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Three of The Best Eco Luxury Lodges in Rwanda

By Alicia Erickson Here’s a little known fact: Rwanda, a tiny landlocked country in Central Africa, is considered to be one of the greenest countries in the world. As the country pushes forward as a leader in technology, women’s…

Adventure Travel

Ethical Travel In Bhutan, The Hermit Kingdom

By Diane Small There are few places as untouched today as Bhutan, also known rather fittingly as the Hermit Kingdom. The fact is that it’s difficult to access; is rather costly, and has maintained a strong policy of isolationism…

Adventure Travel

8 Tips For Stress Free Travel

By Diane Small While most people absolutely love to explore new cultures, cuisines and sights through travel, not many enjoy the ‘getting there’ part of it. With increasingly heavy airport restrictions, currency exchanges and different languages, it can be…

Adventure Travel

Starry Nights & Sleeping Lions: Uganda Eco Travel

By Alicia Erickson The car bumped along the verdant highlands, curving around hills to reveal sweeping views of lakes and silhouettes of volcanoes. We began our ascent into the mountains, carving our way through rugged green hills. I was…

Adventure Travel

Fur Real: Hunting For Bears In Alaska

By  Justin Wateridge The float plane roars and Keller eases back on the throttle. The immensity of the scenery below unfolds. Primordial nature. Wilderness. Muted hues. We are flying over Kodiak Island, Alaska’s emerald isle. The name conjures up…

Adventure Travel

A Lekker Ride: Cape Town Cycle Tour

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Are you ready for adventure? Want to see one of  Africa’s most beautiful cities, whilst improving your fitness? Looking for a ‘lekker’ (local slang for ‘great’) experience? Then the Cape Town Cycle Tour may be…