If you watch this, you will NEVER wear fur again!


Think it’s ok to wear fur? Especially now that it’s super-fashionable and cheaper than ever before thanks to Chinese manufacturers lowering the price? This video will change your mind completely.

Fashion magazines have been promoting fur more than ever, with major designers including Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Gaultier and many, many more showcasing fur on the runway. This video shows where most of the world’s fur comes from–Chinese fur farms that demonstrate a level of human cruelty that is almost unimaginable.

Half Chinese herself, actress Olivia Munn spoke out against what she saw in the video: “This new footage is one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen before,” she said. The star of PETA’s “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign went on to add that she thinks “Anyone who wears fur or is even thinking about wearing fur should watch this PETA fur video. It shows exactly where–and who–that coat or that ‘little bit’ of trim came from.”

If this video sickens you, then it’s time to take action. Pressure the Chinese government to stop this cruelty, and even better, pressure all your friends and family who wear fur to stop, by showing them where it actually comes from. They’ll never see that fur coat with the same eyes again.

Chere Di Boscio

1 thought on “If you watch this, you will NEVER wear fur again!”

  1. Heather Pearce

    This is pure PETA propaganda, and contains much misinformation and untrue comments. Ms Munn is simply reeling off standard PETA rhetoric, and had obviously not bothered to research the truth of the fur trade herself.

    China is not the world’s largest producer of fur, and although it is the largest exporter of fur garments, it is also a major IMPORTER of fur skins from the West. These Western Pelts are then made into garments and exported. Most Chinese fur originates from Western fur farms that operate under strict and ethical animlal welfare regulations.

    Chinese fur, tends to be of inferior quality, and represents the cheaper end of the market. China does have regulations although admittedly not as stringent as those in the West, and does prosecute farmers who blatantly mistreat their animals.

    To not buy fur simply because of atrocities carried out by some fur farmers when the majority of fur farmers operate with excellent animal welfare practices is illogical.

    You might just as well say don’t buy cotton garments because of the Human rights issues and eco destruction it causes. Or don’t buy polyester because of the toxins it unleashes into the environment. The list is endless, mobile phones, timber furniture, soy products, all these and many more have serious animal welfare, ecological, and Human rights problems associated with them.

    You don’t boycot a whole industry because of the behaviour of a minority within that industry. If we did that we would have very little left of the things we all take for granted these days in our lives.

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