The Best Ethical Wraps for Winter

The best ethical wraps for winter are perennial favourites that you’ll wear for decades!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

It’s officially autumn, yay! That means lots of good things: pumpkin spice lattes, winter boots and ethical wraps to keep you warm. And by ‘wraps’, I mean ponchos, shawls, pashminas…anything made of a thick fabric that you can pull around your body to keep the chills away.

But don’t burden your shoulders with any old wrap! They should be made from sustainable natural fibres, and of course, their manufacturing should not only be free of exploitation, but should even help support traditional artisan communities if possible.

Here, I’ve found the best brands that have put time, compassion and love into crafting these gorgeous ethical wraps for winter.

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The Best Ethical Wraps for Winter

ethical wraps for winter

1. Voz

This brand makes some of the most gorgeous ethical wraps for winter. The company truly gives a “voice” to rural indigenous women in Chile. They create Voz clothing from sustainable fibres, using ancient craftsmanship techniques. These luxurious wraps will keep you warm during the chillier weather, and add a touch of South American cool to any look.

Prices: From around $395

2. Eileen Fisher

The epitome of relaxed elegance, Eileen Fisher clothing is as comfortable as it is stylish. The designer fashions wraps from recycled wool, cashmere and linen. And of course, she also makes a whole range of ethically produced trousers, sweaters, tops and jackets you can pair her wraps with.

Prices: From $180

3. Fifth Origins

Made with 100% humanity” is the motto of the production process for Fifth Origins. Founder and co-creator Sindu Holla is meticulous when it comes to creating conscious knitwear design. Each piece is artisan made, using natural, biodegradable materials. The result is a timeless garment for your wardrobe that will withstand the test of time.


Prices: From around $150

best ethical wraps for winter

4. Madeleine Thompson

Madeleine Thompson specialises in sourcing yarn from reliable cashmere suppliers that abide by strict animal welfare policies. Everything is made in-house in a limited amount, to avoid excess. Thompson also uses new technologies that allow the repurposing of old, discarded cashmere yarns into new textiles.

We particularly love this blanket-sized wrap. It’s cosy as heck, and its camel hue and midi-length make it a super-elegant choice to pair with dresses and jeans alike.

Prices: Around $430

best ethical wraps for winter

5. Eleven Six

Eleven Six’s Amelia cardi one of the longer-length ethical wraps for winter. It’s a total must-have for this season! Besides being sustainably and ethically made out of Peruvian yarn, the design flaunts great versatility. It can be worn open or belted, as a chic jacket, or even as a housecoat. It will make you feel cozy, whilst looking grand. It’s a win-win for comfort and elegance.

Prices: From around $450

best ethical wraps for winter

6. Maydi

Maydi’s latest collection of best ethical wraps is an homage to water, the essential life source. The garments drape and flow like water, and use Argentinian natural luxury fibres that do no harm to the planet or its wildlife. Ancient handmade techniques are used by ethically paid handicrafters to weave these clothes.

You can use this stunning wrap, below, as a shawl; throw it over a jacket, or style it around your neck as an extravagant scarf.

Prices: From $180

best ethical wraps for winter

7. Stella McCartney 

Looking for one of the best ethical wraps for winter in which to make a serious designer statement? This poncho by Stella McCartney makes the designer’s name clear. It was constructed from wool from the sheep of her own farm. Given Stella’s lifelong love of animals, you can rest assured these are some happy beasties!

Prices: From $1200

8. Anna Recycled Cashmere 

Even vegans will love this recycled cashmere wool poncho by Anna! Old cashmere sweaters get a new life as yarns in this eternally chic garment. This is one of the best ethical wraps for winter for those on a budget, too. Can you believe prices are often under $150?

Prices: Start at $79

best ethical wraps for winter

9. Santicler

Santicler is a clothing label that’s committed to circular design principles. Their stylish wraps are made using luxurious materials, with the lowest environmental impact. Wear yours as a shawl, scarf, or even as a headscarf!  This is one of the best ethical wraps for winter to pair with jeans or tights, and your best tall vegan boots!

Prices: From $495

10. Bristol Cloth

Bristol Cloth uses a regeneratively farmed wool from the eponymous city. They process their fibres without using any harmful synthetic chemicals. The scarves bestow that English charm with a cosmopolitan flare that will make you look impeccable in any occasion. If you don’t think they make some of the best ethical wraps around, no worries – they also sell sustainable wool so you can make your own!

11. Positive Cashmere

Whether you wear this bundled up as a scarf or strewn across your shoulders, it will be an investment piece in any ethical wardrobe, wrapping you in 100% comfort. Made from the finest Italian cashmere, its airy-light knit will never be too thick or thin, and is perfect for layering.

Whether you are commuting to work, doing a spot of shopping, curled up on the sofa reading a book or setting off on your travels, it’s perfect for all situations. Simply throw it over your shoulders and you’ll look fabulous and well-dressed in seconds.

Prices: From around $200


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