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5 Brands That Make Eco-Friendly Jewellery for Girlie Girls

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By Paige French

Did you grow up with posters of kittens and rainbows on your walls? Was giving your dolls a makeover one of your early pastimes? Still don’t ‘get’ Gothic? Feel prettiest in pink? Then you’re probably a ‘girlie girl’–uber feminine, with a taste for the prettier things in life.

We’ve found 5 brands that make the perfect eco-friendly jewellery for unabashedly feminine women who like jewellery that makes a statement, but quietly. After all, sometimes, a whisper can say much more than a shout…

Virginie Millefiori

New York based designer Virginie Millefiori knows what girls want: refined accessories with a wee pop of colour to brighten an outfit. To create her pieces, first, she begins each unique design with a simple sketch on a piece of paper. Then, she handcrafts each piece with a delicate touch not only in her design, but on the environment, too: Millefiori uses metals from suppliers that are 100% certified to sell the finest golds and silvers from recycled materials. Not only this, but the gems that are used in the jewellery are all ethically sourced, and any leather used is sourced from offcuts that are generated by the leather goods industry. Virginie Millefiori’s candy-coloured  jewellery is just as sweet as her ethics!

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We women are full of emotion, feeling and passion, as the makers of Hissia know too well: after all, they chose their name because it means “passion”in Swahili, and this is reflected in what the brand represents and expresses in its beautiful collections. We love the “Drops” line, for example, which features gold or silver drop pendants, earrings and rings, reminiscent of dew drops on a rose. This time, the rose is you!

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Tiffany Kunz

Here at Eluxe we love Tiffany Kunz, not only for her philanthropic nature and eco-conscious approach, but for her minimalist, chic  designs too. She offers delicately dangling earrings, made from ethically sourced gold, hand finished in her Los Angeles studio, which bedazzle when peeping out from long, loose hair. We also love the fine lines of her gold cuffs and her dainty necklaces, all of which are simple but pretty, allowing the wearer’s own girlish charm to shine through.

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Edge of Ember

Which little girl hasn’t fantasized about being Wonder Woman? Edge of Ember makes the perfect gold cuffs to allow us to live out those fantasies as adults. In fact, the brand is a bit of a superheroine, in a way: it strives to  address the problem of human trafficking in Cambodia by donating 10% of  their profits towards helping this cause, so not only are you buying a product that has been made in a sustainable way, but you also contributing towards a charity that helps people in need.  Made from 100% ethically sourced materials, Edge of Ember’s simple cuffs, dainty chains and stackable rings certainly do exude the power of femininity.


Judi Powers

Did you grow up with pictures of horses on your wall? Was your first piece of ‘jewellery’ a daisy chain?  Judi Powers knows how you feel. Heavily inspired by nature, she creates tiny little ‘star’ stud earrings, whimsical tree branch necklaces, and yes, even a horse pendant called “Buttercup” (named after her own childhood horse), all perfectly suited for the grown-up “girlie girl”. Of course, Powers  uses only ethically sourced, recycled metals and gems for her pieces, which radiate a very feminine warmth and personality.


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