Bac Sac: Urban Gardening Made Easy


By Chiara Spagnoli

Live in an apartment but wish you could have a garden? Have an urban garden that’s tiled over, but wish it were greener?  Want to grow your own vegetables or herbs in the kitchen, but have no space on the windowsill? Bac Sac is the solution to your problems.

The company was conceived by designer Godefroy de Virieu and landscapers Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu, who first introduced the concept at the 2008 exhibition called ‘Jardins, Jardin’ in the Jardin Tuileries in Paris.

The imaginative trio was specifically seeking a solution to get around the constraints of the creation of an urban roof garden. Aware that they needed planters that were light and yet practical, they finally came up with the idea of a mobile installation where plants could be placed in lightweight bags made out of a permeable geo-textile that prevents asphyxiation of the soil and ensures healthy plant growth due to the good circulation of air and water in the Sac.

A smashing success with roof gardeners and terrace designers, the Bac Sac was soon in heavy demand from urban dwellers who wanted to have vegetable patches, flower gardens or shrubbery around their abodes, but simply had no access to usable soil. Additionally, the Bac Sac can be used indoors, saving wood floors from rot and limescale rings that can occur from drainage associated with ceramic plant pots.

You don’t need to buy many tools, like the world’s best cordless weed eater, leaf blowers or lawn mowers to have the perfect garden –    Bac Sac shows that with just a little space and effort, your spring could soon be coming up roses.


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