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5 Steps To Take Your Makeup Look From Desk To Dancefloor

By Gaynor Matthews

We’ve all been there – working all day with a big night out on the horizon, but no time to go home a redo our office look for evening. But no worries – there are solutions!  Namely, if you want your makeup to last and transition from morning to evening- just keep it simple.

With party season fast approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to offer some simple tips to adjust your make-up super quickly at your desk, so you’re ready to hit the dance floor or the dinner party right after you leave the office.

Let’s get started!

1. Clean Up and Freshen Up

Use blotting papers like these green tea infused ones to remove any oils that may have built up during the day, paying special attention to your T-zone and any other areas where you’re prone to shine.  Use a micellar water like Pacifica’s to wipe away any eye make-up that may have smudged, and touch up your foundation and concealer if needed. I love using Sond’s Hydrating Face Spray for a refreshing, gentle moisture boost that instantly makes your complexion look brighter and it’s great for sensitive skin that’s prone to redness.  

2. Up Your Eye Game

For daytime, some eyeliner and mascara is all you need on the eyes, then for evening tweak your application by adding glitter or a some sparkly colour to your eyes.    Just make sure it’s 100% natural glitter like this one from Lily Lilo – otherwise you’ll be hurting your health and the environment, too.

First, remove old eyeliner if you’re wearing any, with that micellar water mentioned above. Then apply a great eyeshadow like Kjaer Weis’s classic Magnetic shade. Use a darker shade than you would for daytime. Start on the outer corners of the eyelid, working your way in. To make the eyes look further apart, layer a little bit of shadow on the outer third of the eye, then blend inwards. Finally, use a liquid liner like Chantecaille’s, starting with a thin line from the inner corner of the eye, then thicken it slightly as you go out towards the outer third by using the side, as opposed to the point, of the brush.

Avoid adding more mascara! When added ontop  old mascara, this can cause clumps and make your lashes stick together. Instead, apply some strip lashes, like the Agnes Dos Santos range of cruelty free, vegan friendly lashes, to create a bold statement eye look. Not handy with the falsies? Then simply use an eyelash curler like Eyeko’s instead, to revive daytime lashes into evening.

Still not sure how to do it? Check the WowHow app for instructions from your smartphone.

If glam eyes aren’t your thing, opt for a bold, statement lip colour instead.

3. Get Cheeky

Your complexion risks fading away on a night out! Whilst blusher can make some look ‘overdone’ in the daytime, it’s a must at night. Dot a bit of a creamy blusher like Kjaer Weis’s just below the of the apple of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your eyes and outwards towards your cheekbones. Creamy blush is easier to carry with you throughout the day, as you don’t need a brush and you can use it as a lipstick, too! But if your skin is super oily or you don’t like the texture, make sure you carry a blush brush with you in your purse, and then apply a powder blush like Lily Lilo’s by loading the brush with the mineral powder, tapping excess off, smiling wide, then sweeping the product over the apple of your cheek and up towards the cheekbone. Blend well!

4. Get A Glow On

Your night time look NEEDS a bit of sparkle to bring to life tired skin, so take a highlighter like Vapour Beauty’s Halo Illuminator, and apply on your cheekbones, chin, forehead and neck. If your shoulder or collarbone is on show, add some there, too.

5. Pump up your pout

For an evening look, apply a lip shade that’s a few shades darker than your natural lip colour, or go bold with a red statement lip. My favourite is Scarlet Soaked by Burt’s Bees. Top it off with a high shine lip gloss for a little extra – glossy lips and lids are so on trend right now. Of course, if you decide to go heavy on the eyes, be careful not to overdo it on your lips.

And that’s it – now you’re ready for a big night out!


Gaynor Matthews, Founder of

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