Great For Dads: The Meridio Apple Skin Collection

Got a techie dad who loves animals? Meet the Meridio Apple Skin Collection!

By Chere Di Boscio

We have good news! In two parts, actually.

First, Meridio is launching a very special collection of Apple Watch Bands just in time for Father’s Day. But that’s not all! This will also be their first steps taken with a collection designed to be 100% circular. That’s because the leather for this upcoming collection will be made of a recycled material: apple skins! Yep, that’s right: Meridio is really stepping up their game in the world of vegan fashion.

Veganism was never just about what you eat. Now, more than ever, it’s about what you wear, and what’s in your house, too. Luckily, thanks to brands like Meridio, it’s now it is easier to equip yourself with ethical, sustainable, animal-free choices for your daily style. But that being said, you certainly don’t have to be vegan to appreciate beautiful vegan products. And what’s not to love about Meridio’s Apple Skin Collection?

Meridio Apple Skin Collection

From Apples To Apple Watches

The innovative new apple based material they’re using is called comes from Bolzano, in the north of Italy. The company that makes it has been working on this versatile plant-based alternative to regular animal-based materials for decades.

This region is well-known for producing apples in all their forms: jams, pies, dried and fresh. As a result, every year this region is faced with significant amounts of apple peel waste. But Meridio has come up with a solution – they’re using a fabric that turns those peels into a new raw material that feels just like leather. 

How It’s Done

To make apple leather, the natural fruit is turned into an apple powder. This is naturally dried and mixed with pigments and a binder. It’s then spread out onto a canvas until it turns into a leather-like material, which is a PETA-approved textile.

The resulting material is a cellulose-based material featuring a variety of textures, thickness and colours. It’s easy to emboss with a laser, and can be used for everything from shoes and bags to fashion accessories. Like watch bands!  

Meridio Apple Skin Collection

The material contains a minimum of 50% apple fibres. This leather alternative is very versatile and is soft to the touch, yet firm. In fact, bands produced from recycled apple skin could easily be mistaken for real leather. This material provides a great way to lower the environmental repercussions of fashion, as this ‘leather’ uses less  less energy and emissions than animal leather. And of course, it’s 100% cruelty-free!

The Apple Skin collection is composed of 5 models. Each comes in different colours: beige, dark brown, dark blue, reddish-brown and brownish gray respectively being called Bisque, Pumila, Blue cider, Apple and Strudel, all inspired by apples, of course.

Meridio Apple Skin Collection

A Special Offer

Meridio Apple Watch Bands make for the perfect Father’s Day gift. They’re highly versatile, providing the wearers with absolute comfort and style while switching between elegant and day-to-day occasions. Shipping is offered worldwide – AND you’ll get a 20% discount with the code eluxe_20 at checkout. Plus, you can add a monogrammed engraving to further personalise your gift.

So go ahead and order your favorite Apple Watch Band made from recycled apple skin in the Meridio Apple Skin Collection now!

Chere Di Boscio

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