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Tried & Tested: Good For You Girls

By Arwa Lodhi

Let’s face it–girls as young as 5 are starting to use nail polish and other cosmetics, which is a bit scary because these products normally contain harmful chemicals that can harm a mature woman, let alone a growing girl.

As the mother of two young girls, Kim Grustas never stops worrying about her daughters’ well being. Her two kids had asthma and sensitive skin issues when they were younger, so Kim always gave them gentle shampoo, body wash and other personal grooming products.

As the girls matured, however, they became more interested in purchasing their own selection of teen skincare products, but many of these were loaded with chemicals. Luckily, Kim owned an advertising agency focused on the natural products industry and so knew a bit about what was safe and what should be avoided in beauty products. She found plenty of good options for herself, but very few for the teen and tween markets, and so Good For You Girls was born.


Good For You Girls is a natural skin care brand specifically made for young women under the age of around 16. Their products are made with the finest ingredients and are free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances and dyes that can be harmful to health.

‘Simply, natural products are inherently better for our bodies,’ says Kim. ‘Just like eating fruits and vegetables, your body has the ability to break them down and process them. Chemicals create havoc and are foreign to the body, so the ingredients in our products are specifically chosen for their benefits. We choose ingredients that are clean, help get rid of bacteria, sooth and calm the skin to prevent redness or irritation’.



Kim put years of research into her product line, and is quite proud of the results: ‘While our products are for a younger market, our formulas are rather sophisticated,’ she stated.

We wanted to discover what a teenage girl thought of the products, so we had the Good For You Girls Three Step Starter Kit sent to teen eco-blogger Maya Shea Penn to test, and her review couldn’t be more positive.

The Review

Maya tested a face wash, toner and cream. ‘My experience in using their products has been awesome! Everything in the kit is wonderful,’ she enthuses. What was her favourite product? It seemed a tough call to make: ‘I love the blemish wash and the purifying toner. The moisturiser is also very hydrating!’ And what did she like best about the range? ‘The best part is I know that the products are actually healthy and nourishing for my skin’, she states.

With active ingredients including pineapple, papaya and pumpkin seed extracts, and with naturally fruity fragrances and light textures, the only thing keeping this out of our bathroom shelves is the upbeat, colourful packaging: clearly aimed at the under 18 set. Good for you Girls is also a way to start teaching young women that they should be conscious of what they put on their skin: after all, it is the body’s largest organ, and what you put onto your body can end up in your body.

It’s a good thing that there’s such a healthy line of basics aimed at girls, but maybe as her daughters grow, Kim will start formulating an adult line? Here’s hoping!

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