Bright Ideas: Pineda Covalin

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Mexico is a nation almost defined by colour: the rainbows of paper flags that hang in the streets, Crayola-coloured houses and explosions of hyacinth and jacaranda flowers are all lit up by what seems to be a perpetually shining sun.

Silk accessory brand Pineda Covalà­n also adds to Mexico’s kaleidoscope of colour. Created by Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalà­n in 1995,  the label re-invents pre-Hispanic designs for contemporary pieces of fashion constructed from the purest silk. Their fashion is of such high quality and unique design that Pineda Covalin  is a regular favourite at Mexican Fashion Week, and has been called ‘the Hermes of Mexico’.  

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The duo behind the brand told us more about their work in this exclusive interview.

How do the Aztec and Mayan cultures influence your designs?

All our designs tell a story about Mexican iconography, be it Pre-Hispanic, Colonial or Post-Colonial. We are also inspired by Latin America‘s nature, popular traditions and wonderful contemporary artists.


Tell us how you select the colour schemes for your collections.

The range of colour and magical visual elements that our country offers never ceases to amaze us. Whatever colour we use we do so with the intention of spreading Mexico’s cultural splendour around the world. We are ambassadors of Mexico’s country brand.


What kind of environmental/social responsibility efforts is your company involved with?

We collaborate with Casa de la Amistad for children with cancer, World Vision for children in need, and Discovering Latin America, whose mission is to provide opportunities for underprivileged young people within the culture and the arts.


What’s like working together as a team?

Pineda Covalin was formed with a team spirit. We share the love for our traditions and cultures. The whole team works with a common mission–communicating Mexico’s greatness through design.

Many of your pieces have been exhibited in museums. How important do you feel is the interaction between the fashion world and art venues?

Very important. We’re inspired by the traditions, colours and costumes of Mexico. Each design invites you to travel across the rites, tastes, smells and colours of Mexican culture. We aim at transforming our folklore into art.


Which scarf designs are you most proud of and why?

There isn’t one. All our pieces represent an homage to the customs, traditions and stories of Latin America, thus each has a special place in our hearts. What really moves us is when one of our clients tells us why a piece is special for them. Being part of someone’s special memories is our greatest reward.


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