to Instagram and YouTube makeup transformations. They can be almost addictive to watch: a plain Jane chirps into the camera about some new product she’s discovered, swipes some foundation here, dabs…

Beauty Makeup

15 Natural Perfumes To Warm Up Your Winter

By Jenna Catherine Colder weather means we need some comfort. There are many ways to find that: curled up in front of a fireplace with your favourite book; sipping a cup of thick hot chocolate or tackling the cold…

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Organic Beauty Dupes for Cult Beauty Products

By Maryan Abdinur You’ll see them in every mainstream fashion magazine imaginable. Their marketing campaigns are seemingly endless, and their advertising is impeccable. But often, top selling cult beauty products are absolutely loaded with harmful chemicals that have been associated with…