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Kate Nash is a British musician, songwriter and actress whose first album, Made of Bricks has gone platinum. Named Best Female Artist at the 2008 BRIT Awards, her music has been called ‘the sound of summer’.

She’s followed her initial explosion on to the music scene appearances in three films, and two new albums: My Best Friend is You and Girl Talk, which she is currently touring in the summer festivals.

Apart from a big voice and a huge talent, Kate has a big heart too. During the 2011 England riots, she collected donations for those who were made homeless by the violence, setting up her own public donation stand and delivering the funds herself. She’s also a strong advocate of freedom of speech in music and ‘plus sized’ models on the catwalk.

Here, she tells Eluxe about her love of America, her changing rider, and her hopes for humanity.

What’s your earliest memory of being in nature?

Learning to catch with my dad my sisters in the park. And being with our first dog Keira in the woods.

 Given that you’re on the road a lot, what do you most miss about being in the great outdoors?

I miss how relaxing it feels when you take away all the buildings and there’s just great outdoor space. I’m a city kid, so I get caught up in all that and as soon as I escape it, I feel the pressure taken off. Driving through America from California to Portland was incredible. It was a super long drive, but with the most striking views.

KateNash by Christopher Dadey 1

Have you made any changes to your lifestyle recently to be more eco-friendly?

I’ve actually changed our rider a bit. I cut our use of plastic by half. I just bought a reusable coffee cup and am taking that with me to all coffee shops from now on. It’s definitely something I’m more conscious of the older I get. I speak to my tour manager regularly about how we can tour in the most eco-friendly way possible. Oh…and my merch is eco-friendly!

What’s your greatest eco ‘sin’?

Driving. I like driving a lot. It’s where I listen to music, and I like the escape of being on my own in my car. I do drive a Prius though!

Which eco-friendly fashion or beauty brands are currently on your radar?

Illamasqua, Stella McCartney, Ecoganik and ORGANIC by John Patrick.

Kate Nash by Alice Baxley 3

Which celebrity eco-advocate do you most admire, and why?

Brad Pitt for his ‘Make it Right’ foundation, Oprah Winfrey for her farm and raising awareness, Natalie Portman for her vegan activism and cruelty-free wardrobe and Leonardo Dicaprio for his work with solar panels and electric cars.


 As a fairly young woman, what’s your greatest concern for the future of the planet?

I think I feel more concerned about the human race. I used to worry about the planet but as I’ve read more into it I have confidence that the planet will be ok. It will do what it needs to do to replenish itself. I actually worry more about how humans will survive those circumstances.

But I guess I worry that as we build up and up and up, pollution gets worse. And I worry a lot about the rainforests and the oceans and all the animals we are also affecting.

I hope to see humans being less selfish and vacuous in the future, seeing the bigger picture.


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