21 Great Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

School teaches us a lot of stuff: how to read, do maths and speak other languages, for example. However, little to no instruction is given on what matters most: understanding our own minds, how to love, let go of fear, know our place in the world, or who we really are.

In fact, most mainstream media is aimed at informing us on the exact opposite of these issues – all it does is induce fear, and makes us believe that our capabilities are limited, when in reality, we are all that ever has been, and ever will be. We are expressions of higher consciousness itself!

It’s time for all of us to raise our vibration, shed useless fears and take greater control over our minds. And there are lots of ways to do that. For example, we can meditate, practice yoga or chanting, use services like TheCircle, which offers unique ways of changing ourselves.

Feel you still need a little help? We’ve found 21 inspirational, informative and even life-changing sites to help raise your consciousness and gain deeper insight to your own self and your place in the universe.

1. The Mind Unleashed

The Mind Unleashed conglomerates conscious media to disseminate and inspire out-of-the-box thinking. Their motto is “break free from the mould!” And it truly inspires you to uncover your true potential through very profound articles that embrace topics as diverse as environmental pollution, social justice, religious values, and war & peace.

sites to help raise your consciousness

2. Infinite Waters

Psychologist, life coach and author Ralph Smart is kind of an adorable guy. His positive, beautiful attitude makes you feel like you’re Skyping with a friend, and will help you be more accepting and loving of your sweet, perfect self – the perfect basis for expanding your spiritual awareness!

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

3. Collective Evolution

As the name gives away, Collective Evolution is a call to action for us to improve together.   This platform aims to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how people think about the world and take action in a proactive way. Founder Joe Martino created CE to encourage a conscious change, which he thinks will spread quickly, as he explained in a TED Talk.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

4. The Isha Sadhguru Blog

Sadhguru J. Vasudev is a contemporary mystic who faces very worldly matters through his inner wisdom. A man who has lived a few years, he shares his wealth of experience in this blog. His main mission is to trigger both individual and social transformations that will empower the global community   and accomplish a universal ‘brotherhood of man’.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

5. Earth We Are One

We all live on beautiful planet Earth, and so must acknowledge how its health influences ours. Earth We Are One somehow reminds me of James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis in the way writers and contributors from around the world share their insights to promote the idea that all organisms are part of a synergistic, self-regulating, perfect wholeness.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

6. Spiritual Awakening

I love this site! The British presenter, Nicky Sutton, is super sweet and upbeat, and seems to have had loads of personal experience in spiritual awakening that she shares with the public. Her friendly insights on and warm, simple approach to topics like synchronicity, chakras, how to open your third eye and other videos will keep you coming back for more.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

 7.  UPLIFT We Are One

This is an invitation to all readers for a general uplifting through unified visions and actions. This site was born as a festival of transformation in Byron Bay’s Australia in 2012, and in the course of a few years, UPLIFT has rapidly evolved into a thriving global community of events, new projects and vibrant collaboration in service of humanity and the Earth.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

8. Conscious Life News

The Editors of Conscious Life News, Vicki Howie & Ross Pittman, took as inspiration for their media outlet the ideas of Psychologist Jonathan Haidt, who identified “elevation” as the phenomenon that “causes warm, open feelings in the chest and motivates people to behave more virtuously themselves.” With this in mind Vicki & Ross started the magazine in Sedona, to Educate, Love, Embrace Diversity, Visualise, Activate, Transform, Engage. Have you noticed what the acronym of these goals is? Elevate!

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

9. Reddit – Consciousness

Anyone who works in the media industry is acquainted with the American website, Reddit, founded by University of Virginia roommates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005. It aggregates social news, discussions and web content rating. Although Conde Nast Publications acquired the site in October 2006, Reddit’s Consciousness section is still an excellent place to browse the top news to heighten your inner self.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

10. Waking Times

Waking Times: Where Evolution and Revolution Collide – is an independently owned and operated online magazine that seizes  on  the transformational power of information. We are narcotised on a day-to-day basis by social conditioning into a commodified culture. Hence, personal revolution begins with awakening from what our mind has been brainwashed to accept. Waking Times presents the inquiries needed to achieve a renewed perspective.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

11. My Empowered World

This news company adopts a holistic approach to attain an empowered lifestyle.  Contrarily to those media outlets that bask in catastrophic, fear-inducing ‘news’, My Empowered World: Transforming the Human Experience is a source for positive information. The Founders saw a need to provide authentic information to aid people in their quest for individual development, and do so providing content, products and services to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

12. The Conscious Mind Online Radio

If you are not in the mood for reading but would rather listen to someone talking about cognisance, The Conscious Mind Online Radio is just your cup of tea. Hosted by Anthony Agate, this talking blog will explore beyond the traditional meanders of the mind, venturing into the field of paranormal activity. Each podcast is an unforgettable journey through consciousness.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

13. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Just like the Mahatma Gandhi, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine believes that “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This media spreads awareness by offering practical tools, techniques, wisdom and inspiration to achieve inner harmony. The stories you will read here act as powerful catalysts for personal and societal positive change.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

14. Spiritual Mind

This channel is dedicated to the late, great Zen master, scholar and icon Alan Watts. It’s basically a collection of his wonderful lectures on topics such as How to Trust Your Intuition, How to Make Sense of the Universe, and How to Find Meaning in Meaninglessness.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

15. Eben Alexander: Unveiling the Mystery of Consciousness

Dr. Eben Alexander in 2008 went into a deep coma after an acute bacterial meningoencephalitis. It plunged him into a life-after-death experience; a profound spiritual awareness that goes beyond space and time to what he describes as the resemblance of the origin of all existence. The neurosurgeon’s incredible journey motivated him to share it with the world, and explore the true nature of consciousness. In his blog you will find a revolutionary shift in modern scientific understanding as to the nature of reality.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

16. Conscious Magazine

The blog of the glamorous biannual magazine which is distributed to readers  in 25 countries explores the way innovative ideas and creative solutions can impact our world. Conscious Magazine features stories about global initiatives and advocates that are having a pragmatic impact in culture. This influential voice within the virtual community prompts readers to become more ethical and of course, conscious, about how they live their daily lives.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

17. Two Spirits, One Soul: The Journey Within

The homepage of this site greets you with a motivational phrase: “Your past is your story. Your future is your journey. And the NOW is your time to create…” That kinda sums it up! The blog epitomises the idea that yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a blessing. Life is a celebration and true joy is always experienced in the moment, as you will fully come to embrace by reading the posts of Two Spirits, One World: The Journey Within.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

18. Dharma Talks

DharmaTalks features transformational life coach David Bennett, who’s had many media appearances, including on Dr Oz, Angels Among Us, NBC, and PBS. His advice will expand your sense of Being; will help you to find new doorways to your inner peace, which will in turn allow you to live an unrestrained, unconditional, and unfiltered expression of your true self.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

19. Elephant Journal

From yoga workouts and organic cosmetics to Buddhism, consciousness raising and physical wellness, this well know blog/journal has it all! Basically, it’s kind of like Eluxe, but less based in luxury fashion, and with a way more spiritual focus.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness


20. Spirit Science | Seeking Higher Consciousness

Spirit Science | Seeking Higher Consciousness began as an animated video series to discuss what it “means to be a whole (holy) person.” This playful media and its no-nonsense narrative is a super effective way to explain rather mind-bending concepts like the importance of sacred geometry and multiple universes, for example.


Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

21. Healing into Consciousness

In 1997 an old soul and a scientist of the human condition, Mada Eliza Dalian, came up with  a completely new revolutionary healing system: The Dalian Method (DM). This approach transforms unconscious fears, self-sabotaging belief patterns, and the repressed memory of past traumatic experiences in the body’s cellular memory. If you follow Mada’s blog Healing into Consciousness, you’ll learn how to transform your inner unrest into freedom of the mind – a spiritual journey indeed.

Sites To Help Raise Your Consciousness

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